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           Hi Guys! It\’s 2020 a wonderful year for us \”Hopefully\” Today is the new day for chances, hopes, dreams in our lives do you have any plans for this year? Did you start to create your planner journal? It\’s not too late guys! Settle your goals by creating your planner. Start to organize things for a better life do you agree? If yes scroll and please read more.

         Starting goals to life are the most powerful and effective ways to achieve your best personal lifestyle by writing your goals in your daily journals. This increases your productivity and reaches your desired goal but also to do so in the most efficient manner. It is easier to and maintains balance in your life when you make a plan. When you focus your tasks and responsibilities. Your plan will help you to do things without distraction.  Having a purpose in your life can make your life happier and better.  Plan with the purpose doesn\’t think about drives and hesitations. Setting goals is not easy many people have never set goals in their lives, however, If you have a motivation it can be a blast. Start investing yourself with the full of best memories.
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});            Me as a person I don\’t create journals and etc because I focused on blogging so I considered my blog as my self- journal and also I\’m not good in creativity I do not take time to effort about making outlook journal \”but I love blogging\” me in my daily lives I love do unexpecting things to achieve my goals. I do plan on my mind and then after a few months, I already made it unexpecting things more reliable than planning however after reading a few blogs about journal it changes my mind. Journal Planner is effective and it helps to motivate about achieving your goals so I\’ll make a few goals for this year I hope all of this will be happen cross fingers!

     These are the guidelines on how to    make your own journal planner
      First, you need to buy 365 journals or create your own better to have your own journal to easily customized to your self journal and also it helps you to manage your desired goals but if you are the minimal or simple person all you need is a notebook and a pen. You can plan a daily, monthly, yearly calendar and assign tasks in a bullet form or pages journal so that they easy to record or view.  This form of writing is a long recording task, events, notes, accomplished, and lists quickly so you can easily remember each one.
      To start a journal, you just need to be willing to write. You don\’t have to write well, you just need to want to do it. You don\’t even need to decide what to write you just need how to accomplish until you made it. Just think and decide what do you want to do this year and how you do it. Journal can be about anything you want. A good way to begin writing is to close your eyes and think.

     The Beginning of your journal writing can be your goals this year. Don\’t feel pressured just stick what the things that you need to do and focus. Set the timer for how long you write. Setting a time will help you stay focused and stop you for carried away. It is easy to feel like you need to write down every detail and this will help and effective.

      Customized journal stuffs will improve your creativity and inspiration to create your daily task. This is optional for those people wants to customize their journals to look organized and well presented. You can create your own sticker on Canva, Crello, Pickmonkey, Adobe, and more digital editors.


   When it comes to settling your goals. You don\’t need to worry about the challenges. Always think that you can do it until you made it. Journal will guide you in achieving your goals. Always it takes a process.
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   The process should be as important as the end of the results, and if we don\’t reach our goals we feel like failures. To overcome that you must help yourself to manage your daily lifestyle. We can call these goal targets. Your goals should motivate you to go after them and achieve the things that you want. Good goals should have spirit. Make your 2020 wonderful.

  What\’s your goal in 2020? Comment below!

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  1. My goal every year is to lose weight LOL Its not going as I planned since I quit so quick. But other goal is to get more traffic for my socials, to gain more exposure etc. I`m pretty determent for this 😀

  2. Very good idea of having a planner and fulfill goals. My goal is really to enhance my blog and travel places.

  3. I wish I was artistic! I've tried using planners so many times and I always end up going back to my Google calendar. Paper planners are so much prettier though!

  4. My planner has gone digital the last few years. My husband and I share a google calendar to be able to keep both our schedules in check, so having a paper planner didn't make much sense any more. I have never been one to have a fancy one, either, and just did minimal decorations myself.

  5. Nice tutorial, helping a lot people who can not share their mind with others. Writing what in our mind or recording experience, is good for our mental health

  6. I do blogging and journaling. I love your layouts and the way you designed your planner. I cannot doodle to save my life so I'm easily impressed when someone is able to do it.

  7. I said I would not get a planner and never needed one but with trying to juggle so many things I have given in. Let’s me see the bigger picture. Thanks for the tips on here

  8. I've never really had a planner. I have a calendar that I use for my family. I have a personal calendar (could count as a planner). This year I do plan to get a planner since there is so much more to a planner besides a calendar. Your planner is really cute! Happy New Year to you!

  9. I started using a planner properly last year and found it helped so so much with my productivity and organisation! I couldn't get anything done without one now!

  10. All the best in all your goals and I hope that you get to inspire more people with journaling. Happy new year!!! Can't wait to see what 2020 brings into your life!

  11. Amazing goals!!! my goals is to have kid this year as i am suffering from some complications + i want to make my site famous

  12. I don't have the patience to do a journal myself. I bought I bought one and I even and I haven't even tried anything yet, so I have to get in the journaling wave.

  13. Hey, very nice blog!I started blogging and read about having a planner. I bought it but I'm on and off with that. Sometimes I write sometimes not. I get so excited at the beginning but then… I lose the sparks. I have to force myself to use it.Blogging takes all my time… Hopefully I'm not wasting time 🙂

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