Let\’s focus for the best happen before the year ends.

   Hi Guys How are you? Okay before the blog started I just wanna say Happy Holidays everyone I know most of you is busy this coming holiday lots of preparation, different Christmas parties and etc. Anyway, I would like to say thank you for those people who keep supporting on my blogging journey and you make me feel inspire always! This year is not easy for me because there\’s a lot of challenges that make me feel strong as of the moment. The difficulties of life can teach us how to be strong and independent as a person. Congrats if you beat those challenges. Right now I want to focus what\’s on the best this year instead of worst because I don\’t want to end my year for drama. We all know life is a drama so don\’t focus on it instead you need to be thankful because you\’re still blessed. Let\’s be thankful before the year ends!
  So? What\’s up right now? Today I will recap on the best moment that happened in my life in 2019 so what they are?

     This year I have 2 concerts that I attend. The first I went to is Rakrakan Festival 2019 for those people who don\’t know about Rakrakan Festival is all about the Biggest Music Concert here in the Philippines that represents the Original Filipino Music in 2 days. 100 bands on 6 stages different genres and other freebies. This concert happen last March I saw different Filipino local bands performing in different stages and as fangirling mode and I made this blog the next following day so take a look at this one.

              Link: Rakrakan Festival 
       The second concert that I went to is The 1975 last Sept 2019. I\’m a fan of Matty Healy and actually, he\’s one of my ultimate crushes these coming days. I love his songs very aesthetic and sexy. Last year I listen to one of their popular songs titled Change of Heart that one of their lyrics hit me hard and I\’m very related. Honestly, I made this title for one of my blog confession and teaches me how to care and love myself. That time I decide to have a change of heart. \”One of my favorite songs\” so I made this blog after a week their concert.

  Link: The 1975 Manila
   Have you tried to travel alone? Well, one of my goals this year is to go out of town alone. Travel alone is a risk but if you have the motivation it can blast! This is one of my dream adventures and guess what it already happens last May. This is the part of my Blog Anniversary special gift for myself. First I felt nervous but after that, it came the best moments ever. It\’s a little scary but it\’s okay to try at least once. Your independence and Self-confidence will be rise once you try to go to someone else with yourself. I went to Cebu last May 23, 2019. This place is really beautiful the Island and other tourist spots are the best. I love this place.
 Link: Cebu Part I – Water Adventure
           Cebu Part II- Land Adventure
  One of my Self-Goal this year is to do workout and exercise. However, because of my busy days, I don\’t have time to the gym and of course #Lazymodes but last June I join the fun-run that we called Color Manila.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   Color Manila is a fun- run event here in the Philippines. They have rumored timing in their races added five to six-color stations along the race route wherein every participant who crosses will be showered with color powder and everyone to able to finish the race given a finisher medal and color packet. The color packet is part of the celebration activity that happens at the main village wherein everyone will throw their packets in the air and start the party.
   So I join the 3k run \”which is the shortages km to run\” but I enjoy this event I love the main part which is the throwing packets part and party lol. This event happened last June 2019 then I made this blog after a week ago.

Link: Color Manila Blacklight 2019
   This year I feel grateful because of my Blog. In my 2 years of blogging, I have lots of improvement. My blog will be a little bit popular and I got my first payment in advertising last February also they featured my post on another website and I have lots of followers. We all know blogging is not an easy job it took a lot of patience and hard work. So far I\’m still working to improve my blog and learning things about blogging. I got these Achievements.
      The last thing and most important is Self-Love. Nowadays I\’ve learned about Self-Love and Self-Worth. When you starting to value yourself life it can easier and the positive will become. Toxic people are always around you. You need to keep fighting for yourself and always keep going no matter what it is. Life is so simple when you in love with yourself. To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness. Always remember the worst loneliness is not be comfortable with yourself.
   So that\’s it ..
   These are my best moments in 2019. Lot\’s of Challenges but it can be a blast once you decide to be fearless. I would like to say thank you to all of you who always keep supporting on my life journey I hope next year will be the grateful year for all of us! for now, this is my last post this year and always to take care your self Happy Holidays Everyone!

What\’s your best moment this year? Comment and Share! 

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  1. 2019 Well what can I say! It's been a challenging year for me also. But you know what, we're still here and we're still blogging! That says a lot! Here's for a smoother and more fun 2020 for us both!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome year! I am glad that you are accomplishing most of your goals at such a young age. Here's to wishing you more adventures, more blessings and a great year ahead!

  3. Congratulations on an amazing amayszing year! This overview is so inspiring: your first solo trip and your first fun run and the growth of your blog. I am very impressed and inspired! Wishing you a super 2020 full of wonderful events.

  4. Wow so you had a great year. Wish you all the best for the next year too. I love travelling so all the way I am happy reading your journey.

  5. By reading this article I can say that you really had a fun and memorable year of 2019. I wish you to have more fun and wonderful adventures and memories on this coming years.

  6. Happy holidays to you too! Lately, I mostly travelled alone and I can say is the best way to travel. You can do whatever you want and you can change your plan without telling anyone about. Self love is good (in the right percent), love others is even better.

  7. Happy to know that you had a wonderful year. Congratulations on your achievements. I remember the time I had my first payment on Google Adsense. It inspired me to continue blogging. T

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