Yes you are right my blog is 3 years old today.
   Hello, muffins! It’s been 3 years since I was starting to do a blog. This month is very special for me because it’s my blog anniversary. Every year when my blog anniversary comes I’ll always treat myself so last year my special present for my anniversary is going on a travel trip. Last May 2019 I went to Cebu for a special trip, so this year I decided to go to Taiwan. My scheduled trip on the 3rd week of June Why June it’s because my boss approve my leave in June but unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic all my trips are canceled including my Taiwan trip so everything ruins my plans because of the virus. Ang sarap manapak diba? panira ng pangarap eh Lol!  I feel sorry for myself. You know the feels when all of your plans are canceled right? Anyway moving forward Today I will share my experience in my previous years on my blogging so I hope you still read this blog.  

My previous year on blogging.

     When I started to do in blogging I felt I lot of doubts because of a lot of judgment. My grammar, my design, and anything including the lack of support. I do all of these things by myself. Blogging takes time and effort so if you don’t have patience it wouldn’t be a workout. The first year is neutral no engagement and I focus more on writing creating a post and sharing my experience. One thing I decide to make a blog is to express my feelings. Why I’m doing that? because for me open up and sharing your emotion with someone else it makes me feel weak and I decided to not asking for sympathy for everyone. I feel good when I express myself using this blog. It helps me a lot to realize things. My commentators are always cheered me up so I’m okay with that until one day I decide I need to work and focus on my blog for good reason. 


  The day after I decided to work my blog I do some research on how a blog works so last year I created a post on how a blog works and tilted is That’s how it works. Anything explained in that article so if you are a newbie in a blogging world you must check my article for having some info. Click the titled itself.




Things about my improvement as Blogger

    As a blogger for 3 years, I’ve learned a lot of things that can improve my personality. I am overwhelmed when people read my blog even though my wordings are not perfect. so here are the things that I’ve learned on my blogging journey
   The first thing that I’ve learned as a blogger is working hard and appreciating things. When I create a blog it takes a lot of time and effort before I posting it. Even though I have a job as admin staff I always save time to engage my blog. Time management is key. When the person tells me that my blog looks great I feel overwhelmed. feeling that every time that I spend my time on my blog was worth it. My writings and design make me feel perfectionist so mostly it takes a half-day or a whole day to make a blog. Most of the time you need to focus. That’s how it is.
  I’m starting to help a blogger who needs support and knowledge. Okay, I’m not the great one but I always share my knowledge to help them to fix their problems. I’ll ask other bloggers too when I need help. Recently I decide to apply Ad publisher on other Ad network and many bloggers they help and support me until I got the approval. Behind that, It took a lot a lot of effort before getting their approval so I decided to help other bloggers too if they need my help. I always wanted to help bloggers to make their blog successful.
  This is the most important thing that I’ve to learn on blogging and that is Self-care. Every time I create a blog about myself I always challenge myself to deal with it. Doing workout, dare me to inspire people. My personal development helps me to become a mature person. My blog always saves me especially when I feel worst so I’m always being thankful for my blog to be a better person.


   I would like to express my gratitude to those people who always support my blogging journey. This milestone that I achieve right now is one of the best and great things that happen in my life. All the efforts and patience have already paid by the price and worth it. I’m starting believing in myself and all the things that I can do are proven and tested by myself so if you decide to do something keep it burning and always trust yourself.
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  1. Happy Anniversary! That's awesome. I love that you shared your lessons. Self-care and personal development is the one thing I got to learn early on with my blog. I am so happy and proud of you for reaching out to this 3 years milestone. What are your next goals?

  2. Congratulations on passing the milestone. That is a great achievement especially when blogging! It can be daunting and many lose interest early on in their writing careers. I do hope to see you plenty more from you and celebrate more milestones for many more years to come too!

  3. Happy Blogging Anniversary! I've been at it just over 4 years now. As you said, it can be a lot of work and make you feel vulnerable. But it's also so fun to engage with and \”meet\” people from all over the world! I'm sorry your trip was canceled, we've had a lot of fun things canceled, too, including my trip to visit my family last month.

  4. Blogging is not as easy as it seems but it's been a great learning experience. I've done mine for only a year. Congrats for achieving this milestone.

  5. You are a very kind person, so you deserve a pat on your shoulder. Congrats for blogging for 3 years and counting. I hope you continue to help newbie-blogger like me reach their dreams. I am still waiting for the adsense verdict. I still have a lot more to ask from you. Hope you will always be patient in answering my queries. Praying for more blogging milestones in the future. Cheers.

  6. Bravo on your 3 year anniversary of blogging. that is no small task. and to have almost 200 likes on your celebratory post on instagram is quite impressive too. thanks for having such a great group as \”bloggers social media support\”! love it.

  7. Happy happy happy!!! Wow 3 years. That is amazing!!! Glad you stick to it and continued to produce amazing content. It will be almost 3 years for me too.

  8. Congratulations for completing your 3 years journey on this blogging world…Still have to go so long…. i have read most of your articles they seems much inspiring and awesome…keep it up..! (World in Eyes)

  9. Congrats on your 3 year blogiversary! Blogging a ton of work but I am glad you have found your own voice while still evolving and growing! It is always amazing how we change from our very first posts to what you are creating now! I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  10. Happy 3rd year blogversary! I feel you… I too had travel plans at the beginning of the year :(( but definitely looking forward to my trip back home to the Philippines next year! Stay safe!

  11. Congratulations on your 3rd year anniversary. I agree that blogging is hard work, and I started out for the same reason – as an outlet to share my thoughts. Wishing you all the best in your future writing endeavors.

  12. Happy Anniversary to your blog! Evben though I have been reading for a year, I have enjoyed your content (especially about The 1975). Keep on blogging!

  13. hicongrats on completing 3 years . I can totally relate to how you feel about your blog which you have nourished all these years . Way to go for the years ahead

  14. Slow clap for reaching your 3rd year in the blogging industry. 🙂 keep writing, posting and inspiring other people. Your posts are awesome! 😎

  15. Happy Blogsary to Amayszing Blog! Congratulations to all your blogging achievements, you all deserve what you have now. You are very kind and sincere, rarely I see such a very helpful person like you in this industry. Thanks for all your support, keep up the good work, and more power to you and your blog <3

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