This is it I decide to do something to losing weight I hope it works!

        Hi Guys Happy month of March and it\’s already summer here in the Philippines. More do selfies and getting achieve for body goals.This summer people go travel for vacation, but suddenly I don\’t have a chance to go vacation this month until next month because of my working duties. Actually, March and April are my busy months so no chance for summer vacation on that month. so moving on. Today I want to share my goals this month so would you like to about that? Keep scrolling and read more.

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         This year one of my dream goals is losing weight up to 3kgs. Then one of the reasons why I feel guilty for this is because I don\’t have time to go to the gym and do a workout. Then mostly I\’m the person wouldn\’t care about my body and I\’m not a body-conscious at all. I eat what I want and I love cravings. However, One day I discover I got a belly on my tummy and getting bigger. I\’m gaining weight so much. from 53kgs last year now I got 60kgs and it totally freaks me out and I\’m so frustrated.My clothes are getting smaller because of my body shape and my jeans doesn\’t fit at all. My friends they called me fat and it makes me feel triggered Lol! \” tawag Nga Nila sakin punggok nakakainis diba?\” my tummy is getting bigger and worse, so one day I decide to do something to lose weight.

        Losing weight is a big challenge for me. So I decided to post this on my blog to challenge myself to lose weight. So here are the things that I\’ve started losing my weight. I hope it works!

      The first thinking about my losing weight is taking a diet supplement. Yes, that\’s true because of my desperation for losing weight. I decide to take diet supplements but before that, I did some lot\’s of research on what are the effective diet supplements until I found the one, but I don\’t want to mention the name of the medicine because I\’m not sure if it\’s effective \”I will tell you after a couple of weeks if it is effective\” This is a big risk because I heard some people about the side effects of this medicine. but I try to take this med and I don\’t know if it\’s works. Buying this diet supplement is my own risk.

   I gained my weight because of too much eating sweets. Most of the time I eat chocolates and Ice cream and many sweet food desserts because I love sweets food especially when I feel sad and stressful. I stop eating sweet foods 3 days ago. sana makayanan ko! as my diet plan so I hope it works to lose my weight.

      This is the hardest way of getting losing weight they called it fasting. I read some blogs one of the effective ways of losing weight is to do fasting, so that\’s why I decide to do fasting Lol!  I start my fasting at 6pm until morning. The first day that I do this. I feel hungry and my stomach gurgling, that time I decide to quit but I don\’t mind it.My mindset is focus about my losing weight.

     Detox diets are generally short-term dietary interventions designed to eliminate toxins from your body. When you start to do fasting. A typical detox diet involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet of fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, and water. Sometimes a detox also includes herbs, teas, supplements, and colon cleanse or enemas. Detox water is a huge help to stop feeling hungry. and remove toxins to your body I start to drink detox lemon water. It helps to increase your metabolism and I don\’t feel hungry at all.

      Right now I didn\’t try to go work out and exercise because of my busy days on my working schedule and other appointments but I join to Color Manila 2020 Marathon this coming March 21, 2020, so this is my second fun marathon and the same time for my lose weight journey.

      Planning to lose weight is hard and a huge challenge for me and I don\’t know if I do it until the end. My 3 days have been rough. My body feels sort of limp. but my mindset still focuses on my goal to loss 3kgs and I don\’t want to stop this until I made it. So these are the things that I started to lose my weight and my story continues after weeks if has a change.

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  1. Losing weight is one of my goals as well. My cholesterol has been a bit high so I'm working with a wellness coach to help with my diet. Good luck!

  2. Those diet supplement can do more harm than good. Evaluate it with your doctor first. Try making ginger water + lemon for your detox drink. Best of luck with your weight loss challenge.

  3. Hope everything goes well with this. I know it can be difficult, especially with little time to work out. But I'm sure you will figure it all out. Working through the fasting bit myself.

  4. Well, it is a good read but I would prefer rather not to go for diet supplements or fasting, rather make a routine and eat light & right. Plus a good workout is always a positive.

  5. Good luck on your weight loss journey. I am also trying to lose weight by cutting out on my sugar intake especially rice. Anyway, please keep us posted on what worked for you. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. One of my main goals this year was to lose weight and get healthy too. It can be really hard to do but I love the idea of planning your day with weight loss in mind to help you stay on track! Good luck this year and love your planner layout!

  7. Once weight is gained, losing it can be very difficult. It takes a lot of determination and also the knowledge of one's body type can help in losing weight the right way. Good luck with yours.

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