How can you define Humanity
   What’s your purpose here in the real world? This simple question means a lot but for me, this is a very difficult question. Ever wonder what life is all about? You existed as a spirit before this mortal life, living with your Heavenly Father. Knowing why you were sent to this earth can help you determine what you should and shouldn’t spend your time doing here on earth. Understanding what life is about can give personal direction and purpose. Okay, let’s leave it here.
  We have a different purpose in our lives but always remember all material things that you ambition are temporary even love, career, or any things that only existed here on earth. It’s okay to have a dream and goals in our lives but you need to remember don’t kill your humanity because of your ambitions. Always remember ambitions can kill your humanity so how is it? If you are living in this world without humanity what kind of creature are you?
How can you show Humanity
  These are things that you considered when you restored your humanity. If you are one of this please keep going to do it. Always remember being human is given but keeping our humanity is a choice.
Be Genuine
   Equality is important humanness is about openly sharing your perspective opinions and perspective. When someone needs help please help them in your way. When it comes to financially of course we all know weren\’t all born in a silver spoon but helping and sharing any amount is big appreciated at least you share and helping people it\’s okay to be selfless sometimes and I agree with that.
Show empathy
    Being able to practice empathy is one of the most important skills you can learn. In a world that spends so much time picking at flaws and igniting fear and anger in people, empathy can be a balm to that fear and anger. It can help you, and others, lead a more fulfilling and healthier life. Empathy means you have to put yourself in their shoes and be aware of and sensitive to their feelings to help them.
Show gratitude
   Gratitude is a powerful way to show to the people that you appreciate them. A simple thank you, a note or even a smile will go a long way, as people strive to fit more and more in each every day. Show gratitude to anyone who demonstrates humanity to you. That\’s how it is.


Express respect
     All people want to be treated with respect so who are you to judge? All people have different flaws in our lives we are not perfect. Humility is about being self-aware and non-judging to others. It’s not about ego it’s egolessness, an acknowledgment that you don’t have all the answers, being open to learning more. Humility also happens to be the surest sign of authenticity.
  These are the great treats that can show your humanity. People want interactions that lift them and make them feel great. Your products might be wonderful, but when you give people what they want that human connection they’ll trust you, and be more confident when maintaining a business relationship with you.
Someone needs help ! !
     Charges of disobedience to social distancing and mass gathering, and resistance to persons in authority would be filed against six jeepney drivers who held a protest against the government ban on passenger jeepneys in Caloocan City on Tuesday.
     According to them, the drivers were driven to hold a protest because they were hungry and were not among those who received any cash assistance from the government during the nearly three-month lockdown.


     I want to help because most of them are senior citizens and they asking for food for their families but instead to help them they arrested FYI the oldest is 72 years old and it makes me feel awful I see him in jail. If you want to help kindly send your donations on the details above any amount will do and Highly appreciated.



This is for a blogger friend Moni

     His friend needs help for the reason of his things are confiscate and he has nowhere to stay. His landlord kicked him out of his apartment because he could not pay on his rent. His business was closed down. Still, with whatever he had, he helped his workers, he fed them. Now, with all these charities he had been doing he could not pay his rent of his workplace and of the apartment where he was living with his brother. If you want to help for donation just sent her message kindly click her name Moni and you will her Facebook account.
Humanity Restored.
     This pandemic is very awful for all of us but it doesn\’t mean that your humanity will stop. Our humanity is a way to be united as one. This is not the end we need to help each other to fight this crisis by our humanity. I hope will you learned something to this blog that can restore your humanity. WE WILL HEAL AS ONE.
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  1. This is well-written. I also love your artsy images. I really feel bad whenever I see the news about the injustice in the Philippines. Whenever I see posts like that, I make sure to donate. I now that 100 pesos is not much but it will still cover one or two meals.

  2. For me, I think starting a ripple of kindness everyday will bring the change we crave for. I joined a friend's campaign called \”The Kindness Revolution.\” It makes me feel good inside to be able to go something good for a random person, hoping that they too, would start their own ripple of kindness.

  3. If people would pause and think before they acted, I think there would be less hurt. Just because someone doesn't enjoy the same life as you doesn't mean they should be treated poorly. Show compassion

  4. This is so on point especially on what is happening right now. I hope all of us will be able to reflect and on this, and start being kind to one another.

  5. Gratitude and being genuine are HUGE. I also think this leads to speaking your truth and being vulnerable. A lot of the work I've been going through in the last year honestly!

  6. I don't understand why still many people are having a hard time to exercise their humanity, as if something will take away from them. Humans will gain more if we act being humans to others.

  7. To me a quote \”Maybe in life it wount matter what you did but who you rise, so rise them kind.\” We need to do better and be better.

  8. I actually have too much empathy sometimes – when I see someone cry that I even don't know I have to swallow my own tears because I can feel other people's pain 🙂

  9. This is indeed very deep and meaningful…LOved all of the ideas and everything..Thanks for sharing..This is very helpful and beneficial… ( World in Eyes)

  10. Its so humbling to see how humanity has been united right now in the name of peace and collaboration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and its so important to use at this season.

  11. hiI think be genuine and express respect are so important and as correctly stated by you these two among other traits are so important in order for us to love as better human beings

  12. I believe knowing your passion starts with what are you good at? from there you would know easily your purpose. We must keep our humanity in the time of coronavirus. We can 'fight the monster without becoming one' and achieve a finer balance of freedom which is becoming more human most especially nowadays.

  13. I love this! This is so nice to see what it means to be a good human and love people. Thanks for this blog post! I was really moved and inspired.

  14. These are some great traits that people have. Compassion and empathy is really good for me and for everybody.

  15. That was a lovely read ! Personally, I'm into reading and writing about life lessons and self reflections.I can add cherish what can't be replaced 😉 Keep up the good work.

  16. I agree with all of these specially being empathetic and respectful. It's appalling sometimes that people could be so cruel towards another where it's easier to be kind and make the other feel good.

  17. Beautiful ideas on how to show your humanity! I truly believe that it takes so little to be a good person if you just try! That's why I really like your points on gratitude. I mean how hard is it to just say thank you even for the littlest of things.

  18. What a very simple way to serve that we can all do. Sometimes we don't think we can serve anyone because we arent able to volunteer anywhere, but this…this everyone can (and should) do!!

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