I will share my 1st week experience during quarantine

     This is my 12th day of quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So every day I watch news about the increasing people infected by the virus and it makes me feel frustrated. Here in the Philippines covid-19 tally cases are a total of 1075 including the deaths, recoveries and death are too small compared to the bigger countries like Italy, China, and the USA but still alarming I hope we will end this crisis soon. I want to go work and I miss my normal life right now I stuck in my house because of quarantine. so how\’s your week during quarantine? Well, I will share mine, but before that, last 2 days ago I post status on Instagram about stay at home and for front liners because they already do their part to save people and they are heroes.

       To kill my boredom during quarantine I decide to take more time for my blog. I create a post every week for updates during to Covid-19 outbreak. don\’t worry I\’m still watching shows on Netflix but right now I have more focus to work on my blog. I love to do blogging design graphics, thinking topics, etc. I want to increase my blog traffic and working on my Pinterest traffic. Then also I\’m still doing my journal planner even lots of plans are canceled to the covid-19 crisis. I didn\’t try to do yoga and exercise because I\’m still feeling lazy Lol! \”yezz I\’m a very lazy person but a little bit productive because I do some house chores Lol!\” Anyway, my week quarantine is quite nice and exciting because of my blog.
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       So last march 26 before the total lockdown in my hometown I decided to go to grocery stores to buy some snacks because the supermarket is near 1 km distance from my house. While going to the supermarket there\’s a checkpoint before you pass to going highways. No quarantine pass not allowed to go outside.
     Before entering the supermarket you need to wait and for the long line up and this the worst when I enter to supermarket some other food already out of stock. This is the effect of community quarantine all food stocks are limited. Try to look at these images.
    Panic buying is problematic because all supplies are limited while people do panic buying for their stocks. Supply chain experts said the recent shortages are just the beginning of what could be months of coronavirus-related shortfalls. Household necessities and nonperishable foods are being the hardest hit now. The anxiety and frustration are there because of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. If this crisis will continue there\’s possible all people will die not for the virus but the hunger because they are some people who don\’t have money to buy their food. So what will happen next? No one knows but the only thing to right now is to pray to end this crisis.
    This 1st week is so crazy but I want to remain my enthusiasm to kill my vibe and right now I\’m still figuring out things to kill my boredom aside from working on my blog and do some house chores. I will post my more life currently updates on my blog thank you and stay safe.
How\’s your 1st week in Quarantine? Kindly Share us!
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  1. Sadly, it might extend because our numbers are now up and will continue to go up. 🙁 I wish the government was actually doing their job so people won't feel the need to go out to make money.

  2. Staying at home is a privileged for many, and I felt bad for those who can't and I understand especially of it means sacrificing going out means providing food on a table. For many of us who can, all we can do is help for anyways.

  3. I live in Romania. Here is a social separation program. We are now in week no.3. The stores still have supplies but some products are missing.

  4. Good to see you are hanging in there. Things really haven't changed a lot for me other than my kids being at home and adapting to homeschooling. We have actually been way more active by doing yard work and having walks around the neighborhood.

  5. I'm a small business owner and was put on quarantine 2 weeks ago. I had to lay off 15 contractors since we have no work. Churches have closed and fear is being spread rampantly. We have had 2600 deaths, so far, but the flu this year killed approximately 60,000.

  6. The quarantine has affected me a lot as well. I teach middle school in Georgia and we have moved to online learning. The date keeps getting pushed back on when we return to school.

  7. Due to the limited manufacturing and high demand around the world, peoples are facing the lacking food and non food item. Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts about current situation.

  8. For a gov't who doesn't have a clear and concise plan, I think the quarantine will be extended. Let's stay safe and just maximize our productivity. We can do this!

  9. That's so true! The national confinement here has also made shopping for basic groceries a major issue. However, it also brings the opportunity for precious 'me time' and self-care.

  10. Here in Japan, they are doing everything but locking down. I still have to report to work and life as normal as the city I live in doesn't want to lockdown. I wish we could just lockdown the city for one week to prevent the spread.

  11. I know it's tough, but hang in there. Think of all the things you ARE doing now that wouldn't have done if in the \”rat race\” look at this time as a chance to slow down and reflect. I have spent more time with my kids and realised that what I worked so hard on has to be put aside. No one would be interested. Now is the time people are looking after themselves! You will be ok xx

  12. You did great things on the blog! So glad you decided to take it to the next level. I love the colours and that script font, although I would suggest, if possible, to ditch the ads and fully focus on affiliate marketing instead! Not sure that's possible on the platforrm you're using, but consider moving your blog to the WordPress.org! The reason I'm saying this to you is because I see the great potential here.Good luck and stay safe, Miljana at http://www.mommysup.com

  13. This can be really anxious times. I had to tell my mom to stop panic buying because you dont want to hoard or take away from people who are in need.

  14. I’m in the USA and under strict stay at home orders. Shelves at the store are very empty, too. I hope this ends soon and the spread stops escalating so quickly.

  15. It's crazy today! Sad to say the reality is killing humanity and most don't really make it serious until one of the family member will be hit by this virus. Stay safe!

  16. Great point I also worry about the families who will not have enough because of food shortages. Hopefully those who can will help each other within their neighborhoods and communities.XO, MJhttp://www.lush-fab-glam.com

  17. I'm in NY so you can image how challenging things are here. We can still go out and shop, take walks but we try to be careful. A lot of key items are hard to find including bananas. Praying for a medical vaccine resolution and protection for all.Elizabeth O

  18. Great post. I have a lot of work actually and I try to squeeze time for blogging as well. Are shelves like that now as well? It's been bad here when it just started and people panic bought things. It's better stocked now but the prices sky-highed.

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