This is the first day and I stuck on my house.

     How are you? I hope you safe. Today is so crazy because this is my first day on my force leave meaning I don\’t have work until April 12 \”Not sure about that were still waiting for the further notice\” because it\’s already Enhance community quarantine here some part in the Philippines due to Covid-10 crisis. Meaning it\’s already locked down, we\’re not allowed to go outside if we buy some food grocery you need to spend a lot of time to line up until it\’s your turn and course no-work and it\’s not payable \”What about my bills and other utilities?\” Yah! My frustration is there because I\’m the only one who pays my bills and it\’s sucks. It\’s a pandemic crisis I know I\’m not the one who suffers this kind of situation but despite that, it\’s our safety and we need to cooperate for good. This is hard for all of us the only thing that we can do to resolve this crisis are pray and have faith.

   Due to the Covid-19 crisis. All my plans are canceled including my first out of a country trip. My color manila fun run and many more. This is all sudden because it\’s already marked on my planner but all of that plan is running out. 
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  The situation can snap fingers to change everything especially your plans and I believe that. So instead I do self-pity I realize that I need to save myself first. Although it\’s quite disappointing because I\’ve saved money from my work \”even I have a roller coaster schedule lol\” for my travel goals but suddenly it\’s all canceled just a snap. \” My inner self is crying\”

    So, for now, I stay at home so when I woke up earlier I decide to take selfies you know why? because I\’m bored Lol! HAHAHHA. Try to look at this.

  So after did some house chores and I\’ve continued to watch Friends so far I\’m on season 5 Lol but I stopwatch this today because I decided to create a blog post today so that\’s it.

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  1. This is my first day of not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary – unfortunately, the kids still go to school in the UK so it can't really be avoided…

  2. We live in crazy times! Life in the UK is becoming more challenging too, particularly as lots of people are starting to loose their jobs. Luckily we don't have quite the same level of lock down (yet), but we are being encourage to stay home and avoid socialising for the foreseeable future which is hard! Stay safe and well xx

  3. This pandemic health issue of COVID19 gives a lot of stressed and scared to a lot of people. We are now on the 3rd day of staying at home due to lockdown, lot of our plans and trips are cancelled but it's okay and will do all the necessary preventive measures for me and for my family's safety.

  4. I'm a remote worker. So, I'm a bit used to it. My kid just started distance learning for her school though. So, that added a different dynamic. So far, so good.

  5. MY partner is the same. He chose to stop work coz his line of work exposes him to positive cases and he's not a frontliner. We're on the same boat with bills and what not but as they say, hanggang may buhay, may pagasa.

  6. We've been staying home for almost a week now and it is okay, it is not the end of the world, I am not sure what people complain about.

  7. It certainly is mad! We had so many plans this year, but it looks like everything's going to be cancelled! It's just been announced that all schools will close in the UK this Friday and exams have been postponed/cancelled!

  8. Selfies are fun! It's definitely a strange time right now but it's also a reminder how we should be checking in on our friends and loved ones. So if anything, I've been taking time to slow down

  9. Today all my emotions have hit me with the pandemic. My boys are out of school until at least April 10th. We actually just unenrolled my youngest from his preschool because we were paying even though we chose to keep him home. He turns 5 on Friday and we had to cancel his birthday party, a camping trip, my mom coming to visit, my older son's field trip and all his school events since school is closed, and so many other things. It's so hard and they don't understand why we can't play with friends. We are allowed outside but supposed to keep distance from others right now.

  10. I'm in the same situation as you, but in Spain. We are not allowed to leave our homes, just to go to the supermarket or to the pharmacy. We don't know how long this is going to last.

  11. I had surgery a few weeks ago so was already confined to the house for 6 weeks, but now the children are with me and they are not understanding, this is going to be a very interesting experience.

  12. Definitely best to stay home, and think of the communal good! Find ways to feel connected while indoors. Self-isolation is the way. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  13. We were supposed to be on vacation this week in Mexico, but we didn't go at the last minute last weekend because I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get back in the US. I am used to working from home anyway LOL, but not to trying to homeschool my kids at the same time and having my husband retooling his university classes for distance learning for the rest of the term while he works from home, too. We've barely left the house since last Friday, and our entire state is more or less locked down now; at least we have food in the house and he is still getting paid (both of which we're very grateful for), but doing this for months is going to get really old, really fast…

  14. Already challenging here in the USA. I've been working from home all week, as has husband. I ventured out for some groceries today but now I plan on staying home.

  15. It’s such an unusual time around the world! I’m in my fifth day of being home. I live in Las Vegas and the whole city is shutdown – casinos, hotels, everything. I hope we get back to normal soon.

  16. Good for you! My hubby and son can't report for work since the ECQ started, at least you can give more time for your blog now hihi. Stay safe, we can do this hihi

  17. I was doing social distancing before we were told to do it. LOL I work from home so I am used to this, but the weekends have been rough. That's our days to go out to do stuff. Instead we have been home. Friends is my favorite show how do you like it so far? We will get through this.

  18. Maybe finding new hobbies and watching some workout videos will help with boredom? It’s very important for people to practice physical distancing right now. Hopefully things will get better soon

  19. I agree that it's difficult but so so important to respect their decision to have everyone stay home. I'm a nurse and still have to work but I'm glad you're encouraging people. Thank you.

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