An open letter for everyone.

Hi Muffins it’s been a while! It took so long to create this post.  Actually it’s not easy to open up because for the last few months weren’t really good for me. For those people who read this post I ‘am telling you!  This is all about for what I’ve been through, so if you are not ready to read kind of drama better leave. I just want to open up to release my feelings that can actually affect on my emotional and mental health.

This year is so painful. It’s really painful, I lost myself, and I’m not happy for what I’m doing. I’m losing my skills for the reason that I decide to leave my current job. Most of the time I feel demotivated and I just want to stay on my bed all the time and cry at night. My physical appearance not look good because gained weight again, my hair dry.  I feel disappointed and don’t know where to start. The circumstances happening right now I don’t see any directions and I’m losing my faith. I don’t know what is wrong and what is right but the only thing I know is my life feels like it’s falling apart.


What’s the reason behind of this?

Okay, We all know trials and problems are part of our lives and never ending. The roller coaster happening can ask yourself if you did the right thing? I decide to leave my job for the reason I’m getting pressure for what I’ve doing and I’m no longer happy anymore it feels tired, and empty I think that I don’t belong there. When people looking at me every time I think I’m running out of time. But thanks to my guitar it saves me. When I’m playing my guitar it ease to release my pain and also my friends they feel that I’m not alone.


What’s now?

Okay, When asked “how are you?”, how often do you tell the truth? For people like me that not really open person. I’m sharing my breakdowns to know that you are not the only one who suffer a lot. We all know we have our own battles but no matter what happen we need to keep going. “Fight until when?” Fight until you find your peace. I’m still blessed that they are some of my family and friends they recognized that I’m not really fine. they helped. they cheer me up. Sometimes in life you need you it’s OK to talk to other people about our worries. It’s okay not to be okay!

This is my story and this month is all about mental health and today this is all about you! You’re important  and You are matters!

These are the inspirational images that really motivate me


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