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    I just let you know that I have a great week, you know why? because I\’ve already watched The 1975 last Wednesday, September 11 and I saw Matty performed live If you updated to read my blog I\’ve mentioned that Matty Healy is one of men\’s crush nowadays! Check my previous blog titled 
\” My Ultimate Idol Crushes\” you can see lots of my Men crushes Lol! \”Kaso walanju sa love life chos!\”  but I tell you what happens during that day but before that would you like to know this band here it is.
   The 1975 are an English band pop rock band originally formed in 2002 in Wilmslow Cheshire and now based in Manchester, the band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matthew Healy. lead guitarist Adam Hann bassist Ross MacDonald and drummer George Daniel. The band\’s origins trace to their attendance at Wilmslow High School and playing together as teenagers.[6] Gigs organised by a council worker led the band to formally sign with Dirty Hit and Polydor Records. The band opened for several major acts and released a series of extended plays (Facedown, Sex, Music for Cars, IV) throughout 2012 before releasing their self-titled debut album (2013), which included the popular singles \”Sex\”, \”Chocolate\”, and \”Robbers\” reaching number one in the United Kingdom.
   I was started to fan this band last year. Yah! Last year, during that time I was scroll on my YouTube playlist then I accidentally click the song of Change of Heart. The song gave me a reason for moving forward to someone else and decide to change my heart A kind of self-love. I wrote this on my blog as a part of confession. The song realizes that you can depart on the situation you felt broken and defeat. The man who met before that makes you happy then one day he\’s full of regret to met you the thinking that you have full of diseases who knows? that one day you realize you need to let go and find something new. That song means a lot to me. That time I start to listen to their other songs Robbers, It\’s not living, Somebody Else, Chocolate and many more. I like their aesthetic style and Matty he\’s so hot and as I told you I like guys with tattoos! HAHAHA! Lol! Try to listen to their songs! 
    The ticket selling was happening last year and still I have no luck as always so the month before the concert I buy a ticket from scalper expect for the double prize of the ticket. \”ganun ako kayaman!\” I love making last-minute decisions Lol! Anyway moving forward after buying a ticket after a month the moment begins.

    Last Tuesday I was able to commute from Pampanga to Manila to ignore heavy traffic I decided to drop in Avenida for riding A train going to Pasay LRT Bess! then afterward exactly 5:20 pm I arrived at SM Mall of Asia to meet my concert buddy Ethel then we ate at KFC then proceed to Moa Arena the concert venue.

       I scream every time especially when Matty singing on the stage. The crowd shouts when Matty singing their songs. The music felt so high with the thousands of people screaming and shouting. When he sing the People on their first entrance with high performance I forget to record it on my phone so instead I jump and enjoy the vibe Lol! Then until he sing the Change of Heart I reminisce the past the lyrics makes me feel bittersweet oh! I felt cry at the moment and shout as you can see my video recording I shout on the freaking stages! HAHAHHAHA I LOVE IT LOL I LOVE IT! kind of high moment but one of the best concert that I\’ve watched. They told they come back next year

 \”I hope so with matching crossfingers\”  This concert is best as of the moment and thanks for reading my blog hope to watch more concert next year because I think this is my last concert for this year

\”I guess\” Enjoy and unforgettable love the moment so thank you and goodnight! Have a great weekend! zzZzzZZzzZZzz




  1. Am I too old? I don't now 1975… HAHA! But I'm so happy for you. I am more concerned about the commute from Pampanga to Manila. How was the train ride? Since you were able to blog about it, I'm proud of you for surviving!I'm sure it was all worth it.

  2. It's amazing when you get to see your favorite band on stage. I have seen mine several times and it was so amazing each time. I didn't hear about this band before though.

  3. Funny just discovered you're a Filipino too! Great posts you have here in your blog! I was once a fan girl but sadly I have had not so amazing experience before that's why I stopped lol

  4. I've never heard of the band 1975 until now. I listened to the song \”change of heart\” to know if it'll ring a bell but it didn't. I guess we all draw our inspirations from various people and places. Nice post.

  5. I am not really familiar with this band but I enjoyed reading your post. Happy to know you had a wonderful experience. Too bad you had to get your ticket from a \”heartless\” scalper.

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