We love who we love
We can\’t choose who we will love

   Can we choose the love after the hurt? The reason why I\’m asking this because I felt the pain from the previous. I believe that love is not only for someone but also for yourself however, is that possible even you are happy and contented for what you have but still you seek love and attention to someone else? How it can be?
  Love is absolute madness. One day, it makes you feel like you are floating in a river of happiness-the next day, you are already drowning in your ocean of tears.

    Then now because of too much pain, I can\’t longer see myself happy anymore. It\’s hard to start yourself when you feel broken in pieces. \”Oh well, that\’s life!\” We can\’t choose who we will love. Love is a powerful tool that can either break or complete someone\’s heart. That\’s how it is! We cannot please someone to love. We still choose to love even if it hurts.

   I falling in love many times but they never felt in love with me. Destiny didn\’t give you a favor to give you the person you want. Just in case the day comes you find the person who is destined for you. You are very lucky. but the other side of the story, there are people like me who are silent praying when they can find who is for them. There is a gap heart asking they don\’t have enough?  Who knows? Until the end of the day no one knows. That\’s life very unpredictable we cannot control what will happen. Always unexpected comes.
     I committed the crime of loving too much to the point that I don\’t know where to start. I was handcuffed with our unforgettable memories and I was locked in my bedroom which serve as prison.
When you choose loving someone. You always face the consequences no matter how it is good or bad. You need forgiveness from your sinful for loving too much that it killed you! Forgiveness will set you free and moving forward to start your wonderful day after darkness. 
     After a lot of heartbreaks can we still in love? One of the question that I always think on my mind. I just realize why some people afraid to love not because they are weak. but because they in love with the comforts of lies and uncertainties beyond of loving someone. We choose love because for yourself not for someone else. You can choose to love someone when you know how to love yourself. because that is what we live and love for and not just being in love with someone.
    We love because we want to feel special and emotions. ride the roller-coaster through all ups and downs and for me this is why I love anyways.
  Love is absolute madness. One day, it makes you feel like you are floating in a river of happiness-the next day, you are already drowning in your ocean of tears.
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  1. Failed relationships are lessons we have to go through. I see it as a \”cleansing process.\” You get to realize how strong you are after a break up. Work on yourself, regain your confidence. In other words, cry if you must, and then wipe your tears, get up and start loving yourself once more.

  2. Love is so tricky. I've been hurt in the past, but I think that, once you find the right person, you will know. When I met my husband, he wasn't anything like the previous guys I had dated. He filled all the gaps and, because I had been hurt before, I knew that he was different. I knew what I wanted and what to look for.

  3. Love can be a tricky up and down scale but it's beautiful when it's genuine and yes, you can love again after being hurt because there's always that special someone for everyone.

  4. You can certainly love after heartbreak. It's hard but it happens. Also, you need to love yourself so that the right person will see that. You can't expect to be loved if YOU don't love you.

  5. I was in your shoes a couple of years back so I definitely get where you're coming from. Just know that every pain is temporary, and that with every pain, you get a step ahead on finding your one great love. – Krizzia

  6. It's too deep, I want to hug you. I am a person who sprinkle love in each way. I hope the strength of love I felt would, at least, be felt wherever you are. It will always hurt. But, you would endure.. to smile again and love again.

  7. I have been from a really bad break up from a 10 year relationship and felt that that I am not capable of loving again before. But I tell you — it's possible, you can and you can move on. Now, I am happily married with my best friend and we're celebrating our wedding anniversary this Thursday.

  8. You loved too much the wrong people and they didn't give back the same as they received. When the right person will come along you will indeed love again. You just need to fully heal your wounds and be prepared to have an open heart.

  9. You gotta love yourself first before someone can love you. I’m sure when time comes you will be able to find someone who love you and whom you will love.

  10. There are different forms of love and sometimes it's unpredictable, uncontrollable and unstoppable. True love is not obsessive, not abusive or deceptive — if you experienced it, it's not love. Consider it as lesson and try to move on as soon as possible. And it's better to love yourself first, make yourself proud of you, build your dreams, reach your goals and I know, one of these days, true love will find its way to you.

  11. I ask myself the same question: can I still love after the heartbreak. It is something I have to work on since I dated for a long time and afraid of getting heart again.

  12. There are so many different types of love out there in the world. The love we feel for our children. The love we feel for family members or friends, the love we have for our pets, or for small comforting things in our life, and the love we have for ourselves. We have to learn to love ourselves and appreciate ourselves alone before we can learn to love and appreciate others. BUt it is possible to find true love after having relationship failures. There is someone out there that will see those good qualities in you and want to be with you no matter what. You just need to learn that you can love yourself through the heartache of failed relationships and that those failures are all just little lessons to help you figure out more about yourself and what you need and want.

  13. The heartbreaks and the pains are worth going through for love. When you find the one, it feels amazing. Having someone to love and someone to love you makes the journey of life much easier and funner to go through.

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