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  Travel while pandemic? We all know travel is struggling nowadays because of the covid-19 pandemic but this place would perfect for the family gathering because the view it looks so nice. However, they accommodating a limited number of guests because of the safety protocol so I tell you this place is awesome for stay-cation fresh air from nature and bonding. If you are interested to know this place please scroll and continue

Fiona’s Farm, located at Bgy. La Paz, Magalang, Pampanga. They recall Fiona’s five fleeting months as a “journey with an angel.” The experience ultimately humbling Irene to utter a simple wish: “We can just sit and rest under Mango trees. That would be heaven to me.”

Trees that color the skies copper and green, with branches that grow heavy in abundance, they could almost kiss the floor. There was something about the grandeur of nature, and the peace that comes with it that brought a family back to its feet.

So later on the Alvaros opened Fiona’s Farm in the hopes that visitors can experience the same quiet and rediscovery that they did. Villas and suites were crafted from recycled hardwood. Aviaries were built. And the family was careful not to tamper with the farm’s existing landscape, minimizing the cutting of trees.

Fiona’s Farm only accepts reservations on all accommodations to ensure quality experience.Truly, when Irineo glimpsed such a land, he didn’t hesitate to purchase it.

 From their official Website:

   So Last October 11 2020 Sunday, we have a family trip on my sister birthday she decide to celebrate her birthday to Fiona\’s Farm because aside from near to their house. This place is so exclusive and incredible so definitely this is my first travel after a long quarantine. Anyway I\’m so excited to post this on my blog because I\’am surely you will love this place.







Swimming Pool






I\’ve already visit this place last 7 years for my college retreat and this place is not fully furnish yet but after so many years. My eyes fell in love with this place because of the wonderful view here\’s my taken selfie shot of course I love taking selfies because the place looks relaxing and great for photo-shoot lol sorry for not photogenic Lol.

My photo’s and selfies.







My Review

So overall my rate is 10/10 or 100 over 100 because as I\’ve mentioned this place is incredible and I love the nature view. The staff is very nice and accommodating hence the service is great perfect for a family vacation. They are following safety protocols which are good because of our safeness. I will highly recommend this place for vacation and gatherings.

Contact Details.

Phone:045 285 0086
Hotline Cellphone: (+63) 0917-510-9842
Visit the website:


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  1. Wow! I wish I could visit the Philippines soon! I will definitely add Fiona's Farm on my bucket list. The place is stunning.

  2. What a beautiful yet entertaining place. You guys obviously had a great time there. I guess a staycation on the Philippines is not the worst thing during this pandemic 😉

  3. Wow, there is tons to do at Fiona's Farm in La Paz, Magalang, Pampanga of the Philippines! I love all the villas tucked away in the jungle type area but it is the pools that made me happy. As long as the water is warm, I could spend my day just floating in those big pools!

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