Hello guys! It’s Sunday blogging time. Today I would like to share one of my favorite events ever. Last week I went to the biggest OPM ( Orignal Pilipino Music) festival in my country that we called Rakrakan festival. As you can see from my blog going concert is my favorite thing so keep scrolling I’ll tell you more.



  What is all about this event?
   Rakrakan festival is one of the biggest events here in the Philippines. Two days event of music and fun activities with 120 local band artist they rock out in 6 stages. The slam stage, indie stage, mosh stage, peace stages, groove stages, and move center stages, The fun activities are skateboarding competition, street art contest, and merch bazaar. This event takes ground on March 1 & 2 at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds, Circuit Makati.
   This is really fun and exciting as a fangirling this is incredible because this is my first time going off this event ang saya diba?  and this is my story.
    I’ am the person who always takes a risk for my wants. Honestly, I really don’t know how to go to this event. Last time I went to Makati City together with my parents so this is the first time that I’ll go to this place alone. From Pampanga there’s no one way to go in Makati City, in fact, there’s a lot of terminals that you can drop off before getting in the destination ang saklap diba ang hirap maging probinsaya bes pero kaya! HAHAHHA for some instances I choose to be independent and I have google map to help going in my destination Techie na tayo bes kaya Go lang! 
  After checking the list of bands I decide to go in day two because of most my favorite bands they perform on day 2 and stages are a slam, mosh and peace. I really admire rock music but not really metal, rock music only. I love listening emo songs in fact during my high school days I love wearing black HAHAHHA so alam na? Rak na ituu! Moving on this event is on a weekend so for me, it’s a very great opportunity to going to this event. If you read my previous blog I go to some concerts and gigs because that determines my happiness. so that’s why.

Last March 2 at 10 am I ride a bus from Pampanga to Avenida Manila that’s Saturday no heavy traffic but I little bit quite hassle because after going Avenida I’ll ride LRT going to Buendia Pasay to meet my friend Kath. It was a great journey because I just go to Manila alone without knowing my destination😂😂😂 and I’ am not good to directions so google map is my guide LOL! here\’s my IG stories lol while on the road.


 brownout while typingg…. 😂😂😂 oppsss…

Okayy proceed. After 1234567 years Kidding! HAHAHA I meet my friend Kath then after taking lunch, were commute jeepney going to Makati Circuit then after 40 minutes long ride from Buendia to Makati then finally were here na. Look at the pictures.



HAHAHHA! A lot of bands can make me feel fun and I really enjoy this event. This is the best event ever and I really proud to listen to our local bands. This event is all about love music peace and respect which means every genre of OPM music we should respect and proud. I know some of you they lose interest to listen to our local music because of the foreign artist. especially KPOP it\’s okay to idolized other country music but we must proud our own music. We are unique and talented. We must proud of our own music.

\”Nakakalungkot lang isipin na yung iba ayaw na sa local music tapos minsan kinakahiya pa nila yung sarili nating musika\”

We don\’t finish the event  After the performing of Franco we decide to go home because I feel tired and loss of voice so that\’s all.

  • How did you respect music?
  • Did you admire local bands or international bands?
  • If you are Filipino Who is your favorite band who are they?

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I used to go to at least 10 concerts a year, but have not been to one in years.

  2. I’ve never been to a music festival before, but it sounds like fun. I’ve gone to many concerts, but not a full weekend thing. It’s awesome that you can go even if by yourself.

  3. I love music festivals but it's unfortunate that I haven't attended one in quite some time. Anyway, I always love local music although a small touch of international music would be fine.

  4. I feel sooo old because I don't know any of the bands that you mentioned! 😅 Although December Avenue I heard about recently because they performed for the Panagbenga Festival here in Baguio. 😛

  5. Music festivals are too much stress. The crowds, noise, no place to pee…no. I don't mind going on one day to see a fave band or act but all other days, no.

  6. Really nice. Is this the biggest on in the Philippines or is there something bigger? I am a music fan and would love tho check out a music festival in the Philippines.

  7. Nice! Looks like you had fun. I really miss going to concerts and stuff like that – I hope you get to go to some more of them this year!

  8. wow! this looks sooo fun!! I used to go to concerts all the time but haven't since having a little one. I've never actually tried a musical festival but your post makes me really really want to go.

  9. Haven't heard of this event yet, but agree with you. We should be proud of our own music first. And looks like you had a blast indeed!

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