A blog post about my Birthday.

  Hello, guys what\’s up? It\’s been a long time. Yah! because for the last few weeks I\’ve become more busy lots of works, etc. Last week I\’ve celebrated my birthday for almost one week imagine HAHAHAHA \”rich kid ang bakla!\” I\’m getting old Lol! I don\’t have a birthday party but instead, I have more than one week to celebrate my birthday. My family, friends, and workmates they celebrate my birthday with the different days because of my working schedule so my friends they decide to celebrate my birthday on the last 15th of Aug \”sahod yun bes\” while my workmates on the my exact birthday \”Kase may pasok ako non!\” Because we don\’t birthday leave Lol! Same with my parents also on the same day. I don\’t celebrate my birthday because for me it\’s just an ordinary day and nothing special but I\’m thankful to those people who greet me on my birthday I appreciate that!

       Your greetings make me feel special and also unexpected things come because I receive a gift and birthday cake HAHAHAHHA! from my friends and co- workmates I didn\’t expect this I\’m very flattered to receive this kind of things, of course, it makes me feel happy I don\’t consider myself as a special person because we all know if you are updated to read my blog I\’m not really friendly person. I don\’t have many friends but thanks to all of the people for who always there no matter what. You are a gem.

 Thank you to those people who give this wonderful gifts! \”grabe sobrang touch ko!\” Anyway most of my friend give me makeups and lipsticks because I love collecting lipstick especially for Ever Bilenna brand. If you want to know about the shades of my Ever Bilenna  collection kindly click this  Title link Amayszing Kikay Kit.  for the more details thank you.

 So last Thursday I went to dinner with my twin friends as a continuation of my birthday celebration Lol! \”Araw-Araw birthday ko ganon!\” HAHHAHAHHA! we\’ve been to Feast International Buffet in Sm Clark another food trip on my next blog so we ate unlimited food dishes.

  To the all people who greet me on my Birthday Again Thank you so much from my button of my heart! Today I realize that no matter how hard your life is going through you never stop believing in yourself. All cynical things has around you but you need to keep going to fight. Life is short, do the things that makes you feel happy. Life is sucks but you need to deal with it!

    Dear self thanks for this and I feel strong person as of the moment again Happy Birthday Self and be Amayszing always!

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  1. Happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best in the days (and years) to come. It sure feels nice to have so many friends who care and remember you on your special day.

  2. Happy birthday Amayszing! I hope that all your dreams come true and that each of your next birthday will be as successful as this year 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to you! It's always nice to have those around you show that they care by celebrating you on your special day, even if you think it's just another day. Glad you had an amazing time and thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy birthday beautiful! Those messages you got and the gifts were so lovely. And yeah, spending your birthday with loved ones can make it even more special. Cheers to another amazing year!

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