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October 15, 2020 in
Are you looking for feminine premade logo design? Kindly click read more for more info.

   Today I will share my simple design for feminine logo design. These logo is made by my self because I want to enhance my skills about digital web design and also my creativity. I made these logo for fun and this is the first time that I will post this on my blog. so I hope you like it. Then also If you like I make it customized for a very cheap price and very affordable for your website and business logo.

1.  Kheii Design.
2.  Pepper Smith Floral.
3.  Catalina. 
4. Jae Design.

5. Lovely Jane Floral.

6. Diana Rose Design.

7. Francis Kiks Minimalist.
8. Pepper Smith Feminine.
9. Moonlight Sky.

10. Chris Jane

11. Lizzy Lane
12. Camille 

13. Sunflower 

14. Catherine
15. Feminine Designs

    I made customized for these designs if you are interested please fill free to send me message. The price are range $2-5 dollars very cheap and affordable for your beautiful feminine logo. 

Here's my Details: Kindly click the name itself.

 Facebook: Amays zing. or Vitual Assistant Kheii Kheii
 Instagram AmayszingBlogs


Thank you.

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  1. You may also sell on Etsy. Happy selling.

  2. These are so cute. I love the handwriting fonts. They make it seem more personable.

  3. These are so pretty! I love the Midnight Sky one. Great job on creating something for the ladies :)

  4. These are some beautiful logo designs! I would have to say #9 is my favourite.

  5. You made this lovely logos "for fun"? You're really talented. If I need(ed) a feminine logo, I'd def reach out to you.

  6. All of these logos are lovely! Your prices seem insanely cheap for such beautiful logos.

  7. These are great. You did a nice job.

  8. These look really nice! This is not my area of specialty, so I'm impressed.

  9. I think it's really cool that you're working on digital web design creativity. These are such nice designs! I love numbers 4,5 and 14 btw! Keep up the great work!

  10. Hey nice designs and such a great idea for a side hustle. I started off without any skills at graphic design at all, but after some time, i feel like i at least have an aesthetic already haha

  11. These are all such pretty designs. I hope you make a killing!

  12. so cute and fun! Love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Great designs and fonts, I love number 3 and 14,they looked so simple but fab!

  14. You did an awesome job and you are very creative as well! I like your style and choices of fonts.


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