Hi people how are you today? Simple question but many people are getting confused to answer this question. Some people to say that they are good, fine better okay and etc but in reality, this question is really hard to answer because people suffered a different kind of problem. Are you feeling demotivated right now? This topic could help you on how to get feeling better so please keep scrolling I\’ll tell you more.

   In this situation. I would like to tell you that many people suffered negativeness in their lives because of a lot of pressure anxiety and many more. It\’s really hard because in my part I\’ve encountered many problems and I really don\’t know how can I motivate myself. I suffered a lot of difficulties in life. I\’ve lost the interest in anything instead I want to get more sleep and stay in my house. So how can you feel demotivated?

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  • YOU\’RE LOOK SAD & STRESS whatever you wear makeup and getting a lot of sleep still your face looks tired and haggard. especially if you are an employee and must be overthinking and you too look lazy.
  • LOSS OF PRODUCTIVITY You don\’t want to go anywhere instead you want to stay home and do nothing.
  • QUITTER If you can\’t handle things you always decide to quit without any hesitations and regrets.
  • LOSS OF INTEREST. Before you have to think lot of plans and interest and then after getting disappointments and anxieties you feel lost to your future plans. 
  Are you relate? Oh, I feel that in the same way. How can you motivate yourself when people keep you down? Anyways I hope my advice will help you to motivate despite all of the things that we encounter in many places. 
 The shower is waving you. HAHAHAH! This is the first thing that you need to do before something to get motivated you need to take shower first. \”di ko sinasabe hindi ka naliligo ha baka ma offend ka. HAHAHA\” This is one of the effective ways on how to motivate. The shower can make you feel productive and you feel refresh.

   Make a personal journal or make a blog website are the things that can make you motivate \”why is that?\” When you feel a loss of interest thinks of this. Your plans will guide you to motivate, for example, your plan is going out somewhere or you have things that can make inspire you so this is a great way to boost out your feelings. Journal is your best friend. You can write everything you want. In my part, I have a blog to make inspire people and also I share my journey for this blog to inspire people.
 Yes! This is a must, being demotivated can\’t make you grow. When you decide to clean your house this is one of a great way to be productive and increase your motivation. \”wag puru senti mga te wala kang mapapala sa ganyan ganyan mo tumulung ka!\”  Productivity is one of the great things that can be motivated. 

   Watching films & Listen to music it helps to get motivated you know why? because your hobbies can help you to remove anxiety and it will increase your confidence and enthusiasm, so start to sign up and get your free trial HAHAHA. One more thing do outdoor activities can help you to be stronger person and reduce your stress.
Then with all of these are didn\’t work Oh well!
 Lastly. You Deserve a break \”Alam na this!\” File a leave and do travel especially to all of the employees, you deserve a break. Here in the Philippines, it\’s already summer vacation. Start saving money and do travel.  We deserve this. Reward yourself into something that can reduce your stress and take time to relax, refresh and recharge. These are a great way to make time to yourself.
I  hope all of these will help you to motivate yourself. We encounter pressure, stress, and anxieties, but do let yourself down and demotivated life is too short for making sadness start your day with good vibes and be productive! Share your thoughts!

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  1. Just like periods of productivity, we can all feel unmotivated as well. I find stepping away from a project for a bit of time or exercise to be just the dose of medicine I need to recharge those batteries and add some pep to my step.

  2. Useful tips! I find meditation to be helpful too. When I meditate for even 5 minutes I feel much better, refreshed and more motivated.

  3. A long warm shower, or a chance to get outside usually help me when I'm not feeling motivated. Or, sometimes, I just go into my kitchen and start baking something!

  4. These are all great tips to get motivated again. As for me, I pray and sleep on my problems, it helps me refocus and get motivated again. 😀

  5. It's easy to lose our energy and motivation, finding a way to get back on track is always achievable. For me, reading inspirational blog like this, or walk in the park always help.

  6. Life is funny isn't it? Sometimes you feel on top of the world and other days you feel well, demotivated! These are great tips I agree about the shower there is something about it that makes you feel refreshed!

  7. I think we all find ourselves demotivated at times. It can be a mental block or even physical exhaustion. These are some great ways to reset and get back at it.

  8. A blog is really inspired by life. If you aren't living, it's really hard to think of things to write about. The more you live the better you feel. And writing is so good to help you explore your feelings.

  9. I almost do most of the things you have mentioned in your article. But haven't tried taking long showers yet when I'm feeling demotivated. Although I go swimming instead. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  10. Taking a break every now and then is always good. I wish I could do the journal thing. I never feel like it comes out right. But I do blog so that does help me get rid of some that pent up emotion.

  11. Showers or long, relaxing baths do wonders for me. However, the best way for me to battle the \”demotivation bug\” is to sleep. Yes. You read it right. Sleep for me is a cure all!

  12. All the things in this list makes me smile a bit, coz I usually do these things whenever I feel like I'm not in control of things at the moment. I get to be more relaxed after readin, or watching my fave shows, or even blogging.

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