When you’re looking to change locations but are still not sure where to settle, you probably start looking at the advantages of the various cities you’re considering. After all, a good house is a good house anywhere you go, but you have to be able to enjoy where you live and also make a living in your chosen locale.
      With that in mind, if you’ve been looking at Calgary homes for sale and want to know if you’d be moving to an economically healthy city, you’re in luck: here, we are covering three growing industries in Calgary so you can perhaps plan what kind of work you’d like to do in the future.


     Well, aerospace is a nice way to start out. Calgary is actually known for its aerospace companies that are doing incredible things with their technological expertise. Take Aerium Analytics, a mapping service that uses UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to provide people with solutions for forest and wildlife management and other things. There are literally scores of other aerospace companies in Calgary, and so if this is your industry, or if you want to get into it, Calgary is where you should go.


    At the other end of things, we have agribusiness, which could not be further from the high-flying tech of aerospace. Agribusiness, of course, involves the management and marketing of agricultural products such as food. In just the next few years alone, the agribusiness sector in Calgary is predicted to invest 23% more funds than current levels. With the explosive growth of agribusiness, individual agribusiness markets such as farm management can expect to need to hire for many more positions. If farming and business are your specialties, you won’t struggle to find something of interest in Calgary.
Life Sciences


    Finally, we have the absolutely vital industry of the life sciences, which you can find in abundance in Calgary. This is a market dedicated to helping people by developing more advanced medicine and medical solutions. You’ll find companies researching in important areas such as oncology, medical devices, and biotechnology. This is profound work, and unquestioningly, there’s always a need for bright minds to join in.
  That’s our list of three growing industries in Calgary! The truth is that Canadians love living in this city, and for good reason. There are plenty of places to work, and in high-demand and rewarding industries. What are you waiting for? Calgary awaits!



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  1. I`m not going to move to Canada, but it was interesting to read about Calgary. Maybe one of my sons will be a pilot and this city will be good place for him to live.

  2. I thought this is in Australia. lol. Canada is such a nice place to settle in. I have friends who had migrated there and they are doing good in the works. I hope to visit Canada soon and probably explore work opportunities there.

  3. I have a lot of friends who have already moved to Canada. Sometimes, I consider doing the same because of the quality of life in Canada. It looks like Calgary is a great place to consider.

  4. I can see why Calgary would be having such a boom right now. I took a trip to the area before everything got crazy, and it's a really amazing place.

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