Today is my month!
  How are you? I hope you’ll fine. It’s been a long week since I posted my previous blog. Honestly last month it’s not good for me. If you read my confession on my previous blog I felt terrible and devastated then last week I got sick. I have tonsillitis and dry cough and I’m still recovering right now. Don’t worry  I don’t have COVID Lol! I’ve already had a check-up. My parents are worried about me and I stay most of the time in my bedroom to Isolate myself although it\’s not COVID lol. I’m sorry if you don’t get any response from me because my phone is on airplane mode and my messenger is on do not disturb mode so I don’t get any kind of message alert. I will be thankful because of my friend’s colleagues and my blogging friends they worried about me for not responding to their messages but I will be fine soon. I need to take time to rest and healing myself. I skipped work for almost a week and I”m on sick leave.
Welcome August!
  This is my birth month so I hope to recover fast before on my birthday Lol! and I hope this month is better than the previous one although this year is not good for all of us. I always wanted that all of us are safe and healthy. So If I were you always wear your face mask it’s mandatory Lol! Always keep safe.
Life Currently
  So most of the time I spend time in my bedroom to isolate myself but it doesn’t mean I stop binge Netflix lol! Oh well! I’m starting to watching The Big Bang Theory and I’m on the season 4 episode. this show makes me feel better and makes me feel great. I love Sheldon’s character and LOL! I LOVE THIS SHOW I recommend to watch this show I rate this 11/10
   If you are bored here are my recommendations for the Best Netflix Series To Watch Right Now these series are highly recommended and I’ve already watched them all. Sorry, not a fan of romantic and kdrama series lol! because I’m so freaking obsessed about comedy sitcom sci-fi and action series lol! Then one of them has already a new episode The Umbrella Academy. Did you already watched please don’t spoil us because I didn’t watch it yet!
  This one is for you For the person who never lets anyone see their demons or the battle they are fighting inside their head; for the person who gives everything to help those in need but does not seem to get the same care back; for the person who is hurting inside but hiding it with a smile on the outside even though what fills their nights are dark thoughts and cries  this one is for you, my love. I want you to know that I see you. I see right through the mask you are putting on every day and I am here to tell you that you can put it down. Drop it. Finally let those feelings out. It is okay. It is okay. I am here. I will not judge. I will support you as you heal in your own way.”
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  1. It's great to hear that we've finished another month of 2020, and we have a long way to go. Loved the article you've post, it gives inspiration and realization to everyone.

  2. I cannot believe it is August! I know many people who are not well right now, both mentally and physically. I hope you are feeling well soon!Christine Weis

  3. happiest of birthdays month! are you a fan of Doctor Who if you like Comedy and Sci Fi I couldn't help but wonder.

  4. How is it August already?!?! It seems the years keep going faster and faster. I hope you feel better soon. The Big Bang Theory is a great show! I could watch it for hours!

  5. August is a big month for me because so many of my friends have their birthdays! Hope you are doing well during this time. I used to love watching the big bang theory.

  6. It's weird that even the slightest cough or fever is making us all think about covid. Can't do much the terror is such. Great to know it's your birthday month. Hope you have some great plans.

  7. It is really really fast!! Its already August. and the show sounds pretty interesting for me. Gonna check that out.

  8. I'm actually a bit freaked out and sad that this year passes so fast and I have the feeling I haven't accomplished one thing because of this exceptional situation. End of August might be better sind I'll finally be able to go on a trip.

  9. Enjoy your birthday and happy you are getting well. I too had dreaded nights not because of cough but a throat issue. Its nightmare now to fall ill as doctors and hospitals are busy attending COVID patients. Good inspiring post. We will emerge victorious.

  10. I am still asking my self how the heck its August?! Like have I been asleep for the rest of the months or has somebody speeded up the time?

  11. I felt like the first part of July went by fast but the last part went by slow for me. I am a teacher assistant so I am excited to have school back open again. Despite all the changes.

  12. I thought our winter season will end to a better restrictions but Hello August and now we are back to Stage 3 restructions, and mandatory wearing of mask. Still many Karens and violators around.

  13. I hope you have fully recovered,I am glad that you are able to watch what you love.this year's August isn't my month but next month is my birthday so I hope it will be great.

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