There is peaceful
   There is wild
   I am both same times.


   My personality has a lot of confusion to all of people. They can\’t figure out for who I am. it is easy to know the person when you have time talk to them and go hang out with them but sometimes it\’s not enough to know their personality already. Honestly, in my part, I\’ am both introvert and extravert. I like people but I love being alone. I\’ll go out to meet other people but it has an expiration because sometimes living in my own world is one of my safe places. I don\’t want to seek attention just to like me. My environment dictates how I behave. Sometimes I\’m too loud, Sometimes I\’m quiet. I work what I want and remain, patients while going after it. I love writing things to express myself.

Being Ambivert can divide into two things the introvert and extrovert. We all know both of these personalities can define for who you are. I have this two behavior, maybe perhaps there are times that I do a lot of things that can determine that I\’ am introvert and then there are some things that can determine that I\’m an extravert. so what does it mean?

– An ambivert is someone who falls in the middle of the introvert/extrovert continuum. Ambiverts have a blend of traits from both introverts and extroverts, as well as their own unique strengths. 
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    I\’m an introvert in a way of I love being alone. There are times I want to stay my room in a whole day. Sometimes I don\’t want to talk to anyone. especially I don\’t attend for Family gathering because I feel awkward many times. I felt like that I\’m quite different and I think they criticize me. Oh well, I\’m not saying that they are judgemental and I don\’t want to offend anyone. I just want to explain what I feel. Yah! It\’s really hard because I have some relationship difficulties for other people especially to those family relatives I\’m so sorry guys I\’m just being me. You can judge me it\’s okay but this is me
I do not pretend things just to impress and like me because this is me and I love being me.
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  In some other cases, I\’m an extrovert when it comes about to communicate and socialize to other people. but I have limitations. I like to talk and socialize but not all of the time. I\’ am a talkative person but I\’m too quiet because sometimes my anxiety attacks me.  I have some friends who listen to my thoughts and give me advice. I love going to some places to meet other people because for me it\’s a kind of adventure.but finding a true friend is really hard to find. I love watching concerts because for me it determines happiness singing with the band singers and the crowd makes me feel happy. I do jump because I feel joy. I do make acquaintances sometimes.

   This art symbolized my personality.
   My life has full of colors.
   love, peace and wild
   I do the same all of these at the same time.


   Ambivert is moderately comfortable. You can socialize whatever you want. You can go anywhere to explore anything, but when it comes that you feel toxic, go someplace and make you alone from the crowd. Make yourself comfortable and always be real to yourself. I hope my story will truly inspire you.

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  1. I think a lot of us have aspects of both in our personalities. I am definitely someone who's comfortable and outgoing in large groups in some ways/at some times, but other times I HAVE to be by myself to recharge.

  2. I've never heard the term ambivert before, but this definitely describes me. I like to go out and be around other people and socialize, but then after a while I am ready to go and just want to go home where it's relatively quiet and my own space.

  3. I definitely think that I am an ambivert,as much as I like to be around people. Sometimes, all I want is staying alone. I have to push myself a lot and leave my comfort zone to enjoy big crowd.

  4. I too am an Ambivert and enjoy both the phases. Having stayed alone for a considerable period without my family because of work, I love my own space as well as connecting with people.

  5. I think I'm an ambivert as well! I am a bit socially awkward and enjoy time alone, but I also really love spending time with certain people in certain places.

  6. I am definitely an introvert, except maybe around my friends. I like spending time alone probably more than being with people, but when I'm out, I do like to around people, as opposed to just being by myself.

  7. I am not sure what I am but I'm leaning more towards introvert. Although, I can enjoy company (most likely only my circle of friends and not actually making friends with people you've never met), I still love it when I'm alone.

  8. I never heard of this thing, but I am kind of one myself. I always called myself an extroverted introvert. I grew up one, but grew out of many of those traits and have found I like being in public and interacting. But a part of me still feels like it's work too. So a bit of both. Good to know there are more people like me. 🙂

  9. Wow! This is a whole new category of personality. I never heard the term before but feel like i can totally relate.

  10. This was very informative. Like a lot of others in the comments I had no clue there was a word for this. Thank you for sharing 😀

  11. Hello ambiverts.. I'm an ambivert too, one of my friend said that I'm quiet. But others said that i'm cheerful person.. seems that i have two faces.. ^_^

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