It’s been a long month! Life must be crazy sometimes!



   I hope you feel good and fine. Today is the first week of November and I wish all the best for all of us especially nowadays we all suffering kind of stress because of the pandemic. My previous months were not good aside from my anxiety hits me every night. I feel like kind of being anxious that makes me feel cry at night Lol but I\’m being thankful for my friends who always call me whenever I need to run out my emotions They comforting me most of the time. Drama pa teh!!!

   The good thing is I did social media detox for almost 2 months to take time to heal for myself  ” Yea most of my friends on my social media accounts they are toxic.\” and it worked. I focus more on my body goals and healthy lifestyle including my mental health “Yea, so right now I’m Okay!”

Things that I’ve learned recently. 

“Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you’ll put up a good fight and lose. Sometimes you’ll hold on really hard and realize there is no choice but to let go. Acceptance is a small, quiet room.” 

Letting go is hard but that’s the best thing to do. Distancing yourself from the people who didn’t see your worth and choose the right path is the decision that I’ve made. Good start but honestly it’s quite hard on the first part.

If you’re exhausted, drained, tired of it all, outraged, or numb, it’s understandable.

Give yourself space and time to breathe and grieve. Rest and restore. Spend time in nourishing spaces with people who get it, who get you.

Healing takes time but someday it will be worth it.


Feel it. The thing that you don’t want to feel. Feel it, and be free.⁣ 

It’s okay not to be okay sometimes. Stop pretending that you’re okay even you’re not. It’s okay to cry sometimes.  but it’s fine you are human and feeling vulnerable and that is normal.

Okay so Moving on..


My Lose Weight Journey continues.

 Okay so if you read my blog about my lose weight journey I give you some updates. Last June 2020 I lose weight for almost 4kgs but now I lose almost 10kgs yes from 60kgs last April now my weight is 50kgs I can\’t imagine although I stop doing some workout because I got sick but the thing is I focus work more on my diet less rice less sugar and fewer carbs so I ate more fruits and veggies but yesterday I\’m back to workout and working my abs How I wish Lol!

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So that’s for now any plan for this November kindly share us!


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  1. Wow! This is such a motivating and uplifting post (especially for the dreary month of November!) Great advice, I really love this. And congratulations on your weight loss and doing something for yourself that makes you happy! That's amazing <3

  2. Yeah!! Time flies & now already Nov. Spotted on it's okay for us not to be okay at times, that's life. Am amazed with your achievement of being with social media detox for almost 2 months. I wish I can too. cheers, siennylvoesdrawing

  3. Thanks for the reminder that it's ok if we're not ok sometimes. In these times, emotions are all over the place. and congrats on your weight loss journey!

  4. Thanks for this inspiring article for the start of the month, which is considered gloomy. Congratulations on everything achieved! And thanks for those gorgeous quotes you added to the post!Nina

  5. I really loved this post. The quote about most things being okay really spoke to me. My November has been decent. I've been sticking to my workout and eating right, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

  6. Thanks for these great reminders, 2020 has been such an awful year and I'm really hoping November brings better times. Good luck on your weight loss journey and I'm super proud of you !

  7. You're looking great. Good job on your journey for weight loss. I agree that it's okay to take some time to yourself and a break when you're feeling overwhelmed. I do this often, especially lately.

  8. I am excited for November, heading into the two big holidays of Thanksgiving and then Christmas. So happy for you on your weight loss journey. You look really good!

  9. Awesome phrases that you've post here, it's like a words of wisdom. Totally loved it and we should reflect it in our self and our surrounding. We should accept what's life given us and don't quit just make a first step forward.

  10. wow congratulation on your weight loss,,,im a whooping 220lbs i m not even sure how to start loosing it.this pandemic changes peoples live…i hope this ends soon and everyone starts to have a normal life

  11. This gives so much motivation and i can literally feel the uplifting qoutes. I enjoyed reading this post. I'm glad that you had an amazing thoughts flows through this month. I'm inspired by this!

  12. Happy November to you too! I hope you feel better soon! Love those quotes, so inspiring. I have been trying to gain weight since the Lockdown, but all my efforts went in vain 😟 I am just becoming lean and thin day by day, which I don't want at all!Thanks,Everything Enchanting

  13. I am glad that you took a break from social media and it’s okay to be not okay sometimes. I hope November brings lots of productivity and you achieve your goals.

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