The cruelest thing of all is false hopes.
   Let\’s find out all the things that we love and care about.

 In a world of full of expectations, it is easy to believe about promises especially when you have trust in that person. You always keep your mind about promises. Promises are worse than lies Indeed because You don\’t make them believe, you also make them hope.
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});     I have trust issues to those people who didn\’t make their promises and that\’s why I hate promises.
Would you like to know?

    Many people can pretend everything, especially about love, affection, and care so that\’s why people have their weaknesses, especially to those people, needs attention.  Words are powerful than actions so we always think about expectations. There is something truly restorative, finally comforting, in coming to end an illusion  A false hope.  False hope can kill your vibe Indeed False hopes is worse than despair do you know why? Because at the end of the day you realize that all is about illusion.
   Reality sucks right? It\’s okay to accept the rejection that makes you believe than false hope. What does it mean?

    I fell in love many times and I\’ve always to meet my expectation just live in my reality. I admit that I\’m the kind of person who needs love and attention before. I have jealousy to those people who have someone to give anything to their loved ones so that\’s why I\’m easily falling to somebody else. I want to feel what they feel. I want to feel that someone who loves me back. Even all of these is impossible I\’m still hoping for the chances. I admit I built my comfort zone with white lies and false hopes. Just to catch attention to the people.  so sick right? Because in this cruel reality no one  know your worth unless you do something who give their benefit. Life is Hard but you need to deal with it.

   We live in hopeless reality but still dreaming about a dream, hoping for big hopes and thinking of an impossible dream. How can you convince someone to not losing their hopes? You work hard but your salary is not enough. You do a lot of effort but one can appreciate. You give your all best but still your loss. Why everything is so hard? All you need to do is accept and keep going. Maybe the right time is not come yet but never lose hope. If you\’re upset it\’s fine as long as that you don\’t give up to chase your dreams. Don\’t let them manipulate you about their false hopes. People around you they love to put you down. Fake smiles, fake hugs, fake friends, fake people, All of these are fake hopes.

    A clear rejection is always better than fake promises. Rejection is hard to accept but will indicate you to moving on. Fake promises will raise your hopes so high and take you to the point that you do not accept the truth. at to the point that if they break your heart you don\’t know how to start. Better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie. The truth hurts but lies are worse.

Just accept the fact that False hopes can kill your purpose. Love is good but not all times always save yourself first. Always focus on your priority and also increase your faith and always pray to guide you every day.

    Sometimes we create our heartbreaks through expectations. A person who stays at you and accept your flaws they are a gem that we need to keep for life. Contentment is the key, enjoy what you have and continue learning for the past mistakes that can make you grow. Simple things become complicated when you expect too much. Don\’t let it get the best of you because of their False Hopes.

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  1. I think if you find someone who accepts you who you are and still loves you. It makes you the luckiest person in the world xLaura

  2. It can be so hard to know who to trust. I've had many people break promises, including my first boyfriend who cheated on me multiple times. It's so hard to trust again after that but at the same time, you have to trust again at some point.

  3. There are so many circles when it comes to relationships and love. Your comment \”we create our heartbreak through expectations.\” I would so agree. Sometimes people are simply not ready for what we are ready for. Communication in any relationship is key. It makes the truth easy to accept.

  4. I agree that a clear rejection is always better than fake promises. As you mentioned, rejection is hard to accept but will indicate you to that it's time to move on.

  5. Wow this great hope and believe is something we need to have.. Sometimes most people promise so that they will create the act of am a giver which they are not.. I don't believe in promise because fake and lies is all over the place.. Is only God that will promise you and he will keep his promise. Believe more in him

  6. I believe all of us has gone through a heartbreak at some point in time. It should not be met with regret, instead, we must take it as a lesson learned, and keep the faith that the right person will come along

  7. The point is to find someone to accept you as you are. the same goes also for you. But yes, in case there are just promises, I prefer to have a clear rejection

  8. I really also hate false hope. That is why i hate this thing called the prosperity gospel. It creates a sense of hope for people who think God is this genie who will make their dreams come true, when God is sovereign and everything He wills is good for us whether we realize it at the time or not.

  9. Fake love is definitely worse than hate, I agree. I'd rather just know someone's true feelings than have them pretend to be invested in something that they don't care about.

  10. There is much truth in this post. I don't think anyone likes \”false hopes\”, and it's something not many of us are prepared to face, until it comes to that point.

  11. These are some nice and easy tips for those looking to rekindle their lives after a heartbreak. I love meeting new people while traveling to remove any false hopes and start life afresh.

  12. I also have trust issues. I hate when promises become lies. I was let down not once and not twice so sometimes when I hear 'I promise' I do not believe that someone will actually keep a promise

  13. It seems as if we've had some very similar experiences. I'm sorry that you had to go through this. I hope you find that special someone and very soon 🙂

  14. the disappointment that comes with broken promises is some of the greatest pain I think. It is the pain that cuts the deepest. It is the pain that lingers beyond healing.

  15. I get that false hopes can be destructive when you know your hopes are false or you are hoping for something deep down you know cannot be. Hope itself is a good thing though I think.

  16. This is human nature. We always have expectation of something or the other from others. One of the reason, why I get sad multiple times. I will have to work it out. Thanks for this wonderful post buddy.

  17. False hopes are not fair, that's why we need to be very careful with the words we use, nobody deserves that and when we are desperate we tend to fill the blanks with our feelings, trying to see what is not there.thank you for this awesome post Maysz.

  18. What I do to avoid these false hopes is not to expect too much. It really hurts when we expect for something we think is even possible because we have always this hope, false hope so to say.

  19. False hope is a killer whether in love, work or worse to those who are terminally ill. I think it's wrong and just downright cruel. For whatever reason, don't just give empty promises because it'll lead to disappointment or worse that person will no longer trust you even with the smallest things. Thank you for the insightful post and I enjoy reading it.

  20. I think false hopes are really painful in the end and it will really destroy you. I think that's also why I've learned to protect myself from such things. I expect less. I have to. Because I believe that you can never control whay people will do… but you can control how you will react to things. Henceforth it is essential that you know how to manage disappointment, above all.That helps deal with trust issues.

  21. False hopes can be so heart-breaking; that's why I say that it's better to have less expectations about people to ensure you don't get disappointed once they fail you.

  22. I’ve had my trust broken so many times – but it’s so important for me to keep moving forward! False hope can be heart-breaking 🙁 but it taught me a lesson to be more communicative so that I know exactly what situation I’m getting into 🙂 this is why I agree with you that rejection is better than false hope !! Great and emotional read xx

  23. I am also agree that a clear rejection is always better than fake promises. and we should never loose are hope as its biggest truth of world people many famous people rejected by many person when they were in their struggling time

  24. What I learned in love is that you will always get hurt, that's why you must never forget to protect yourself. Being hurt is part of 'occasional hazard\” of being in-love. But never stop to love.

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