Wanting Your Love to come into me.
My love comes quietly.
I\’ am living in the sorrow of broken dreams and the world teaches me how to be strong and independent. Every day we battled to survive for this kind of reality. 
Smile is our mask to hide the pain. You can cry whatever you want but you never hide to leave the reality.  Life is sucks but you need to deal with it.
Love will never fail me. He came into my life like a beautiful night. The world was more beautiful with your lovely sight. I have no words to describe you. 
My world would be wonderful if we\’re together. Cause this is where I wanna be Where it\’s so sweet and Heavenly. Feeling like I\’m floating in above.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We\’re dancing under the moonlight and I\’m giving you all of my love. My life would be lonely without you.

until .  . .

I realize it\’s just a dream. Our love story heavenly beautiful in my Imaginary world but the world never became truth in our lives.

I\’m all yours but you\’re not mine. I don\’t feel your love in the light of reality. I wanna feel it right now but it really can\’t.

Shedding of my tears makes me feel like driving me crazy because I heard it my mind the music of your voices and it breaks my heart, I\’ve never been yours so sad but it\’s true. That thing called stupid one-sided-lover.

I loved nobody fully.

Once upon a time, I was fallen in love with the person who doesn\’t exist!

Yours Truly.

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  1. Is it worthwhile to love someone who doesn't exist? I think God always gives enough reason why we should let go of someone or something because there are also enough people or things out there who deserve love from us.

  2. This brought a tear to my eye. Love is complex. It’s the most wonderful and painful thing you can ever experience. Once you find one worth fighting for it makes it worth it.

  3. I absolutely love your type of imagination: full of love! That's how everything ought to be. When the winds of the happen, our love happens. And we can always make it happen by imagining and living in love.

  4. Learn from this experience and learn to let go of the feelings that you have for someone who doesn't love you back. Start doing things that make you happy and your true love will come when you least expect it. Don;t linger on an impossible love, as your true one might just pass by without you realising it.

  5. We go through life looking for that one perfect person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, but in reality, such a person does not exist. You will find someone who will love you as you are. Be patient. He will come. Trust in God's plan.

  6. I hope we all find the person of our dreams in whom we're compatible and mesh with. I try not to be too attached to the image of a person in my head that doesn't exist. Just more longing.

  7. I could feel each word you wrote because you used so many vivid descriptions. For example \”Smile is our mask to hide the pain. You can cry whatever you want but you never hide to leave the reality.\” Wow! I'm left speechless. The person I envision is happy on the outside but full of pain from past trauma.

  8. This was so beautiful and also relatable. We all had this point in the life. I hope this isn't happening in real life for you. If it is, I hope that you pull though! Big hugs!

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