My first fun run ever!


Today I will tell you about my first fun run ever! Last week I\’ve mentioned that I need to get proper exercise for my healthy heart and wellness Oh well here it is! I went to the fun run event here in my hometown I\’m so excited about this so please keep scrolling I\’ll tell you more.

Here in the Philippines, we have a cool fun run event that we called Color Manila every part of the city they make this event for family friends and love ones bonding and make a lot of fun especially about the powder colors explode, fun run and get a freebies

At this moment for some who don\’t have any idea of this event, I will tell you more about this event.

  Color Manila Run is a sports event series that specialised in concept-type of sporting events. The company is owned and operated by ColorManila Events, Inc., a for-profit company. It events started in Metro Manila, Philippines and as its popularity grew, it started mounting provincial events in other parts of the country . The main goal of the event is to remove the intimidation factor that comes in any mass participation sports event, they have removed timing in all their races, added five to six color stations along the race route- wherein every participant who crosses will be showered with color powder and everyone who are able to finish the race are given a finisher medal and a color packet. The color packet is part of the celebration activity that happens at the main village wherein everyone will throw their color packets in the air and start to party.




     So this is one of my goal this year to participate in this event because I have lack of exercise that can cause me of palpitation and easy to getting sickness yah! As a lazy person like me Lol! Kidding! I don\’t have time to exercise because I\’m working on regular shift 8:00 am to 5:00 am and when I\’m in home I do time for my blog engagement and yada yada yadaa.. then, of course, I feel tired at night and I need to get enough sleep and that\’s my daily routine. When it comes about the food of course when you work at the office we all know your colleagues they ask to eat food like ice cream spaghetti okay Jollibee fast food for short \”Tatanggi ka ba pa? syempre hindi na lalo na pag libre lol\” So that\’s why I\’m getting fat because I sitting all day and do eating a lot of delicious food not healthy food!
    Moving forward the day of Color Manila posted on Facebook that they make an event on
Clark PH  \”That\’s my hometown\” I decide to join this event without any hesitations because aside for their activities, fun run and getting freebies I want to try what it feels when I\’m run for 3 kilometers and for me that\’s exciting even though it\’s already rainy season and it\’s night event it\’s fine because this is such a cool event that I need to try my endurance Lol!
   Before the event, I ask my friend to join this event for making fun so I convince her to join this event she excited also \”to take her selfies lol!\”  Then after one week, we\’re going to SM Clark for registration. Then Monday we decide to wake up early for jogging to test our endurance and body conditioning then the next day, unfortunately, we don\’t do jogging anymore because of the heavy rain and typhoon \”Malas namen\”  until the day of the event which is Saturday night.


   After work, I go ride going to CDC Clark Parade the event location. Then look at what happen I meet my friend at SM Clark for the meet up with her sister they look frustrated because her sister forgets her race number which is our ticket for the event. They call their mother but she didn\’t answer the phone so we decide to book a grab and back their home to get the race number
\”Ang saya nakakaloka hahahha yung pinaka importanteng bagay yun pa ang nakalimutan nya!!\”

Then after 1-hour long ride we finally on the event.

    Before the gunshot starts we decide to take selfies first for the remembrance so here are the pictures 🙂
 Then exact 9:30 pm the gunshot start and run for 3 kilometers then every 1 kilometer then they strew the color powder for the first kilometer green the second kilometer pink and then last color pink.
then every station there’s free water to prevent the dehydrated how cool right?


   After successful run were back at the main event for the victory party but before the victory party they give the medal and color powder for the main event victory party so I got my medal look at this!



 That is so fantastic event I’ve enjoy a lot and I would love to join more CM fun run someday in the next future I can’t wait more.
more fun events post soon here in AMAYSZINGBLOGS 🙂



  1. How fun! They have a similar event in the U.S. called a color run and I've always wanted to try it. I guess now is the time, right?

  2. Congratulations on finishing your run! There was a fun run event for my son's elementary school, and they did a color run like this for the 5th graders. I was there photographing for the school, but it looked like so much fun!

  3. Looks like a blast. I've done something called mud hero and we got all muddy. This sounds much more appealing and funner haha! Love the photos! Dom

  4. WOW! It looks so fun! I had never tried a color run before. I love sport and if we ca add a little fun in that why not!? Love it i must try!

  5. I love all these pictures 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed a lot 🙂 I always love to read what you write. I truly love your blog and your designs. Always one step ahead. <3You always will be a great blogger 🙂 Thanks for sharing amayas <3

  6. Looks like you guys had fun. My sons would have loved to participate in this event, but they are currently busy building their careers.

  7. Wow, it is so much fun. I am sure everyone must have enjoyed it a lot. In India we have similar festival called Holi, where people play with colours and water..

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