How are you today? Well mine this week was full of fun and excitement of course as a working girl I feel tired every day but I need to keep going and fight because I have goals, so far I don\’t have plans for this month until next month Oh well I know some of you have a trick or threat party but here on my work we don\’t have trick or treat party and I\’m no fan of that party because that party is for kids only Lol!

  Aside from that I don\’t any have gigs travel, etc however I decided to pamper myself to become beautiful lol! \”pagiging maganda nalang yung libangan ko sa ngayon Lol!\” so I decide to change my hair color try something new and to look young and beautiful HAHAHAHHAHA and I really love my hair color now it looks awesome. Try to look at this!

  It\’s okay to try something new sometimes. I got this long hair for almost two years. I love doing different hairstyle check my previous blog titled \”My Hairstyle Look\”  and I did a lot of hairstyle check it out!
  One of the reasons why I have a great week because Coldplay is back! They have a new album \”Everyday Life\” and they already release their new songs Orphan and Arabesque. The new album release on November 22 and as a fangirl of Coldplay I\’m so excited to this album because it\’s different from previous. The theme of this album looks like vintage.They release the tracklist in the local newspaper.
   Sobrang LSS ako dito! 

   So moving on, Last week I\’ve watched Joker and this movie hit me hard! I didn\’t realize that this movie aches my heart. Would you like to know why? Here it is!
    We all know Joker is a Villain however if you want to know his story it\’s quite dark and depressing. I\’m so interested to watch this film because it\’s related to mental health. I love topic about mental health and actually, I wrote my previous post blog titled \” #Keepgoing Happy World Mental Day.\” Before we know him as Joker. He is a clown man named Arthur Fleck performs as a street clown. His story of poverty, isolation of cruelty at the hands of others. He can laugh but I feel the pain when he laughs. On the effect of results, it\’s tough to see him suffer. Joaquin Phoenix who plays as a Joker he\’s a great actor he did a very well role as Joker He deserves an Oscar award. I don\’t expect much for this movie but I felt depressed after watching this movie. This movie is eye-opening for everyone to give awareness about mental health. A man have Mental disorder can hurt especially to those people who suffered trauma and abuse
Rate 10/10

   So far I have a great week so I hope you a have a great weekend.

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  1. I really want to see Joker. I imagine it is a heart clencher but I have only heard so much. I am a HUGE fan of the batman universe and knew I would see it eventually. However, you make me want to see it even more.

  2. I recently read a review of the movie, Joker. This movie is so intense!Joaquin Phoenix did a really good job in portraying the lead role.

  3. Although movies based around health issues are very educational. Movies such as these that leave the viewers in an unstable, depressed state of mind aren't my kind of movies. I like to feel uplifted and happy after a movie, or feel as though something has been resolved. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I haven't seen Joker and I'm not sure if I will. Depressing movies aren't my thing, but I can understand how it brings light to those issues. I am loving your hair color! Would you believe I have never dyed my hair?!

  5. The movie Joker has relevance to the current issue of dealing with mental health. It is sad that sometimes people who need help are forced to keep their issues to themselves because of the stigma attached to mental illness – until they can't take it anymore and you know what happens next.

  6. it was hard for me to watch certain parts of the movie like when people are kicked when they are down (literally) or just seeing how thin he was… definitely difficult sights to see at least for me

  7. I like experimenting with my hair too and try out different hairstyles. I have not watched Joker but I have heard a lot of reviews about the movie. It's great that it is an eye opener and to let viewers aware of mental health. Mental health is very important.

  8. I haven't seen the Joker yet, but it looks like a \”must see\” movie. Have heard a lot about it. Joaquin Pheonix is a top actor though, so I'm sure I'll be in the cinema before long!

  9. I will make sure I watch the movie Joker in the theater. It would just be more enjoyable seeing it on the big screen. I have read so many reviews about it and it just gets me more excited to see it.

  10. Joker movie was excellent in its psychologically excruciating downward spiral of a good, but awkward and unwell man, who was only searching for fairness and justice. It truly shows what society and inequality can do to a good human being.

  11. Oh! I love Coldplay too and can't wait for their new album. I totally get your excitement yes, to fangirl mode. 🙂 Too bad I had no time to watch the Joker. It's no longer available in cinemas near me. Guess I just have to wait till its available in Netflix. 🙂

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