All that I want is to wake up fine tell me that I’m alright that I ain’t gonna die.

No one believes what I’m feeling right now.
The opposite of being optimistic is pessimistic. That’s what I’m feeling right now. The inner me felt insincere and I know I’m so fake happy. These hard times feeling sensitive and emotional is okay. Feeling weak, feeling as if you have reached your limit.- all of this is okay you are not overacting. Let your emotions outlet the tears roll. I am completely a breakdown period.
The world is really awful nowadays and  the sincerity is scary that’s why I decide to hide the pain through silence and fake smiles. smile is my masks to hide the pain but when the teardrop comes the masks slowly melted.
“Don’t force yourself to feel positive all the time. It’s okay to feel negative emotions sometimes but after experiencing and expressing those emotions, you have to let go.”
Through these years. It’s not easy to heal especially when people around you give you anxiety that makes you feel cry at night. Even my guardian angel can’t calm me down when the teardrop comes. The next following day I feel nothing happen on that night. Would you like to know why I’m feeling this right now?
Once upon a time, my anxiety hit me hard because of the people who didn’t see my worth feeling like I’m being a loser for all times I don’t have a great achievement at all. most of the time I feel worst I don’t have a great capability I don’t see the real sincerity and lack of respect.
“What I need to do to prove for myself?”
I’m not a princess or queen as you expected but my personality can prove a lot of things to see my worth. My genuine heart can show sympathy for everyone and I do respect for no matter what. This is me and I have all of this I’m not perfect as you expected but I have this.
I feel pressure as of the moment. as I wish I want to see the person who see my worth but unfortunately it’s impossible right now. I already lose my hope as of the moment and I don’t see any chances. Despite for this I want to remind myself to keep going and choose to be happy even life is hard.
When Anxiety hits you read this!
I know you’re tired even though you just woke up but just do your best today. That’s all anyone can ask of you. That’s all you can ask of yourself. Don’t push yourself too much.
I know you’re scared to fail. So much so, you’re striving for perfection and you beat yourself up every time you fall short. You’re your own worst enemy and I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to be.
I know you’re worrying and thinking too much. And everyone is telling you to relax. But you can’t seem to.
I want you to know, it shows a sign of strength caring as much as you do.
This is not a weakness but a virtue of yours. You have a heart that doesn’t want to hurt people. You come off as paranoid but I know you just want to make the right choices. Know that you already are. You’re doing great.
I know your heart is racing but you disguise it with a smile. In those moments where anxiety is controlling you, take a deep breath. Do whatever you need to that will calm your nerves. It’s okay to be like this and you don’t need to change. Just learn to breathe through it. To accept it, and conquer it.
I know you hate yourself for breaking down and crying in private because of something you couldn’t control even if it was something small. Stop hating yourself. Stop beating yourself up. It’s okay to have those moments as long as you don’t let them define you.
There is so much more to you than your anxiety.
So when your anxiety is getting the best of you and you’re hating yourself for it, I want you to remember this:
It will all be okay. Your entire life is going to be okay. The relationships and the people who belong in your life will not leave you.
No one thinks you are a burden as you run over details a million times of things playing out in your mind. You do whatever you need to, to live with this. Everyone else will learn to adapt also.
Remember, you are loved. You are needed. You are cared about. And your anxiety does not define you, so don’t let it.\”
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  1. Thank you for giving us a look inside yourself. I also struggle with anxiety and with the way the world is right now it makes it a lot tougher. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. This blog has just become mine fav one…loved these words..these are so deep and meaningful..Glad you shared it..Thanks indeed yeah truly thanks it is so inspiring and motivating…great work..🙂

  3. I always say to people try not to compare to others. One persons chapter 12 is not comparable top another persons chapter 1. You are you, you are always better than you think, you can always achieve more that you think.

  4. Actually, I think this is a rather US problem – and it definitely is a problem. In Europe, you are not expected to be constantly happy and ahead of things. I think that's not so stressful.

  5. More people need to read that it's okay to feel negative emotions sometimes. This is such an uplifting post especially during these tough times.

  6. They'll be bad days for sure but they are only there to make you stronger and tougher so you can embrace the good days and appreciate them. It's okay to hurt sometimes. It's okay to fail. But what isn't okay is drowning in your sorrows.

  7. Unfortunately there is still small mental health awareness and people struggle to talk about their anxiety. However, this is very useful post, a very thoughtful post. thank you

  8. For me that suffer a little bit with anxiety reading this is really reassuring that somebody out there is just like me, thank you, and yes we should not have to be so hard on ourselves!

  9. I love your encouraging words. Wise and so needed in these current tough times with so many people struggling with serious problems on so many fronts.

  10. Thank you for your encouraging words. This is what we need in the world today. Just knowing you are not the only one going through a tough time.

  11. Humans can't quit worrying because we are built that way. at the end of the day all our feelings are valid. It is part of human nature and it's okay not to be ok sometimes.

  12. \”Don’t force yourself to feel positive all the time. It’s okay to feel negative emotions sometimes but after experiencing and expressing those emotions, you have to let go.\” LOVE this quote. This is such a life-affirming statement. Words to live by, truly!

  13. It's really hard when you feel down and anxious. But I always think of the positive things that I have which many others don't and that makes me feel a little better and grateful. You really don't need anyone else to believe in you when you believe in yourself. I always treat other people's belief in me as a bonus. But it's always good to pour out your inner emotions. It's the first step of overcoming from them. Nice post.

  14. We have to acknowledge our feelings, whether it's disappointment, happiness, frustration, etc. This way we can determine which action should we take for us to move forward.

  15. Such an uplifting post, some people need to read this. Sometimes, I felt that too. But I know that being scared is normal. We need to embrace all the things in life.

  16. I think now more than ever is the time to discuss mental health. We are all going through some sort of change and there are many others around us. It's okay to feel numb at times.

  17. Thank you for what needs to be done while in anxiety. Even though I don't want to be in that situation, at least I already know what can be done.

  18. Life can be difficult and a constant struggle at times, being able to push forward is the inner strength we need to unleash on every setbacks.

  19. I used to be very anxious and I had social anxiety as a teen. What I learned is that the negative self-talk and doubt never fully goes away, but you just learn to cope and move forward better.

  20. Very well said. Yep sometimes it’s really okay not to be okay…. and give ourselves a good cry and hoping that after that we feel better .

  21. it's such a hard thing to not feel pessimistic right now! It's a weird time for all of us – I know I've been having my issues with it but I am trying to do better dailY!

  22. Thanks for sharing your true feelings. It's okay to feel low sometimes. It's important to understand yourself and connecting with people who can understand you.

  23. Thank you for this. I keep telling friends it's important to be real with your emotions. No matter what you go through, share those emotions. It reminds you and others that we're all human.

  24. Yes! All of this is so true. I’ve struggled with anxiety for years, and you’re absolutely right about it being okay to feel that way. Thank you for sharing!

  25. These hard times we've been tested with different hindrances and challenges which test our abilities and of course our emotions on how to deal with the occasion. It’s a great way on how to start and be optimistic at times like this.

  26. We wont be able to move forward if we wont acknowledge our feelings even the negative once. It is important to know that we are not alone – and reaching out is not a sign of weakness.

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