Today I will share my top 5 playlist I hope you really like it.

  How are you? I hope you safe. I know most you are feeling bored right now In the past few days is quite good and I was told you I\’m working my blog. Every week I have a new blog post and I hope you supporting it. Lol! Anyway today I decided to share my top 5 favorite playlists and what\’s inside in this song. Music is already part of my life I love going to gigs and watching concerts. I love discovering songs from a different artists. I\’m overwhelmed when I discovered an underrated song then after that, they became popular. 
   So today I will share my top 5 playlists in this blog I hope you like it. 
     This song title Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People. I choose this song because it makes me feel good and makes me productive. The beat is awesome although the lyrics not quite good for kids lol but still I love this song. Try to listen to this song if you want too. This is song is one of my 5 top playlists. I love chorus part
\”All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You\’d better run, better run, out run my gun\”
   This song is title A Change of Heart by The 1975. I choose this song one of my top 5 favorite playlists because the lyrics hit me hard. Then before when I feel broken hearted a long long time ago. This song realize me that I need to move on the part of that lyrics is 
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  \”Now it\’s my time to depart and I just had a change of heart\”
       The lyrics itself it will indicate me to moving on. So that time I decide to make a blog using this title as part of my confession. Change of Heart   Then also The 1975 is one of my favorite bands and Matty Healy is one of my ultimate crush. Last year I watched their concert  at Moa Arena so after a week the concert I\’ll make a blog for their concert on my blog events. The 1975 Manila 2019. Kindly check their songs they are an amazing band.
  This song title Last Hope by Paramore umm? The reason why I love this song it\’s because the lyrics hit me hard. We all know in this kind of reality it\’s really hard to keep going and this song realizes me a lot of things. Life is not easy but we need to keep going. 
  \”It\’s just a spark but it\’s enough to keep me going
And when it\’s dark out and no one\’s around it keeps glowing\”

  That\’s why I really love this song and I always sing this on the karaoke Lol! Then also I love Paramore so much and I\’m so obsessed with Hayley Williams. During my high school days, I sing her songs with matching headbang Lol! As a fangirling, I don\’t want to miss their concert so last August 2018 I\’ve watched their concert as my birthday gift for myself. #ParamoreTourSixMNL

    The next song part of my top 5 playlists is Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. Why this song? It\’s because this song makes me feel in love even though I don\’t have a loved one Lol! When I first time that I heard this song my inner self is shaking. This song is not melody, unlike the other love songs that you know oh well this is song is kind of my lovely song.

 \”You have stolen my heart\”

     Would you like to listen this song here it is..
      The last and my most favorite song among them all is Fix You by Coldplay. To those people who don\’t know me yet. Coldplay is my greatest favorite band I have their collection CD\”s poster yes I\’m so obsessed with this band. I love them so much since when I was college days. I love their songs but I\’ve only to choose to Fix you because that time I listen to this song I thought it was a second-hand serenade but when I research the real artist of this song is Coldplay so my curiosity kills that time and Aside from fix you I\’ve listened yellow, The scientist and in my place so I like them all. Fix you is a song about life been through then the lyrics hit me hard.
\” Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you \”

  Coldplay is already part of my life. This the reason why I decided to make a blog my first blog is all about their concert. 1st Blog All about Coldplay by Maysz Then also I\’ll make a blog post from them about how they started and their first documentary movie. Starfish.   so that\’s it.
    So here\’s my top 5 playlist and as you can see most of my music is alternative rock. I hope you enjoy my music
 What\’s your top 5 playlist kindly share us!
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  1. I love coldplay but my favorite song by them is hymn for the weekend. I was just listening to change of heart. I must say our choices are more or less same.

  2. Music like pop and alternative has been a part of my life for relaxation and always will be, though I'm currently leaning more toward spiritual and gospel music. – Dan \”Jay\” Reyes

  3. I love foster the people! Pumped up kicks is a great song. Especially when you really listen to the lyrics closely. As for Coldplay, do they ever make a bad song?

  4. I kind of feel like I’m living under a rock for knowing only 2 artists from your list. I put Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars on repeat whenever I jog and Paramore’s Only Exception is one of my go-to song in every karaoke session I have 🤣

  5. Oh I love your top 5. I think Pumped up kicks is one of my favorite songs on the list, Although you can never go wrong with Paramore either!

  6. Oh, gosh, it totally depends on my mood. Coldplay would stand a good chance of being on there, also some older bands like INXS and REM, but also Quebecois artists like Richard Seguin and Boom Desjardins.

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