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   Hi Muffins how are you? I hope you\’ll fine. Today I will share my Weight loss journey after 3 months I think it is the right time to share the results but before that to those people who didn\’t read my previous blog. Last March I created a post about Plan My day to lose weight if you didn’t read it kindly check the title itself for getting an idea of what\’s going on with this post. So, if you want to know the results kindly scroll and continue.

3 months ago when I\’m started to work my diet to lose weight without doing workout but unfortunately it didn’t work. for that month I gained more weight because of the quarantine. My belly tummy getting bigger that one day I feel the heaviness of my body and getting worse. So here’s me before.

  Date: May 28 2020

   My big tummy is the reason why I feel frustrated. so I decide to work on my body to losing weight so I do some research on what are the effective ways of losing weight so today I will share all the workouts and proper diet to losing my weight.

My Body Workouts

Here are the things that I use to do my body workouts so If your curiosity kills you. Kindly read this blog Lol.

7-Minute Workout Fitness App

This is the first fitness app that I\’ve used. In this App, you can choose which body you want to workout. This perfect for beginners like me with no monthly subscription.

Hula-hoop Workout

I spend 30 minutes doing hula hoop workout. I decided to choose the hula hoop workout because I read some article that hula hoop is one of the effective ways to lose your weight. It can lose your 7 calories per minute. Imagine guys this is a big help to lose your body fat. Then of course you can search hula hoop workouts on YouTube well I recommend this one because it helps me a lot.



This is my daily hula hoop workout.

Plank workout

Plank is the best effective way to lose weight and burn your calories. I do plank 2 times with 30 seconds then 30 seconds for left side plank and 30 seconds for right side plank with this workout you can easily getting sweat and also it helps your cardio health. Yah! I know what you\’re thinking hindi sya tlga madali beshiie plank is not easy and hardest but if you have to determine to lose weight well you can do this.


I use tummy trimmer to back in a shape and burn your calories. This is really good equipment because you can handle it everywhere. In this equipment, you can do exercises to burn off your calories and tone your muscles for the lower and upper tummy, chest and arms, and hip and thighs. This is perfect for your body goals.


Working My Diet


   Workouts are a big help to lose your weight but also working your diet is a must to achieve your body goals so today here are the ways to do on my daily diet.

Drinking Detox Lemon

Drinking Lemon with water is considered one of the effective ways of losing weight. Lemons can help to cleanse the body and detox the body. The most simple and effective natural remedy to cleanse the body from toxins and lose weight is lemon water. Easy to prepare, this mix should be drinking every morning on an empty stomach, before breakfast or much better to drink every day as routine with proper diet. However, as lemon water is such a low-calorie drink, trading in your usual sugary tea or fruit juice for lemon water means that you are consuming fewer calories and therefore cutting down your overall calorie intake.You can check my blog regarding the Health Benefits of Lemon click the title itself.

1-cup rice per day

Rice is rich for carbs and to contain the daily diet you need to eat 1 cup rice per day only to maintain your diet. This is really hard guys because we all know rice is life but you can eat alternative carbs to avoid eating rice by eating a banana or nilagang saging, boiled egg wheat bread.

Avoid Sweets.

Sweets can increase the bodyweight that can cause you fats so cut-off sweets like chocolates, candies, soda, and many more. I think you can eat sweets once a week or it depends on how can you handle your self-control about eating food.

Skipping Dinner

Skipping dinner is a great way to do fasting and this is very effective to lose your weight. After 6 pm you can do fasting until you wake up.


The Results

Are you ready for the results? Well today I will show you the results after doing my workout and diet.

I lost almost 4kgs after 1 month



My Motivation


       Doing a weight loss challenge is no joke actually I spend more than one hour to do workout and I do hard work hard for my diet. In the first and second weeks, I\’ve already decided to quit but every time See my old photo with my big tummy it makes me feel frustrated I lost 4kgs for almost 1 one with a lot of doing workout and exercises. You can do this too with determination and perseverance I hope my weight loss journey will inspire you. If you want to start your weight loss challenge this is the right time and good luck keeps safe people.


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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss success. I believe there is no \”standard\” program that would apply to everyone when it comes to weight loss. As long as we are disciplined enough to make some lifestyle changes, we can achieve the body we dream of.

  2. Well congrats for your biggest achievement..It is really amazing how these changes occurs..Thanks for sharing your journey it is really very motivating..Great work..

  3. OMG friend you are doing GREAT! I'm on a journey as well and after almost 6 months I am down 27 lbs. I'll be weight myself on the 1st of July (6 months exactly) and am hoping I will be past the 30 lbs mark by then.

  4. Wow, awesome job! I started a weight loss program in March as well. I never thought about a hula hoop workout, though. I used to love doing the hula hoop!

  5. That is really good. Keep your passion and dedication to achieve what you want. Keep up the great workout dear.

  6. Wow, tagumpay sis! Congraaats, hahha. I think I've done all this before except hula hoop work out. Though I love doing hula hoops hihi. My problem is discipline and maintenance hahaha

  7. Wow, tagumpay sis! Congraaats, hahha. I think I've done all of these before except hula hoop work out. Though I love doing hula hoops hihi. My problem is discipline and maintenance hahaha

  8. I am also on a weight loss journey. It has been hard to go to the gym while my sister was down. I lost 5lbs before she came down, gained it back while she was here. Yesterday was my first day back to the gym. On the days I cant go I am definitely downloading and using the 7 minute workout app. Congrats on the weight loss. It definitely looks like you lost a lot more than 4kg. Good for you!

  9. Thanks for sharing your journey and tips for weight loss. The enforced isolation during extended lockdown in my city has definitely had a negative effect on my waistline too.

  10. Wow! This is inspiring. I have always wanted to lose weight and will take your advise to avoid sweets and do some exercise. I think I can handle the 1 cup of rice per day too. 🙂

  11. Good job and good luck on your fitness journey. It may be tough at first but once you get a hang of it – then it will be part of your routine.

  12. Setting up a schedule and following it judiciously, is always a difficult task, when it comes to exercise, you are do really well, and I must commend you for that.

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