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      How are you? Today is my 31st day on my quarantine yes it\’s been one month since our government announces about the enhanced community quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic. What happens in this world? I hope it will end this soon. Still hoping and never lose hope. Okay so due to COVID-19 pandemic so obviously I stay at home all of the time. So I decided to learn how to cook. Last time I cooked a Tuna Pie if you want to know about the recipe kindly click the title itself. My first time cooking is awesome and enjoyable but honestly, I\’m not a great chief at all because I need to more learn about some skills and techniques about cooking so far I want to enjoy this.
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      Today I will share my second recipe for breakfast and snacks that it called Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich. I give some twist the ordinary Ham & Cheese Sandwich because I love toasted bread and I want to try this and I hope it works If you are interested in the Ingredients and procedure. Please keep it scroll and continue.



   Sliced the ham like this. When the ham is in the freezer better to keep it in water for almost 30 minutes to avoid this part because I\’ve already chopped the ham even it still frozen so this is gonna happen when you sliced. I told you I\’m not a great chef I\’m not good at slicing Lol.
   Next is Fry the ham with vegetable oil. Keep it with low burner and do Half cook.
      After frying the ham the next is washing your hands to do this procedure. You need to use a rolling pin or any drinking glass / plastic glasses to flatten your bread. You can also use your palm hand that\’s why washing your hands is very important. Sanitary procedure you know. 

      Sliced the cheese into the strips but unfortunately, my cheese is getting melted because of the hot weather. Chef has failed again with this part.  
      Prepare the flour with water to cover the ham & cheese sandwich because this is not the same procedure like Tuna Pie that I use the egg to cover the bread. Water with flour is better to stick the edges of the bread before the coating and breading part. 
That\’s what I\’m talking about. You need to put the flour with water on the side of the bread to close it.
       Next is put the cheese and ham to bread. You can also put the whole sliced piece of ham and bigger strips of the cheese before you cover it.
       Prepare the eggs with salt and pepper for the coating of our Ham & Cheese Sandwich.
     Once you already finish the Ham & Cheese Sandwich the next procedure is put the ham & cheese sandwich to the eggs for coating.
     Prepare the crumb flakes with bread crumbs for the breading part. Adding bread crumbs is optional. I excess bread crumbs from the tuna pie recipe last time so I will use this to more crispy on my ham & cheese sandwich.
     Our Ham & Cheese Sandwich is ready to fry.
    After these steps applied to proceed to the frying part and wait until turns into golden brown make sure that your stove burner is a low mode.

Then after a few minutes.

   Our Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich is ready to serve.

     My Crispy Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich for breakfast and Snacks.

I hope you enjoy my second recipe I\’m looking forward to making dessert for my next foodie blog \”cross fingers\” I hope you like stay safe muffins!

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  1. This looks great! I have everything at home already for this. I bet my boys will like this since they loved a grilled cheese sandwich and ham, and this looks like it combines them into one.

  2. This toasted ham and cheese sandwich looks so yummy! I love how you toasted it after dipping it in an egg and crumb base rather than just buttering up the bread and toasting it! Darcee would even love this with fried Spam too if you couldn't find any ham readily available.

  3. This is a great idea! I made a similar version but with tuna. Would love to try making a crispy sandwich with ham and cheese. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  4. This looks like a delicious sandwich. I would love to make this for my daughters. They will love this for sure.

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