Custom Branding and Logo Design

  We customized initials brandings Writer logo, Feather Logo , Blog logo, Blogger Logo, Book Review Logo, Book Critic Logo, Journalist Logo, Author Logo, Freelancer Logo.

First set
Price: Php 250.00 ($5.00)

After purchasing, the project will be customized. Please provide the following at checkout:
♥ YourName/Store name/Business Name
♥ Your initials
♥ Optional Tagline
♥ Email Address
     Second set
PricePhp 450.00 ($9.00)
   This listing is for a custom Logo Design. All Logo Designs are custom made as per requirements. This includes with unlimited revisions that mean I will not stop working with you until you get 100% satisfied. Please, bear in mind that this premade logo will look different with your initials, because each combination of letters looks different.

  This modern Branding Package is a perfect solution to professionally brand your business at a fraction of the cost of custom work. It would be perfect for photographers, event planners, wedding venues, interior designers, stylists, boutiques, make-up artists, bloggers and others.
                                                                         Third set
                                                                        PricePhp 350.00 ($7.00)
 These logo is made by my self because I want to enhance my skills about digital web design and also my creativity. I made these logo for fun and this is the first time that I will post this on my blog. so I hope you like it. Then also If you like I make it customized for a very cheap price and very affordable for your website and business logo.

    Forth set
PricePhp 450.00 ($9.00)

Here\’s my Details: Kindly click the name itself.
 Facebook: Amays zing. or Vitual Assistant Kheii Kheii
 Instagram AmayszingBlogs

    Promo set
PricePhp 250.00 ($5.00)

   If you are interested don\’t hesitate to message us we   love to assist you Happy Shopping! 


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