Here my top 5 Christmas wish lists
 Today I pick my best top 5 Christmas wish list that everyone loves it. These coming Christmas people are excited for getting their gifts. Still not sure what you’d like, or are you truly wants? This blog would help you find an idea for your best Christmas wish list. You should provide options to choose if you can and I’m excited to be sharing my wish gifts stuff and the reason why I choose these kinds of stuff.

What’s the reason why I’m sharing this?

 Creating a Christmas wish list can take the stress out of holiday shopping and ensure you end up with a gift you truly love. But sometimes creating that list is easier said than done. It’s vital to start your wish list early for two main reasons. First, this gives you time to put quality items on your list instead of filling it up with ideas off the top of your head. Second, it gives your family more time to shop, which is especially important if they like to start months before Christmas so these holidays you might thinking a lot of stuffs that you can buy even though you don\’t really need.

Christmas gifts for Adulting 

   Mostly adulting gifts are very practical and affordable. If you are a good adult “not like me though” You are thinking about home stuff like a cooking pot, ceramic planter, glass, colorful Tupperware, and many more.  “Well I’m so sorry I’m not that kind of person.” but there some home stuffs that I want to receive this coming Christmas. so Today on my blog I will share my 5 best wish list that I want this coming holidays.




If you want to send me a gift that would be awesome! LOL!

My Christmas Wishlists


Adulting attacks! Yes, I fell in love with the bedsheet and pillow case set one of the reasons why I love to receive this gift because I love to design a bedroom from my bed itself and many kinds of stuff like body mirror and frames then also. This is cheap and budgets friendly for everyone


My Second wish list I love to receive a jewelry necklace this coming holidays. I’m not a fan of accessories but when I see someone wearing a little gold necklace I feel a little bit envy Lol! That’s why I love to receive this in the coming holidays. If no one gives me on Christmas I will buy this for myself Lol! 


 These also one of my Christmas wish lists! I’m a huge fan of music so mostly I have my headset most of the time but unfortunately, my headset already broke and I don’t enough budget for buying a new one so hoping for this coming holiday someone can give me a new this one. I preferred the color pink because that’s my favorite color and the original one.
  My Forth Christmas wish list I love Polaroid Camera. This is one of my dream gadgets before but because of the higher price, I can\’t afford to buy it. One of the reasons why I love this camera because of my travel adventures and making groupies with my frennies. Perfect for my journal planner next year. 

Lastly on my wishlist. TV BOX anyway what is TV Box An Android TV box is simply a TV box running the Android operating system. This is the same operating system as the one running on your TV Devices. My flat-screen LED TV is not a smart TV so this is the best alternative device to use my television although is not android. This TV box would help a lot to get access to YouTube and Netflix. 

Hoping someone will give this on Christmas cross-fingers Lol!

These are my top 5 wish list gifts of Christmas. I hope one of these I will get these on holidays.
so What\’s your wish list on Christmas share us!
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  1. Great that you have already prepared a list of gifts you want for the Christmas holidays, this can really make it easier for your loved ones to shop.I haven’t thought yet about what I want or need, and it’s appropriate for a gift.I want your wishes to come true and you get these gifts!Friendly greeting,Nina

  2. I love this. Every year, I save everyone a ton of time and headache and just tell them what I want for Christmas. I think everyone should do that. Then everyone gets what they want!

  3. I do my level best to buy gifts that are thoroughly impractical when the holidays roll around. I figure people will buy the things they need throughout the year but not the things they want.

  4. I love all your ideas for the upcoming Christmas season…all the adults will surely love this ideas…can't wait if someone give it to me

  5. The \”to box\” sounds pretty neat, I haven't heard of it before. Your wishlist looks like a good one, there is a great selection and I like that everything is a functional gift.

  6. My daughter-in-law has the Polaroid camera, she loves it! I'd love some new bath towels this year, the ones we have are pretty old and tired looking.

  7. Obviously, it's so much harder to find appropriate gifts for adults than for kids – you cannot simply pick some Barbie-house and go with it 😉 Therefore, these ideas are truly inspiring.

  8. You have great style! Thinking about it now, I would love a new bed set but I know I would be disappointed if I unwrapped it at the end of the day. I need something more fun… But maybe I should just go and buy a bedspread haha!

  9. Those are really nice choices. Though I don't celebrate Christmas, to me the best gift, especially in these trying moments is to be able to come together with my whole family.

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