The World is Changing Indeed.
    How are you? I hope you y’all fine. This pandemic changes a lot. I can’t imagine starting this day everything will be different the gestures and communication it’s not the same as before. My hometown is under General Community Quarantine which means other private sectors they started to operate except tourism and unfortunately I’m working on Hotel Management so my work schedule is under  skeptical situation. but last Monday I’m back to work 3 times a week for the meantime and as I’ve mentioned everything will be change because of the pandemic. We don’t know until when but right now we are under what we called The New Normal.
   If your plans are canceled due to the pandemic this is not the end. so, if you are one of my reader you know what it means. My plans this year are canceled including my first out of the country trip.I’m not losing hope so going back to the drawing board. I refuse to accept the fact that this pandemic Your dreams are over. Well as you can see on my beautiful planner I continue to set up my plans even though my day is skeptical. I’ll make a big emoji wearing a face mask because you are not allowed to go outside if you don’t have a face mask. I have a weekly task and Goals. This month is awesome so set your goals until you made it Aja!
 Practice Social Distancing
   Social distancing is a big impact and very important nowadays. This is the new normal. Before you give a hug and handshake to the person as a part of appreciation. But now the new normal it will be different. You need to do the distance expect for your family of course that’s exceptional! What I mean is taking an amount of distance to the person for our safety. Okay to those people who don’t know  about social distancing I’ll tell you more.
   Social distancing also called “Physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. To practice social or physical distancing. Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people, Do not gather in groups, Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings like going concerts, parties, etc. That\’s what we called social distancing. I told you this is the new normal.
    If you are bored and feel nothing please help yourself to motivate. We all know this is not easy for all of us but we need to keep going. The situation can control you but the time is still ticking. Which means it\’s upon you if you don\’t help yourself. Start practicing self-care. Do workout house chores or pampering yourself even though you stay home. Always make your self motivate that\’s how it works so start planning and motivate yourself.
Back to Working Duty
 So I’m back to work with wearing a face mask, that’s the new protocol. After almost two months I’m back in the office. I have a little bit of adjustment after the force vacation. I’m a little bit sleepy because I have only 3 hours of sleep for the reason of working a lot on my blog. so, maybe If our management starting the operation I have a little more time to work but still doing some engagement for my blog.
 Still Hoping for the Best
     I believe that this crisis will be end soon. The new normal is fine as long as you are safe. It’s okay to no events, gigs, travel for the meantime while the vaccine is on the process. If you don’t have work please better stay at home than going outside for nothing and it makes you in danger. I decided to go to work even though it’s the part-time because I need to go work to pay my bills. As an ordinary citizen like me work is essential to buy our needs and paying bills so I hope you understand why I decided to go work even though it’s not safe. That\’s why the new normal is invented because most of the people need to work to sustain their needs. Keep safe muffins that’s all for today. Take care guys!
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  1. I've totally agree with you on this, the world changes a lot on this pandemic that spreading on the entire world. We must not lose hope and just continue life with cautious.

  2. Hoping that vaccine will discover soon. For us to get back on our normal lives.but still we must follow the government first.

  3. A lot has changed over the last few months hasn't it. It takes a lot of energy to adapt when there's lots of change, as well as dealing with the uncertainty that we're all living through at the moment, I know I've found it exhausting. I hope you're settling into your new routine ok and stay safe xx

  4. your journal looks so cute and amazing…it was awesome and much inspiring in this hard time, hope very soon the vaccine or treatment will be available around the globe. (World in Eyes)

  5. The new normal is pretty tough. I am worried that there will be so much more fallout from emotional and even other physical things that are caused by the world being shut down. This is such a difficult time for many more reasons than Covid-19.

  6. as well as dealing with the uncertainty that we're all living through at the moment, I know I've found it exhausting. I am from India and India is under the lockdown due to COVID 19 from last two month and we are learn how to adjust our daily routine with this stuff, stay home stay strong.

  7. It is very difficult to accept it as the new normal. I somehow feel it will take some more time, may be a couple of years to come to terms with it. We are humans and we tend to go towards our old state 😀

  8. I'm so thankful we are starting to relax the restrictions in my state. My family has had to cancel a few trips and fun things, especially the end of school for my boys which is this week. They haven't been in school since March. I did just book a flight to visit my family in a few weeks and I can't wait!

  9. Love your positive outlook! Yes, don't give up on that out of country trip! It's just around the corner and may be better than you expected!��

  10. Our country is back to normal. Everything is working, kids are back to school, the summer season starts on June 1th, we already have tourists. So hang in there.

  11. Things are just starting to reopen here. My workplace isn't in this phase of reopening and so I'm still home. I may return to my clients in a week or two depending on how things progress. New normal indeed!

  12. Sa inyo, GCQ na. here in Cebu, starting on June 1, it's still MECQ. Our mayor is trying to appeal to IATF to downgrade it to GCQ. We'll see what will happen. Working from home has been my new normal. and I think I love this system. Yun lang, I really want to go out already and eat a lot of delicious foods. haha. Keep safe!

  13. For me, social distancing is not new because I enjoy being by myself: spending time, traveling, and etc. I actually want to go on a solo sojurn soon into the woods.

  14. I can't wait to start working properly again. With my main work in the tourism sector, everything is at the ground now. Even if I still work, as I have my own business, the motivation is not the same when there is no income.

  15. Your journal looks quite cute and amazing…and keeping it is the best way to keep certain moments secured..YOur ideas are really awesome…(World in Eyes)

  16. This pandemic really brought a lot of changes not only to the community but also to the mental health of the individuals. I love that everyone is working hand in hand to survive in this new norm.

  17. I have so many feelings about all of this. I appreciate we want to keep people as safe as possible. But I'm not sure people will want to go on like this for too much longer. We shall see what happens as things open up soon. And what people will do. Also we shall see what happens in the fall with everything. I will be curious. I'm going back to work soon.

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