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  Is that your room look empty and boring? Looking for wall decor ideas to refresh and cozy room. This blog is perfect for you to getting ideas to make your room comfortable and stylish.  Decorating small spaces doesn\’t have to mean boring.  No matter what your style I think this simple wall design would help you to have an idea for your bedroom makeover. These Ideas that can up your walls and bring your personality and taste. Whether you\’re an art or minimalist, book lover and a Fan person. Your walls can be customized by your design. Discover these wall ideas that you can on your own.

How to Pick Wall Decor?
    First of all, take a look at the wall you\’re going to fill and decide what size art you should pick. You need to measure of space on your wall. Then choose a theme on your wall makes sure to get the perfect measure size on your frame or any wall design that decor on your wall. Avoid wall decor that is wider than your bed or any furniture piece. \”but it depends on you it\’s up yours to decide which design do you want\” You can also buy a wallpaper design in any shopping malls or online store. Then put it on your wall to look stylish and classy your bedroom.
I bought this wall decor in Lazada Kindly click the link for more info.
   There are many ways you hang wall art and depending on the weight of the art and design. You may be able to avoid putting holes in the walls by using adhesive removable tabs.  Wall decor comes in all shapes and sizes. There\’s traditional framed art and unframed canvases object colleges metal sculptures and more. 

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I bought this frame decor in Lazada Kindly click the link for more info.
My Room Design

  You can purchase your wall decorations and design here. Kindly Click the Link.

Link:    Lazada/ph


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  1. These are such great wall designs, I love your dream catcher one and is better than buying a dream catcher itself. The feminine room is also great and the baseball theme one.

  2. This is AWESOME and super cute designs!!! I needed them too because I am so bad at this type of stuff! Astronomy theme would work perfectly in this household too because my husband LOVES space.

  3. I love these bedroom walls. I never thought of having a black wall but the astronomy wall is great. I also do love a painted picture wall mainly because i love painting and i can change it anytime i get bored of it. Lovely ideas.

  4. We are moving to our new apartment soon and we will sure have to do something to to the walls there (whatever we could do) and these tips are great. You're so sweet for sharing them.

  5. These are all great ideas. My son would probably like the Astronomy theme. He is so fascinated with astronomy and that would be the perfect room make-over design for him.

  6. You have curated some lovely decor ideas that have inspired me to make a change to my white walls. I bought one canvas print of a beautiful peacock that I can't wait to hang now.

  7. Wall designs are my favorite. I recently purchased a wood-looking piece that'll be perfect for our guestbathroom. Looking to add it to our bedroom wall as well if it works out. Fingers crossed.

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