Hi guys how are you? I hope you\’re okay don\’t forget to be thankful and stay blessed.

   Happy Sunday everyone! How\’s your life going? Don\’t forget to be thankful because you\’re still blessed. Anyway, today let me share you for what happened last week.

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    Last Monday, April 22, 2019, 5:10 pm A magnitude of  6.1 earthquake rock part of the Luzon Philippines. Some part of NCR, Central Luzon establishment and buildings are collapses due to a strong earthquake. Here in Pampanga one of the supermarkets crashed during the earthquake and 5 people died and 10 more people injured. The Clark International Airport \”16mins (8.9 km distance) going to my house\” canceled all flights due to damage by the earthquake. All people are panic and shock. Actually, that time I was out on my work because it\’s ended of my shift then while I\’m on the highway I feel the ground shaking \”kase bumaba ako non para bumili ng halo-halo\” Then all people are and going to an open area. I was nervous that time and I call my mom and she didn\’t answer my call I worried and I try to be calm but I feel the tense OMGG, but after 3 minutes after the earthquake, I ride a tricycle going to my home \”hindi kuna kinuha yung halo-halo\” to check my mom if she okay and then, when I\’m on my house I saw my mom she\’s shocked about the earthquake and I ask her if she\’s okay and thank God she\’s fine and nothing happens except some crack wall in our house. We\’re all thankful because we all safe despite all houses and buildings are crashed by the earthquake.

    Moving forward. After 123456 years Kidding Lol! My boss approved my leave this coming May 23 to 26 because I\’m going on vacation. If you read my previous blog title Amayszing plans  I\’ve mentioned that I plan to go in Cebu for my travel adventure. \”one of my plans this year\” Cebu is one of my bucket lists this year and Siargao. I have a plane ticket already and I feel the excitement Lol! HAHAHA.

     Are you a Marvel fan? I know that you\’re excited to watch Avengers Endgame but, Please if you already watched the movie don\’t spoil because I didn\’t watch yet Lol! HHAHAHA. I\’m so freaking pissed because some of my facebook friends they spoiled the movie so Triggered!!

  Then Next month is the 2nd-year anniversary of my blog! Yezz AMAYSZINGBLOGS  is already two years old. Wow! I can\’t really imagine that my blog is already growing faster. Actually, guys, I create this blog to express myself and share my thoughts in life. That\’s it! I know most of you\’ve encountered many grammar errors. because I know in myself I have grammar lapses but I\’m really thankful because you keep supporting me on my blog journey. You make me feel inspire always.
This blog is my healer during my heartbreak days and I\’ve learned a lot from you about self-love.

   We are blessed despite all of the things that we encountered in our lives, but we need to thank for what you have and focus more on being grateful for what do you have. Don\’t complain about everything you don\’t have instead an attitude of gratitude will keep the blessings all the way.

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  1. I didn't hear about the earthquake, that's so scary! I've only felt a very tiny one that hit near Florida, but that's it. We did see End Game this weekend. It's the first time I've seen a movie in theaters when it released in a while (life of a parent). But don't worry, no spoilers here.

  2. Wow!!! Am joining you in celebrating and also been thankful to God that neither you or your family fell viticms of the disaster, and also hope you achieve the best out of your vacation.

  3. Wow I didn't hear about the earthquake, I'm glad you are OK. That sounds like an amazing trip and I can't wait to read about it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! That earthquake must have been scary. I am not used to that. I traveled to California one time and just couldn’t believe how people just get used to those shakes. And congratulations on your two year blog anniversary. I just started 3 months ago.

  5. Oh my! how frightening that must have been! I've only be near an Earthquake once and it was a terrifying experience, back in 2008 in Italy.I'm glad your loved ones are safe!

  6. How sweet to know that your 2nd anniversary is just around the corner. Congratulations for that! Anyway, seems I will have to watch Avengers since everyone is making a fuss about it!

  7. congratulation for your upcoming 2 years anniversary !!! i need to go to see the avengers game but i cant handle 2 battles in a week .. and i just had the GoT

  8. Congrats on having so many views on your page. That's so awesome. hope you were able to enjoy Endgame. I am curious to know what you thought. I felt Downey Jr. was amazing.

  9. Congratulations on you 2nd blogging anniversary. Sad to hear about the earthquake. I’m glad that you still remaining thankful. Side note…my last name is Mayes and my family uses Amayesing every chance they get 😂😂💕

  10. Happy 2-year blog-aversary! That's an amazing achievement! I just started mine 🙂 I haven't seen End Game yet either, but am hoping to in the next couple of weeks! Also glad to hear that you and your family are safe from the earthquake! How scary!

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