These are the guidelines on how the blog it works.


Hi guys! Happy month of May how\’s your vacation? I hope that you have a great vacation anyway this month is the 2nd year anniversary of my blog so far I\’ve learned a lot of things from blogging. inspiration stories, life hacks, and anything. When I\’m entered in blogging I have no idea how it works and also I really don\’t how can I create a beautiful design of my blog. I create this blog to express myself and share my story that\’s it. Honestly most of family and relatives they don\’t know about my blog I didn\’t tell it, because I know they can judge me about my grammar and my English skills lol! Yah! here in the real world when you say something it\’s a big deal so instead, I have to tell something to everyone I decided to create my blog to express myself to keep inspired others.

My First year on blogging. I don\’t have an idea about the great content actually my first blog is all about Coldplay. the first concert that I attended last two years ago. Then followed about my heartbreak story HAHAHHA! funny right? last year I suffered from heartbreaks and anxiety that pain attacks me every night. It’s really hard to open up my feelings especially to those people who didn\’t know your worth. Yah! As you can see my other post it\’s all about drama. “Omaygadd drama queen iz here lol!”  While reading the comments and advice from you guys I\’ve learned more a lot and that\’s the time I decide to improve myself and do meditation and self-care. Mental issues are no joked guys, Many people suffering mental illness it causes to end their lives and does suicide, so If you have a friend who suffering depression and anxiety try to approach them and give them advice.

That\’s the time I decide to work on my blog. \”How is that?\” 

    I read an article about blogging and I\’m starting to do something about my blog. My blog theme and content. Yah! I\’m not a professional but I give time and effort to improve my content about my blog. Great content is very important in a blog because when you have to plan to monetize your blog they look your content and check if it\’s qualified.

These are the guidelines on how the blog it works.


Great Content 

When we say great content what is all about? Great content is all about your own story that\’s it! You need to think a niche about your blog and you can post whatever you want. Do not copyright and plagiarized because everyone can see your post so be careful what are you posting about your blog. If you want to post a quote or word from the author make sure it has credit from the owner.  I believe that all people are talented with the different skills so I know that you can create your own story in a unique way.

Traffic of Pageviews
     The traffic of pageviews is one of the important things on your blog. If you want your blog to become popular you need a lot of traffic. If you have plan to monetize your blog you need a lot of traffic page views.  I didn\’t know this before because as I\’ve mentioned earlier some of my friends and relatives they don\’t know about my blog so how can I get much traffic If  I didn\’t engage my blog how is that?  Okay, I tell you more…
Blog Engagement 
      Blog engagement is the main key to boost your blog by joining social media groups. On the daily threads, you need to participate to increase traffic on your blog in that case you need to take a lot of time to focus on your blog. That actually works when you participating daily threads by joining a lot of bloggers supporting group.
       Monetize is a blessing if you do a lot of effort on your blog you will get money from your advertisers. \”How is that?\”  When you are planning to monetize your blog makes sure you already applied all of these I\’ve mentioned above 👆👆👆  Then that\’s the time to apply from publishers and affiliate program to earn money on your blog for more details just visit their website.
       The disclaimer is very important in blogging because any information that you write on your blog they might to steal it to plagiarized or they get your information to use against you. All you have to do is be careful about what you post.
     Okay, guys, I will clarify these things as you can see on my blog I have an error grammars and my English is not fluent well I\’m so sorry because I didn\’t create this blog to impress people to give me compliment like great professional blogger blah blah blah! My purpose for this blog is to express myself and share my thoughts in life to make inspire others that\’s it. If you don\’t like my blog just leave it and I respect that. I know in myself that I\’m still a newbie in blogging and I willing to learn more. I hope you respect and thank you for understanding.
and lastly.
Patience in blogging
    Blogging is not about one day take in a million. You need to work hard to become a successful blogger. Blogging is not an easy job it will take a lot of time and effort to work on your blog. If you don\’t have patience it can cause you to quit and do something better. Actually, in my part, I have work in the day \”it depends on my schedule\” Then after work, I engage my blog the rest of the night. That\’s how my blog it works so I hope this post will give you an idea on how to blog it works.
    I would like to thank all of you who always give me support about my blogging journey. Honestly, your my inspiration why I\’m still here to continue my blogging journey. two years is a great accomplishment and I will create more post for my blog THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS AND IM VERY APPRECIATE YOUR TIME. to those people who don\’t know me yet, I\’m  AMAYSZING 🙂  and I am the blogger of AMAYSZINGBLOGS 

Thank you.

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  1. As time passes by we learn many new things in blogging. And yet it feels like as of we still do not know enough. Your post is really very insightful.

  2. Congrats on your 2nd year of blogging! I am coming up on my first anniversary with my blog and I am still learning every day!

  3. First congratulations on not giving up and still going strong! I am definitely bookmarking this article and returning to it. My second year of blogging has recently started but I've just gotten serious about it two months ago. These guidelined are what every new blogger needs.

  4. Nice list for blogging rookies, congrats on your blogging anniversary certainly blogging is not for the faint of heart. We have been blogging since 2011 since then many things have changed but all is good.

  5. Congrats on two years! Blogging isn't always easy, and there's a lot to learn, that's for sure. I love that you persist, even if your English isn't perfect, as it's a great way to work on it. Heck, I've spoken English my entire life and still don't speak it perfectly.

  6. Congratulations on the second year of blogging. It looks like you're nailing it. Impressive number of pageviews and I hope you are monetizing well.

  7. Congratulations on your 2nd year of blogging. This is my 11th year and I am still learning!! Onwards and upwards 🙂 Lynda Hogan

  8. Wow, that was such a great achievement..! Congrats on your two years of blogging. It was really such a long time

  9. Happy new month to yo also. I totally agree with and the patient thing is the key. U need to have lots of patient for blogging cause it's not quick scheme stuff.

  10. Congratulations on 2 years. There is so much to learn about blogging and it always needs to be updated.

  11. Blogging may sound easy but it’s all about passion and hard work. It may not be an easy income at first but once you have settled, who knows it will give you a big break.

  12. you have it right girl…. I love this post. Patience is definitely the key for a blogger and it is important to figure out strengths and weakness of your blog.

  13. Loved reading your post. You have penned down your experience so beautifully. Every blogger can relate to this and I must say, the initial struggle is really hard. A lot of people quit. Patience and consistent hard work is the key to success.

  14. Blogging is such a journey and so much to learn along the way. It's a never ending and changing journey along the way for sure. Congrats and making it to year two.

  15. thanks for this! needed it today! some days blogging feels like ahhh nightmare when looking at page views but your post is encouraging me to keep trying. I'm only in my first few months at it and so much to learn

  16. Congratulations on your second years of blogging.I just started six mmonths back and I feel blogging can be so overwhelming sometimes.So much to learn.But its fun.You are doing great

  17. Congratulation for reaching 2 years! People think it's easy but they just don't understand how many hours we spend just for one post. You're patience is indeed very commendable.

  18. That was really a great achievement, so good thay you found your passion. Good luck on your blogging career. I'm sure you will do great.

  19. Congrats on your second year. Just keep on writing quality content and you'll get there. I've been blogging for 6 years and had 13M views and counting 🙂

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