Hi, Muffins I have to ask you questions? How do you spend your money?

How to handle your finances? Are you stable or living in a cycle of debt that hardly maintains your desired standard of living? Personal finance is a major part of securing a comfortable life for yourself. Personally, as a person securing money is not easy nowadays if you don’t have a stable income. However, you must understand where your money is going and how it’s being saved.

Today let’s discuss the ways to get in control of your finances.


While we’re trying to move forward in 2021 People struggling with multiple forms of debt because of unexpected job loss lowered income that was all a part of last year’s challenges, so now, as circumstances start to improve, Here are five ways to get in control of your finances.

 Start Budgeting

Proper Budgeting is the most essential way to control your finances. While paying bills and living expenses is first and foremost, the money you don’t need to cover bills should be going somewhere safe. If you are struggling to handle your finances, then you likely need to create a budget plan for how to spend your money each month. Make a journal would be the best way to handle your finances. To start, write down your income and all your expenses, and then subtract the expenses from the income to determine your discretionary spending. At the start of each month. Having a budget that you stick to makes it much easier to reach financial goals.

Avoid Debt and Track Your Expenses

One of the most expensive mistakes that you can make is carry a lot of debt, Mostly of having a lot of debt is overspending. This is undoubtedly one of the most challenging things for people to do, as it does take discipline. Basically, start to listing all of your current debt, and try to reduce the interest rate on the debt by asking the issuer for a lower rate, consolidating multiple debts into one, or transferring high-interest debt to a low-interest credit card, such as a balance-transfer card. To know more about debt consolidation, please click this for more learn more.

Use Budgeting Software

To simplify the process, consider using an app that allows you to connect to your bank accounts and keeps track of spending for you. You can also use a  app like Mint and YNAB that makes it easy for you to see to track your finances digitally and giving you less of a chance to slip back into bad habits and helps you keep an eye on your money and payments.

Make more money

Yes of course! all these issues are resolved if you are making more money. Whether you have a debt to pay off or want to invest and save money, can you achieve these goals with your current income? Financial issues sometimes stem from insufficient income as opposed to spending issues. While the job market might not be the best at this time, you may want to look for a higher-paying job or generate more than one source of income. More income tends to provide more financial stability, especially if you are single or in a single-income household.


Final Thoughts.

Taking control of your personal finances may not be easy at first but it’s worth it. These simple hacks would save you on how to control you finances in the simplest way. Personal finance isn’t always easy, and there will be times when something doesn’t make sense. Don’t give up!  start budgeting and tracking expenses at home, your efforts will pay off.


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  1. Oh wow i never knew there is such thing as budgeting software.. That seems like fascinating and i badly need one. I do set my budget ahead of time to handle all my finances but there are still times that unexpected expenses will arrive that tends tonruin everything. Thank you for sharing these pointers. I will keep this in mind

  2. I always struggle when it comes to organizing all of my expenses especially the bills. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I like that you include making more money in your list of suggestions. I am a Finance person myself and too often, people think the answer to everyone’s financial woes is cutting expenses. But what if there is nothing else to cut? If you are already living bare- bones, more income is the answer. It could mean seeking out a new career/job with better pay, or adding a side gig. Often, finding ways to make more income truly is the only viable solution.

    1. Great tips! Budgeting and avoid any debts really helping me to control my finances most especially this time of the pandemic.

  4. Great tips! Budgeting and avoid any debts really helping me to control my finances most especially this time of the pandemic.

  5. Avoiding debt and tracking your expenses is very important if you want to control your finances. I keep all my receipts so I can track my expenses

  6. Using budgeting software and tracking your finances is so important. I like to check my budget weekly just to make sure that I’m on track and it only takes maybe 5 minutes a week.

  7. getting control on finances, it is very important to know how to do work it the best way. I am not that good in finances, I do think we might have more free finances if me or my partner were better with it

  8. Learning about money and how to handle it has been a constant battle because growing up we didn’t talk about money. It was a faux pas. But from where I was to where I am now is a blessing. You need a budget. I don’t care what anyone says. If you have no plan you will never get anywhere in life.

  9. These are really helpful. I agree with you that creating a budget and learning how to stick with it is very important. Can’t wait to check these budgeting software you mentioned.

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