Amayszing blogs turns 4 years old are you surprise?

   Hello, muffins it's been a while. I hope you doing great. I'm still glad that they are certain people who love supporting me on my blogging journey however this last few weeks I've been so busy, but the great news is I'm officially working as Content Writer in a private company and if you still read this blog you will know where I work but for now. Today I will answer some questions on how my blogging journey became successful through the years so let's start.

When does my blog started?

      I started to do blogging last May 2017 and My First year on blogging. I don't have an idea about the great content my first blog is all about Coldplay. The first concert that I went last four years ago. Then followed about my heartbreak story sounds funny right?. It's really hard to open up to someone, so I decide to make this blog for my life dairy Lol! Until one day I decide to make some research about making content and the great benefits themselves. Making great content is a huge thing. You need to expand your ideas to make your audience interested to read on your website then that's how it started  

My first logo brand on my blog.

How can I promote each blog post?

    Schedule on promoting website blog is not quite easy it took a lot of time and effort. Honestly, I work in the company for 8 hrs and after duty that's the time I do promote on my blog. There's a lot of Facebook groups and blogging community to promote my blog. By posting daily threads you can promote your website by asking their likes, sharing your post, and visiting your website. This is the real deal to support other bloggers to promote their website too and that's how it works.

How can I engage and grow my blog community

    By helping with social media my audience and readers became grow. Also I do some research on how does it work. Aside from promoting, you need to check the quality of your content. Thinking about quality content is important and make sure it is essential for your readers. for some instances, I use better keywords and great quality images before posting on my social media sites. I engaging my website thru posting on Pinterest and Instagram. These are the great source of the traffic to engage your website. Right now I have thousands of followers.

How do I earn money from blogging

    Monetization is not my goal to make my blog successful. Many people thinking if you are earning on blogging you are already successful, but for me, it's not like that. To those people who have no idea about monetization, I'll give you a hint. Monetization is simply how you make money in business thru ads, marketing, promoting on your social media channels. They are many bloggers who make their content but it's not relevant but they intend to earn money. I started to monetize my website for good reasons. My earnings are helping me to sustain my finances but it's not a big deal if I don't earn a lot. I applied to Google AdSense last 2018 then I switch to Ezoic last 2020  That's I earned money from my blog.

Note: If you decide to monetize thru this ad networks make sure to meet their requirements.

Are you inspired to be an influencer read this article to give you best advice to become an influencer. The Influencer Spotlight

Do you consider yourself as Influencer?

    Yes in a way of helping people to promote their small business but I more focus on my content which is helping people to improve their lifestyle by reading my stories. An influencer is very trendy nowadays. but try to read this article Everything You Think You Know About Influencer Marketing is Wrong. to give you more idea on how to consider yourself an influencer.

Do you see yourself as a successful blogger?

    I've mentioned this on my previous blog title That's how it workBlogging is not about one day take in a million. You need to work hard to become a successful blogger. Blogging is not an easy job it will take a lot of time and effort to work on your blog. If you don't have patience it can cause you to quit and do something better. Actually, in my part, I have work in the day "it depends on my schedule" Then after work, I engage my blog the rest of the night. That's how my blog works so I hope this post will give you an idea of how to blog it works. Today even though I have a lot of followers and soon-to-million page views. I'm still looking for better opportunities to learn myself as a blogger and also I'm helping other bloggers if they need some questions related on blogging. Last two weeks ago I got hired as a Content writer. This is another privilege and best miles stone on my blogging journey. The name of the company is GeoPro Solution Inc. and I'm a content creator of easethetics. 

    I would like to thank all of you who always give me support for my blogging journey. Honestly, your my inspiration for why I'm still do blogging. Four years is a great accomplishment and I will do create more blogs for those people who don't know me yet, I'm  AMAYSZING :) and I am the blogger of Amayszing Blogs

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  1. A lovely read, I love that your goal is to help and inspire, not just monetizing. Interesting and lovely read!

  2. This was such a great read! I think we all change and grow as we follow our passion. It was great to read about how you got here.

  3. You have come a long way in your blogging journey. I love that you helped get my blogsite working.

  4. Congratulations on your achievements as a blogger! I know it's not easy to become successful in blogging.

    1. By the way, I like it also that your blogging style is purely personal unlike most blogs these days that are way too promotional in terms of content.

  5. You've come a long way! Keep doing what you love to do! The money will just follow.

  6. Congratulations on your progress through your blogging journey! It was fun to read about how far you have come!

  7. It's nice to hear more about your blogging journey. I started around the same time you did.

  8. You need to put in the world in order to be successful in most of things in life. Great journey you had and I wish you best of luck!

  9. It's great to read this insight to get an idea of how far you've come and how much you've learned!

  10. Thank you for sharing your blog writing experience. For me, it will soon be a year since I created my first website, and I am always happy to read the experiences of others because they are a great motivation.

  11. Congratulations on your blogging journey! I hope to hear and read more articles from you in the future. Great tips too!

  12. Congrats on your blogging journey. It was fascinating to hear your goals and your journey. You got this!

  13. Congratulations and looking forward for more years with you and your blog. Continue doing what you do and sharing your stories wit us all!

  14. Congrats on your new job! That is amazing.

  15. Congratulations on holding on your passion for such a long time.

    Patience is the key!

  16. Congratulations on your blogging journey. It was lovely reading about your experience. Good luck for your journey ahead.


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