The Beginning “Did I missed something Eh? “

  Hi, Muffins it’s been a long time! Muffins? Did I miss a lot? Anyway, this is my first blog for this year since I’ve taken a long break. Why is that? you wanna know? Okay, I will tell you just keep it read since you’ve already read this blog I guess. Okay so let’s start!

I decide to take a break from blogging 


    Last January I leave my previous job as Admin Supervisor in Hospitality Management to switch to another career and looking for better opportunities. Living in a pandemic situation is hard nowadays because many businesses are shutting down because of bankruptcy. During my working days, we have a skeletal schedule. \”of course my salary is not enough for my daily needs\” so I decide to file my resignation and hoping for looking the best opportunity to sustain myself financially. It\’s really hard to leave my job because I love my work environment and I have time to work on my blog. However, after leaving my job everything change including my blogging career. 

Okay so after I decide to leave my job after a week. I have a new job Admin Staff in a Tire company it took me there for only two months after that I decide to leave because I\’m getting sick. I have a loss apatite that my lose weight is not healthy anymore. I have trouble breathing and mostly I look pale.

Those are the symptoms of low blood pressure that can affect my health so then I leave my job and taking a break.

One another reason why I take a break on blogging because..

   I let out of social media a take break for good reasons. There are so many toxic people on social media. I want to focus on myself and do meditate. but don’t worry I don’t leave my blogging but somehow this is not the same as before I will do write on my blog but not active like before. I’m getting old and I want to focus on the current. Maybe, other bloggers, have luck on their blogging career but for me, blogging is my expressing things for myself and for the people who want to know me somehow. I’ve been blogging for more than three years and I’ve been thankful to all my readers and my co-bloggers to support my blogging journey however for me blogging is not business. for now, I’ll say I will not active at the moment.


don’t worry I’m not leaving . I’m taking a break.


I\’m healing as of the moment so far I feel okay but not totally. I\’m still hoping for the best and feel better soon. Always take care of yourself and don\’t forget to stay healthy love lots!
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  1. I totally understand how Social Media can be overwhelming and we sometimes need to step back, regroup and take break. Breaks also allows us time to grow and come back to crush our goals!

  2. I feel ya! It can be overwhelming. I'd be lying if I hadn't thought about throwing in the towel completely! I have cut down though and that is helping me. Refocus, regroup and return!

  3. I took a break from blogging for awhile as well. Work was too stressful and hectic. Then the pandemic came so I extended my break. I am just now getting back into it so I completely understand. It is so important to take care of yourself and your health. I am wishing you peace and recovery during this time.

  4. Taking a break is one of the best ways to maintain self care and I personally take a break every time I start to feel overwhelmed. If only for 15 minutes at a time.

  5. Welcome back! But don't force yourself too much especially if it will affect your health. I do take a break, too, especially from social media which can be a stressful place sometimes.

  6. I completely understand. Sometimes taking a break can be the best thing, especially for your mental health. Thanks for checking in with us though & keep staying safe!

  7. I can totally feel you and it's been a tough time for everyone. Taking a break is definitely important especially if you are feeling burnt out. Welcome back to blogging as well.

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