Hi, Guys what\’s up? Happy Weekend everyone! It\’s already in October. Here in the Philippines month of October is for Octoberfest which means \”walwal time\” musical street party drinking beer and lots of fun. \”Di ko alam sa iba\” but for now I\’ll just share my life going through for the past few weeks. I hope you continue to read more. 

    How have you been? Well, mine for the past few weeks I felt grief for my grandpa passed away. I\’ll try to be okay and so far I just focus on my work and do hobbies to relieve myself. We all know life is short so instead of making sadness for all day I keep my life busy and I do hobbies to enjoy myself so after do my blog and take some rest I just watch streaming on Netflix as part of my weekend routine.
and I\’ve already watched Lucifer, Stranger Things, Sherlock, Umbrella Academy, Blue Exorcist and many more but lately, I found this series that already thread in Philippines Overrated! Would you like to know what is it? Please scroll I\’ll tell you more.

  Before we proceed kindly check my previous blog titled \”Hardest Part\” to know more about my grief.

      Do you know this series on Netflix? Yah Lately I\’m so addicted to this series and I\’ve already finished the part 3 and waiting for the last season for January 2020 The Money Heist or in Spanish
La casa de papel. Take note this drama series is rated SPG and have adult content but the flow of the story is all about the robbery the Royal Mint of Spain and they take 67 hostages and part of their plan to print and escape 2.4 billion euros through a self-build escape tunnel. The processor heads the heist from an external location. Flashbacks throughout the series show the five months of preparation in an abandoned hunting estate of Toledo of the countryside. The robbers are not to share personal information nor engage in a personal relationship and the assault shall be without bloodshed. The characters are The processor the heist and the robbers are the name of the state country Berlin, Nairobi, Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, Oslo, Palermo. Inspector Raquel Murillo the National Police Cops fell in love with the processor and now part of their group as Lisbon and Monica Gaztambide one of the hostages fell in love with Denver now part of their group as Stockholm. This movie hit me hard and it\’s so addictive.

   and of course one of my favorite characters is Berlin he\’s one of my crushes I like his action as a psychopath and very great static as leader of the robbery aside from The processor I like him a lot Lol! He\’s so definitely handsome.

      Then aside from Berlin, this girl is also my favorite because of her optimistic attitude she great and strong personality her name is Nairobi.


 In my 2 years of blogging, I just want to thank those people who subscribe follow to my blog social media accounts Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and my subscribers.

  Thank you to those people who follow me and to those who didn\’t follow me yet please follow my social media accounts let\’s be friends!

  This weekend I have the plan to engage my blog and take some rest because for the past few weeks I became so busy how about you? What\’s your plan? Happy Weekend.

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  1. I'm also looking for a Netflix recommendation. I love all things regarding Heist. It never gets old for me and I can keep it going. We need more Heist movies though!

  2. So sorry to hear about your Grandpa but I am glad you are focusing on the great things about life and finding ways to move forward. So I had not heard of this Netflix show the Heist before but I told Darcee and we might have to add it to our queue cause it looks pretty intriguing. We are so behind on our Netflix shows that we are finally getting done with all the Marvel shows hopefully this weekend by finishing up the Punisher. So maybe the heist will be started next week!

  3. Sometimes keeping busy is the best thing we can do. I have watched Stranger Things and Sherlock from the series you listed. Right now I am watching Riverdale and almost have that finished.

  4. I enjoyed reading this. I hope that you find comfort in your difficult time. Losing someone is never easy. I will check this out on Netflix. I am always looking for something new to watch. Two years blogging is incredible. Congrats on that milestone. I will pray for you and over your blog

  5. I'm sorry for your loss. When my Papa died, I realized the best means to cope is to give in to distractions. Binge-watching is always a good time-waster. I've been wanting to see Money Heist, but I cannot because I don't watch anything with subtitles. So I may never get to watch this. I heard it's awesome, but OH WELL. Hope you're doing fine. Btw, I love your new layout.

  6. I am sorry for your loss, I've never experienced losing someone yet and I see from the experience of my friends who experienced loss that they just cope and heal as time goes by. Time heals. I haven't watched Money Heist yet, I have so many series that I want to watch in Netflix

  7. My sincere condolences for the loss of your grandpa; receive all comforts girl because this October seems so lively in the Philippines with all the events in line. And I should catch up with Netflix!

  8. I'm very sorry for your loss. It can be very hard to try to live life as you are mourning for a loved one. I hope your October is wonderful!

  9. I have heard about Casa del papel before, but I didn't watch it yet. I do watch Netflix every evening, to relax. Currently I am rewatching South Park, which is such an easy fun series, great for when you don't want to think too much and just fall asleep.

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your granpa. I hope you're recovering well. I keep seeing this in my Facebook newsfeed and I'm starting to get curious. ps: Walwal naaaaa!!! Hahaha!

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