Food explore is my favorite adventure Lol!

 Before my birth month ends I just wanna say thank you for all of the people who greet me on my birthday and to those people who sent me a gift and they make me feel special thank you so much! I really appreciate your effort! Today my blog is all about food explore and of course, this is part of my birthday extension Lol! HAHHAHAHA anyway before that are you looking for classy but affordable buffet restaurant here in the Philippines? This place is perfect for you would you like to know why? Please scroll and I tell you more.

    A large buffet at an affordable price located on the back side of SM Malls. The restaurant  has plenty of  seating for different size groups. The food was large selection of Filipino food and some international foods  like pastas, seafood, traditional, deserts, alcohol and sushi all available. Some of non fast moving foods stay out a while and become cold or rubbery, and less flavorful. The fresher faster moving foods all taste good was pleasantly surprised by the large section. The Buffet start Php 700 pesos and it\’s very affordable for any celebration.
  Last August 15, 2019, me and my friends we\’ve bonded and take dinner at Feast International Buffet in SM Clark \”My hometown\” We love buffet restaurant because it\’s worth and affordable. The food is okay but not recommended to those people who have high expectation about food restaurant. However, If your looking for budget-friendly buffet restaurant this is one of the great buffet restaurants after Yakimix  The place looks awesome and spacey and also If one of the customer guests is celebrating a birthday like me they give you treat like a free meal and mini birthday cake and also they sing you Happy Birthday which is same in Yakimix and other restaurants. Their staff is friendly and their services are satisfying so all in all great!

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   So we take dinner with my Colleges friends. I really appreciate their efforts and also they make time for bonding. We don\’t see each other for almost 11 months because for work and busy days Lol! 
 During my colleges days, they make time to surprise my birthday as always. If you asking me I\’m the luckiest person alive because I have them they are precious! They always do the things that can make me happy even If I feel down and upset they make a joke and so such goofy things to make me happy I love them so much! It\’s been 8 years and nothing change. Then for almost 8 years were all single HAH HAHAHA! single and no one have relationship \”Ohmaygasswhathappen\” HAHJAHHAA! but anyway were all happy for our achievement and I wish that in our future were still the same and nothings change Forever happy and nothing last.

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  1. First let me wish you a belated Happy Birthday. So you really had a blast with your friends. The buffet has quite a good spread of dishes. I liked the chicken corner the most. Lovely place to dine.

  2. I always enjoy going to buffets. It's a great way to try a big variety of food and everyone can find something. Plus, when we take the kids, they don't have to wait (im)patiently for the food to get to the table!

  3. You had me at large buffet at an affordable price, LOL. I appreciate your real review of this. The food not being so great but still good enough to give it a go with a large group of people.

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