Today is for Mental Health Month. We all know in this kind of reality.  Mental health is important I\’ll choose this topic because I\’m the one who has advocacy for mental health. Last year I wrote  I am okay: Mental health care awareness that topic is all about people who suffer mental illness. It\’s so important to talk about this issue because people nowadays they easily to be hopeless, demotivated and they lack of support. In my own experience, I suffered sadness, anxiety, feel tired everyday and worst being empty so, if you read this blog please scroll and continue.

  3 out of 10 people die because of suicide. What drives so many individuals to end their lives. depression, despair, It\’s difficult to understand what people they feel and what they suffered. If you read my mind yes you are correct. They seek for help but no one has time to listen their dilemma. Sometimes when we hear them instead of giving them relevant advice we can judge them or worse we don\’t care about them it\’s sad but it\’s true. People they do suicide because they feel alone and empty. Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable. Blinded by feelings of self-loathing hopelessness and isolation, death is their best way to relieve their pain. They think about no one can see their worth. A life of being worthless.

  Try to make conversation to speak them out. The conversation that can help to express their feelings without any judgment. You can ask them what they feel and show them that you really care. If you are the person who seeks help it\’s time to speak you up. Call a friend or family member who can listen to your thoughts and try to open up your feelings. Don\’t feel yourself alone because we believe that \”no man is an island. If no one listens. You can seek help for a psychologist or call a hotline for mental health and they take time to listen your thoughts and express what you feel.

   Everyone has to deal with varying levels of stress. This can be particularly difficult to manage if you have symptoms of depression and anxiety. You are easy to frustrate and feeling tense every time. Unfortunately, employees, a student who encounters this situation, happens in our daily lives. Some people I have an encounter with post their status on social media they are tired and burnout. Unfortunately, employers are not always supportive of psychological issues that workers may face. Instead, they make you pressure and pressure until you realize that you\’re not worth it! It\’s sad but it is true. They lack support and encouragement and part of the reality.
 What are the best ways become your day wonderful?

    Taking Mental health is day means taking time out and relax. That means watching TV, getting enough sleep, reading books, listening to music, going outside do workout and of course one of my favorite going on vacation. These simple things can help to have peace of mind and enjoy yourself.

    You can create your blog if you want too 🙂

      Spend time on daily activities would help a lot to have peace of mind however they are the things actually wouldn\’t help you to get feeling better what they are?

     Spend all day on social media sites makes you feel cynical and lot\’s of toxicity. It\’s okay to use social media sites but has limitations. You can read lots of negative ranks that can cause you to have anxiety. Social media can make you feel isolated and instead of going outside and make bonding to your family and friends you decide to alone and do scroll to your phone all day. This can\’t help you. Make your priorities and have goals in your life. You are the only one that can help yourself. If you want to have a Mental health day to make real changes in your life get ready to work on those changes.

    Start to believe yourself. Sometimes the worst scenario can make you stronger. If you feel uncomfortable don\’t hesitate to speak. Don\’t let other people manipulate you. Your weirdo things can make you unique. The mirror of yourself is that we called reality. The scar is our failure that can show to have inspiration motivation and perseverance. We can create our reality to face the sunshine after the darkness. The wounds that we suffered is our inspiration to keep going and looking forward. Time is short so start to love yourself.

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  1. Suicidal tendencies and loneliness are directly correlated. Your suggestions are quite doable and if are able to save even one life, it makes the effort and our lives worthwhile.

  2. Thanks for sharing awareness, mind health is really important, we should always take care everything that's about our well-being.

  3. Great tips. Social media has even be found to impact mental health negatively too. I find that walking, music, dancing help lift any moods I might have.

  4. If your mind is ok than every thing is more clear and you fell good with your self and other. As we go to the gym daily to take care of our body we should take a day to take care of our mind! Love this post

  5. People with depression usually do not express their emotions for fear of being judged. Family and friends must be vigilant to track the signs of depression. The best we can do is to show care, understanding and empathy. Seek professional help immediately. We can all save a life!

  6. My pain about mental health is we brush it aside, keep it under the rug, and hide it away. We say things like, \”nagiinarte lang yan\” or \”madrama sya masyado\”, we fail to realize a real cry for help even when it's alreayd in front of you. It is my hope that mental health problems be treated with care. It is a disease, but it doesn't make the people suffering to be sick. But it is an imbalance that needs to be addressed. My sister was diagnosed bipolar in highschool. Her life almost feel apart, and in the beginning we just thought it was petty. WE CANNOT see these things lightly. Because if no one listened and paid attention to my sister, she wouldn't have had treatment and therapy for it. Let's all open our eyes to this reality.

  7. Mental health is very important, unfortunately not many people take it seriously. Self care is really important, thank you for sharing this. People need to start taking mental health more seriously

  8. More and more people should start talking about mental health and take it out of the stigma that it looked with at the moment. People who suffer are afraid to ask for help and this is why they end up thinking about suicide.

  9. \”Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable\” This is certainly the truth and unfortunate. Soemtiems even with all this technology, we feel more alone than before when we coudn't really talk to anybody at the touch of a keyboard. We need to get back to talking to each other more, face to face.

  10. I always try to not only encourage others, but really encourage myself to take Mental Health Days. I realized that I allow my children to stay home from school when they aren't feeling their best and need to refresh mentally, physically, and emotionally, but a lot of times I never really allow myself to do the same. I think I'm about due for one.

  11. I think employers need to take greater responsibility for their employee mental health. Work life balance is important and taking mental health days as well as being able to take physical sickness days is a must. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I wish people took more time to listen and understand one's person instead of shrugging everything off like it's going to be ok. People are different. People also need help, don't give ignore their pleads.

  13. Nice post, there is always something new to learn when you read posts like this. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts.

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