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   Hi, Muffins how are you? Are you bored would you like to learn something new? What about beauty tips? Okay, I\’ am typing about hair color did you try to color your hair? Any experiences, because today my blog is all about hair color. If you are interested please scroll and continue let\’s time to glow up!

I feel bored when my hair are color Black.

   Black is one of my favorite colors but not on my hair. I\’m a typical stylist especially when it comes to my hairstyle. I\’ll do curly, short hair, long hair, bangs, etc. Hairstyle is my fashion hobby so today I will talk about my hair coloring story and what are the do\’s and don\’ts when it comes to coloring your hair. So here are the tips about hair coloring.

Hair Coloring is take a risk Why?


   Some worry that hair coloring is bad for your hair, while others treat it as a go-to when change is in order. Spring is a common season when people seek this change winter may have been long and preparing for the sunshine and glee of summer is often marked by lighter, brighter hair.
Though there are cautions to be taken, changing your look by altering your hair color could be just what you need to feel more confident when you look in the mirror, so don’t be put off by some misconceptions. Just like any hair care regimen, there are important things to keep in mind. For starters: Is my hair healthy enough to safely handle a chemical treatment? Will coloring damage my hair? When I arrive for my appointment, should my hair be freshly washed? How frequently should I wash my hair after it is colored?


 Your hair is getting dry if you don\’t take care of it. for some instances, if you are careless your hair will be getting damage. I TOLD YOU IS A RISK!

What about DYI Hair Color?

 From my perspective, DYI is okay but is a big high risk better consult the hair expect before doing the DYI hair color. Is better than safe than sorry.

Any tips about DYI Hair Color? 

For prepare work here are tips about doing DYI hair color.
1. Skip washing your hair a day prior to coloring it to allow your scalp’s natural oil to cover your hair and keep it from getting extremely dry after coloring.
2. Before applying your DIY hair color, make sure your hair has no products on it to ensure even application of your hair color. Oil-based products and silicon prevent the dye from attaching to your hair, resulting in uneven coloring.
3. Even if you feel you already know what to do, still, make sure to read the instructions to enjoy successful hair coloring.
4. Take a little bit of petroleum jelly and spread it on your hairline and ears to keep the hair dye from staining your face.
5. Use gloves on your hands, protective covers for your ears, and a cape for your shoulders. If you don’t have a cape, get a big piece of plastic, cut out a hole the size of your head, and use this as your cape. This way, when the hair color drips, it won’t stain your clothes.
6. Have your color application brush, mixing cup, tail comb, and a towel in front of you. Don’t forget to have a roll of tissue ready to immediately wipe off drips and splatters.
7. Color first the strands that are hidden before completely coloring your entire head
for more info just click this :     www.allthingshair.com


 These are my previous hair color style  to look more confident and beautiful.






Don\’t fear of hair coloring.

   Being able to change the color of your hair is a great thing and can perk up your self-esteem, make you feel more confident and allow you to change things up in an instant. One thing to be mindful of, however, is not to make this change too frequently because hair can only withstand so much. When you dye your hair, you’re chemically changing its composition. When the composition is altered too much, hair can begin feeling dry and brittle, so you just need to be mindful. Depending on what your color treatment of choice is, there are many safe options to get that change you desire!
Start your color hairstyles. No matter what you have on your mind, discuss it with your Hair Cuttery Professional at your next appointment because they’ll know just what to do to achieve the change you’re longing for.
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  1. Great tips for those who are into hair coloring. My wife used to color her hair without knowing that she should skip bathing a day before the hair coloring. I will tell her about these tips.

  2. Great post! In high school I remember we dyed my brunettes hair black. Ok, fine. Then she wanted it blond… We didn't strip it. We just applied bleach over and over. Needless to say she ended up looking like a Calico cat with burns on her scalp…

  3. I try not to go to the salon too often but I need to get my blonde on every few weeks. I would never do it myself but it does seem like a good way to save.

  4. These are excellent tips. It's important to let yourself be as creative as you like but also remember to keep your hair healthy.

  5. I use to love dying my hair when I was younger, but then I stopped. I have naturally red hair, so I didn't want to keep dying it. I do love multiple colors though. I think they're beautiful.

  6. I've been dying my own hair at home for ages. I've only ever gotten my hair coloured professionally a handful of times. I always find my natural hair colour boring and at the moment, due to COVID and not being able to acquire hair dye, it's just plain old brown!

  7. I always wanted to dye my hair. But when I try to do, my hair won't dye, it is very stubborn. Also, I am a teacher in Japan where teachers should don't dye their hair or have weird colors.

  8. Thank you for such amazing tips! I am thinking of coloring my hair too and since we need to stay at home, I am considering of doing it on my own too. Thanks for sharing tips! By the way, Light brown suits very well on you.

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