A rainy Sunday everyone.

   Happy month of August everyone! It\’s my birth month I\’m getting old but for me, age is just a number. HAHAHAHHA anyway, I miss writing on my blog because I\’m so busy for the last few weeks and worse I skip Lany concert I have ticket already but unfortunately I didn\’t watch their concerts because I have some work duties so sad but anyway, instead of making sadness I do this blog for revealing my ultimate idol crushes. Yezz! I am the person who very attracted to men celebrities even female celebrities Lol! I\’ve already posted my ultimate idol crushes last two years ago so this is the second one if you like to check the kindly click this title \” Fangirling\”    and read more details. Anyway these my idols I know them later when I started to check them online. As a fangirl, I\’ve always checked their social medias Yah! I sincerely follow them on their social media accounts for looking at their updates.
   Before I start to reveal my ultimate Idol crushes. I have a plan for this month it\’s because it\’s my birth month I decide to reveal everything from myself HHAHHAHA sounds fun and exciting right? After posting this next week I post more revelations YAH!! I love to share what\’s on my mind so, for now, let\’s start for revelations!
  Fumiya Sankai is my top 1 crush since Pinoy Big Brother days. He is a Japanese vlogger of Fumishun base. He loves Philippine culture he audition for Philippine reality show of Pinoy Big Brother to become a housemate. I like him because he\’s handsome and has a genuine heart he always takes care of others before himself. He\’s selfless and innocent so that\’s why I admire him
Rate: 9 over 10
  I\’m a huge fan of Japanese culture and people I\’m very attracted to Japanese people because they are very determined and discipline that\’s why I love Japanese people. Fumiya makes me feel happy always he\’s my happy medicine. 
    Who\’s The 1975 fan here? Matthew Healy is my top 2 crush! The 1975 vocalist makes me feel in love always. The way he sings makes my heart freak me out! Yah I felt that! One of the reasons I make fall in love when he perform and sings the Change of heart with matching cigarette rose and wine and I want to see that on Live and also I\’m very attracted for the guys having tattoos so that\’s why I like so much.
Rate: 7.5 over 10
   The 1975 is one of my favorite band nowadays. The 1975 managed to combine the dark and youthful themes of sex, love, and fear with ethereal alt-rock music. They have coming concert on September 11, 2019, here in Manila and I don\’t want to miss that!
 Does someone know this guy? He\’s popular to those people who had watched Lucifer! Yes, He is my top 3 crush is Tom Ellis the British guy who plays Lucifer Morningstar a rebel archangel who was once given Hell as his domain. I like the way he talks his British accent with manipulative skills I love that and also his body abs \”omaygastossxx\” his body so attractive that\’s it!
Rate: 7 over 10
     When I was first watching Netflix I saw this guy and try to play Lucifer and then that\’s the time I like him so much I\’m so sad because the upcoming season 5 is their last season I hope to see him for more movies because he\’s a great artist as well.
    I love this guy from Stranger things! my top 4 crushes. He plays as Billy the stepbrother of Max Mayfield the secondary antagonist who physically abuse by his father. I start to crush on him when he wearing trunks and 80\’s fashion on stranger things some others they don\’t like his role but for he\’s very attractive.
Rate: 6 over 10
 He looks alike of Zac Effron but for me, he\’s more handsome I feel sad when he died for Eleven on Stranger things oops spoiler alert sorry! He\’s one of my crushes now I want to see him for more movies. 
    What do you think? Who is he? Clark Kent? The Witcher? Sherlock? HAHAHHA Okay I don\’t know why I put this on my list but honestly, I\’m so attracted to his bodies Yah! I love his body figure hunk and very macho everyone girls dream. HAHAHHAHA! Henry Cavill is my top 5 crush because of his body Lol! He\’s so hot like fire burning! The Hairy chest tho! HAHAHAHAH! Okay, I saw him on Justice League as superman and also he\’s a great actor so that\’s why I like him!
Rate: 5 over 10
My mouth is watering Lol! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! charuuutt!! Kidding! I follow him on Facebook and Instagram to check his bodysuit Lol! and waiting for his upcoming Netflix series The Witcher I told you I like his body that\’s it! 
I rate them based on my criteria Lol! so that\’s why anyway all of them are handsome and attractive oh well if you have to choose whose your celebrity crush comment on below!!

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  1. I really like Tom Ellis as well, he is such a hottie. I remember him from the \”Miranda\” show, where he looked so different. I almost didn't recognised him in Lucifer.

  2. Well either I am old or I don't watch enough netflix as I don't know any of these guys or maybe a little of both…… hah My favorite is still The Rock.. Dwayne Johnson.

  3. Oops like the handsome actors. Well I dont watch Netflix. I am still into the old guys like Al Pacino, Tom Cruise and then Leonardo. Yes our Bond actors too

  4. OMG! You remind me so much of my younger self! I used to fangirl a lot (as in A LOT) when it comes to my crush (Johnny Depp)! Well, I still do. Girrrrrrllll, How come Tom Ellis is on top 3!?! *fangirl squeel*

  5. Happy Birthday to you, my blog friend. Age is just a number. All that matters is how you feel and you live. Let's have a wonderful month and I am waiting for my slice of birthday cake.

  6. This is a fun post. I do indulge myself in fangirling moments too. My showbiz idols are Robert Downy Jr, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Lee Min Ho and Yan Cheng Xu. If I do not restrain myself, I will just spend my days watching their movies!

  7. Oh, gosh, I feel so old – I agree with you, they are all cute, but they all look so much younger than me! Like they could be my students!!! That Matt Healy (and his band too, by the sounds, based on the themes of their music that you describe), they remind me of Prince. I am a HUGE Prince fan; RIP, Prince Rogers Nelson.

  8. It's my birth-month too! *high-five* but seriously, omg I think I'm starting to have a crush on Fumiya Sankai and Tom Ellis. Welp time to add them to my \”bias\” list haha.

  9. If I were to make a list, my list will look something like this: Taraji P Henson (actress), Nigahiga (Ryan the youtuber), Tom Walker (singer)…that's all I can think of for now. I don't obsess over them though, I just admire that they do what they do with passion.

  10. Such a fun list.. As for tbe appearance I love Tom Ellis cuz he's super handsome but my super crush isn't here.. ��

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