Hi Guys Happy Sunday! Today is something special because this blog is all about adventure. Yes, after 12345 years Lol!! It\’s time to share my first out of town solo travel ever. AMAYSZING right? Travel alone is kind of risk but as a risk taker I do everything to get what I want \”Walang makakapigil saken ganon!\” Anyway, the first part is all about water adventure. I\’m so excited to share this for you so please keep scrolling and I\’ll tell you more.

  Before the summer ends I came to Cebu last May 23-26 as one of my dream goals this year as I\’ve mentioned on my previous blog titled \” Amayszing Plans\” I have a plan going to Cebu this year for my travel vacation and that\’s it already happen. I can\’t really imagine that I went on travel alone. Some travelers go on vacation with their families and love ones but me, unfortunately, I go travel alone “as always”.

Some people keep asking me why I love to travel alone and it\’s dangerous Why I don\’t ask my friends or boyfriend to join me on my travel. Then my response is  I choose to travel alone because for me it\’s kind of adventure and even though I don\’t have any friends to join me for my adventure it\’s fine because I know they all busy to their careers  \”Well if you want to join me it\’s fine\”  Solo travel adventure has a lot of fun so If you have the plan to go travel alone go for it and be careful.

My first flight on May 23, 2019, 8:15 am via AirAsia flight. During that time I went to the airport at 6:00 am to check the baggage and my book airline it takes me 1 hour to wait. Then after checking my baggage they give me my airline ticket and proceed to the departure area. 7:50 am from the departure area to boarding area then after 15 minutes goodbye Pampanga then Hello to Cebu.

Exactly 9:50 am The plane arrived at Mactan airport then this is it I\’m on Cebu so I ride via motor angkas going to Cebu bus terminal and going to Kawakasan falls it takes to 3 hours and a half from the City it is long  ride for me to meet the organizer tour and my co joiners. I didn\’t choose a private tour instead I do DYI joiner tour because it\’s budget-friendly and affordable than a private tour but remember guys before doing DYI tour be sure that you have an idea about your tour and also do some researches for better safeness on your travel.

After 5 hours long ride and heavy traffic I\’m here at Kawakasan Falls Badian Cebu. I met Kuya Dennis the Tour organizer and van driver he told me to go Kawakasan falls with the tour guide because my co joiners already finished their canyoneering. Yah! I\’m late so I don\’t get a chance to experience the canyoneering maybe next time so I go trekking for 30 minutes going to kawakasan with the young tour guide he speaks Bisaya and I don\’t understand what he said so \”Oo nalang Lola no kase excited nako mag swimming\” then



Then at 6:00 pm was going to the hotel accommodation to taking some rest. I can\’t sleep at because I miss my Toebie my stuff toy. I can\’t sleep without my teddy bear so I spend time to watch Netflix and get sleep for only 2 hours because I\’m excited Lol! so are your ready for the day 2?

Day 2

From Moalboal Badian Cebu to Oslob Kuya Dennis arrived at 5:30 am to pick up going to Tan- away Oslob for diving and swimming. This is my first time to diving because I\’m not really good to swim so thanks for the life vest and gears I have a chance to see the whale shark. I’m so excited Lol!

After Diving from Oslob were going to Sumilon Island just short a boat ride for 15-20 minutes. The Island looks so beautiful and blue clear water with white sand perfect for Profile Facebook photo Lol Take a look!




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  1. Those falls are simply stunning. It sounds like a wonderful experience. I think travelling alone from time to time is a good thing although it's probably not for everyone.

  2. My son visited Cebu last year and they also swam with the whale sharks. Gentle giant creatures of the sea! I wish I could go there too. That sure looks like a nice adventure you had. The waterfall is beautiful!

  3. Wow! Cebu is truly an amazing place to go and with so many activity it has to offer. It's really a go to destination for every tourist going in the Philippines.

  4. I admire your courage to travel alone, I'm sure its a very rewarding experience. Cebu looks like a great spot for water adventure. I've always wanted to see a shark whale, thanks for the great pics!

  5. I went to Cebu 3 years ago for a business trip. Sayang, wasn't able to visit these places and had a water adventure. Will try to do this on my next visit!

  6. What a coincidence! We're also going to Cebu tomorrow but I am not so sure if we'll have time for some water adventure but your post just made me excited. Cebu is one of my favorite places in the Philippines.

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