This is the first time that I cook OMG it sounds amazing!!!

    Hello muffins! Today is the day I will share my first cooking in my blog. Okay for those people who didn\’t know me yet. I\’am the person that actually don\’t know how to cook because I\’am not good for cooking Lol! I\’ve always focus on my working duties so I don\’t have a time to cook for myself. Most of the time my mom cook for my meal everyday \”sounds embarrassing right?\” Well today is my 15th day quarantine so I decide to make a experiment and that is cooking something threading. Apparently this recipe is already thread on Facebook and other website so I would love to try this. One thing I choose this recipe because I have lots of eggs and tuna in can on stock so that\’s why I want to try this. I read lot\’s of website and I\’am starting to learn more cooking recipe so I\’m so excited to share this maybe you can try this while your in quarantine. Okay let\’s start.

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    This recipe called Tuna Pie perfect serve for snack this coming quarantine days and I will everything for this recipe. This is so simple and basic recipe so all of you will make this recipe easily.
   Boil the 2 eggs within 5 to 10 minutes these two boiled eggs are the main ingredient for the tuna pie.
  While boiling the eggs you just chopped the onions into the small bits I highly suggest putting the onion in the freezer for 10 minutes before you chop for not making you cry and it\’s effective.
   The mixture of mayo and tuna in a can. Take note before mixing you need to separate the oil from tuna before the mixture because the tuna oil doesn\’t need. Then add the chopped onion, boiled eggs, tsp salt 1 tsp pepper powder and garlic then proceed to the mixture. 
  After the mixture prepare the bread crumbs and egg for coating sorry for the messing stuff

   Washing your hand first before you proceed with this part. Remove the brown edges of the sliced / milk bread. Then use a rolling pin to flatten your bread if you don\’t any rolling pin you can use your palm that\’s why you need to wash your hands.
 Sliced the cheese into the strips and put the mixture ingredients to the bread then do this part. sorry, don\’t know how to explain this just look the picture lol! 

  After these steps applied to proceed to the frying part and wait until turns into golden brown make sure that your stove burner is a low mode.
then after a few minutes.
    This is my first cooking ever I hope you like it thank you muffins enjoy and stay safe!
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  1. Wow,I love that you even put a picture on each step. It make looks easier. And the tuna looks so delicious.. Great job..!

  2. I like how easy and from the look it taste delicious which makes me want to try it. Might do it this weekend though I have so much free time but would love to enjoy it during the weekend. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Wow! This looks delicious and easy to make. Would love to try this tomorrow for breakfast. Good thing I have all the ingredients available. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. Love this recipe! This is a perfect easy to make Tuna Pie that would be good for those of us who only eat Fish on Fridays during lent! The whole family would love the flavors plus it isn't expensive to make!

  5. I love how you’ve added pictures step by step. I’m a visual person so this works perfectly for me. I love tuna and would considering making this. Thanks for the idea!

  6. What a gret recipe! There is always a first time for everything I guess! I remember my first time cooking, I was a child and wanted to surprise my mum, boy, did I surprised her! LOL it was a disaster! I enjoy cooking but I'm not very good at it, I need to focus a lot it is not something that comes naturally.

  7. My daughter and I both love tuna so we are going to have to give this a try I think. It’ll be nice to have something a little different

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