Hi People. How are you today? I really hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  A night of Saturday everyone. It is a long night for me actually I will do this blog because tomorrow I need to sleep and take some rest. Oh well! It\’s already the month of vacation  I think most of you have their plans for vacation and going somewhere but for me, unfortunately, this month I have a lot of work duties and hectic schedule so I don\’t have a chance for going vacation in fact as admin staff in the hotel we have a lot of expecting guess and it is peak season. Yah! I\’m working for more than 9 hours and then the rest I do spend time for my blog. I do both on the same day so how I wish I have a chance to going travel and vacation but anyways I want to share something.

   Yes! My blog has new IG please follow my blog account on Instagram so you can see more updates and anything for my blog, so far I have 52 followers and that\’s it. HAHAHHA!

   In my life of full work duties and schedule, I do multitasking a lot. If you ask me how can I handle these things especially when you do a lot of tasks?

  •  FIRST IS TIME MANAGEMENT: It is very important to manage your time because if you don\’t know how to manage it can cause a lot of stress and pressure. You need to divide your time between specific task and activities.  

  •  SECOND IS ORGANIZING THINGS: You should be organized to your workplace. Don\’t waste your time every minute must important to finish your task. Don\’t procrastinate, organize as soon as you can and do declutter regularly.

  • THIRD MAKE SCHEDULE AND DEADLINE: Make a list and write down your schedule and deadlines to your appointment so everything will be work. If you have this I\’ am sure your task will be easier to accomplish.

  • FORTH BE PRODUCTIVE: As I\’ve mentioned every minute must be important so you need to be productive and flexible to finish your task easily. 

  • FIFTH TAKE VITAMINS AND DRINK A LOT OF WATER: This is important even though we are productive as a human being it\’s very normal to feel tired and stress In my part when I feel tired I take vitamins and drink a lot of water to become healthier and get more energy but guys one more thing taking off 8 hours of sleep can help you to be more productive and peace of mind.

  • LASTLY, WORK HARD: When I feel giving up I\’ve always thought what\’s the reason Why I need to work every day and do these a lot of tasks? It\’s because I\’m the second breadwinner so I need to earn money to sustain my family needs or maybe I do work hard a lot because I have goals and plan for my future is in it? Oh well. I\’ve worked hard because I have a dream not only for my family but also for my self. We all know that successful people are not gifted they do a lot of effort and work hard to achieve their dreams to become successful. I learned the value of hard work by working hard.

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I feel tired every day because of my work schedule and for my blog sometimes I just thinking that I decide to quit but somehow I realize that you quit your effort will be worthless. It\’s okay to take a break and take some rest than to quit and loss of interest and do nothing. I hope this blog will help you on how can you handle things, especially about work and life.

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    1. All great tips for getting it all done. I use them in my hectic work, and I swear by a daily list of things that need to get done so I don't forget anything!

    2. Any time I feel like giving up anything I'm working toward I'm going to remember this post. We all need this kind of reminder at times. ~The Virginia Nymph

    3. Time management is so important if we want to succeed in anything in life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    4. You go girl. Thanks for the tips, sometimes we get caught up in things with so much that we forget basic things. So your post is a great reminder.

    5. Time management and organization are key to getting everything done! Congrats on getting an instagram set up. I don't have any vacation planned this month either, and just had to have a surgery so I won't be doing much at all for the next couple of weeks. Sometimes it's hard to see others enjoying themselves when you can't, but your time will come.

    6. Thanks for the tips, I agree with drinking vitamins and keeping ourselves dehydrated. Some never mention this but it is equally important to keep ourselves healthy.

    7. Thank you for the tips! Also, don't give up. I know it could be hard to juggle between work (and I know how hard it is to work in the Philippines with the commute and all!) and blogging (which is also not easy), but always think of the goal. Wishing you good luck!! 🙂

    8. These are all good tips to manage stress and get more things done. I think we must focus on making ourselves a priority. We are not machines that can go on and work with just a little oil. We need more than that. My favorite quote is \”Happiness is like perfume. You cannot pour it onto others without putting on a few drops yourself.\” When you are happy, you are more productive.

    9. This is a really good breakdown. I've fallen off the wagon with my productivity due to my mental state. It's been hard to shake it off but I think I'm going to be able to hit some of these goals.

    10. If that can make you feel better, I am far from having vacation. I am working my full time job then when my daughter goes to bed, I stay up to work on my blog.

    11. awesome self care tips my friend! i can always use a reminder. we get so busy with life we don't always do those things we really need for ourselves.

    12. It looks like you are super busy! I have had periods of my life like that and Whatever I do I avoid multitasking as much as I can. When I'm doing a certain task I try to focus on it and finish it before I move to another task. Otherwise I am not as productive!

    13. I agree with you. Procrastination is the killer of all goals. I used to work in the hotel industry as well and I know how busy it can get. I wish you all the best with your goals 🙂

    14. I agree with you. Sometimes you really need to take a step back from everything. I know I have had to a few times for different reasons. But sometimes you just need a break to come back to the blog and make it stronger.

    15. time management is one of the for a successful person… check out all successful business men and women they manage their time very well love the idea you post and the GIF IMAGE goodmorning

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