Hi guys! It\’s blogging time. I missed blogging so much because I have a lot of busy weeks for working schedule and I got skin allergies.  so that\’s why. Check my previous blog post for what happened. Why I have these allergies but now I\’m feeling better and because of some follow check-ups and meditation so everything works I got no allergy anymore. Anyway moving forward I\’m so happy because of the three things for this blog would you like to know? Please read more my post thanks.

        I would like to share some of my blog journey for this month. Anyway, I\’ am not a fan of this month. Actually, as I\’ve mentioned I got skin allergies.  Then Yah! It\’s Valentines season. I\’ am not a bitter person but for me celebrating valentines is spending money and I really hate that and of course as a single person \” Alam nyu na!\” I\’ am not going for some date because \” Wala naman kase nagyaya!!\”   HAHAHHA! I have work and it\’s a very normal day for me. Oh! well, my co-work mate gave me something because of s(he) concern about me for not having a date then s(he) gave this for me look.

     S(he) gave me this and I really appreciate it. \”Tapos sabi nya sana daw next year may magbibigay na daw ganyan saken HAYYY nako!\” Okay, for me if you love the person you give an effort even it\’s not valentines day diba? Anyway, Thank you for my co- workmate s(he) give me a reason that valentines day is all about love friendship and encouragement. \”anu daw?\”

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   Speaking of love. Okay for those people who didn\’t know me yet. This is the right time to share this for you. This Blog website gives me an opportunity to share my story on their blog.
 Ms. Crisly Zerrudo Todorovic and her husband the owner of this blog  Empowering and Uplifting. This blog is all about sharing of different kind life story that can motivate and inspire people. If you want to share your story visit their blog site. It was a great opportunity to share my story to inspire people especially to those people waiting for their forever ones. These story titled 

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I would like to thank Ms, Crisly for featuring my story on their blog. I\’ am not really kind of open person but I think this story gave me high hopes about finding my true love \”I hope he will find me. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); \”

   Then the last thing that I would feel wonderful is I got my first payment on Google Adsense. YEHEYYY!! I got my first payment last Feb 22 2018. with the amount of $106. I\’ am so very happy because after participating in threads and posting about my blog I got my payment. HAHAHHA!

     I was started blogging last May 2017 with no idea about monetizing. I just want to share my story and that\’s it. After that, I got some research about blogging and I read the article about making earn money in blogging. It\’s not my intention to earn money on my blog honestly I\’m really afraid for giving information because I got trauma from scammers and fraud so that\’s why. After that, I was thinking to check about Google Adsense because I\’m curious that time. What is all about? After reviewing their website and read more article about Adsense that\’s the time I sign up for getting ads on the website.

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  Make it short after signing up for Adsense I\’ve waited for more than 3 weeks for getting approval. So their ads are showing on my website. After getting the minimum threshold for verifying account which is $10 They sent me a letter PIN via postal mail for verifying my account. Then I received my Postmail after 2 months \” Ang daming proceso diba? kung wala kang tyaga talaga hindi mo na tutuloy HAHAHA\” Then last December I\’ve decided to buy my own domain in GODADDY for Php50 then I switched to hosted to Non hosted website. After that, I\’ve submitted my new site in Google Adsense for approval again. After 3 weeks I got approval for my new URL site and already show ads on my website.
      My earnings from September to January is a total of $106. Okay for some clarification $100 is the minimum threshold for getting money in Adsense. Before you reach the $100 you need to choose the payment option which is wire transfer or western union. So I choose western union because even if I have a bank account I don\’t know the process about the bank wire transfer and  Western Union is the easiest way to withdraw money from Adsense. The payment cycle is on every 21st of the month. 
for example, your earning from January 1 to 31 is $107 you will get the payment on Feb21to 26th for your January earnings. I received the email on last Feb 21 in the evening and I got my payment.

     I don\’t have a date but I got my payment in blogging. I was very happy to share this because this is part of my life journey. Yah! I admit I \’ am good in grammar and compose of the sentence but for me, blogging is my way to boost out my emotion and my life diary. I don\’t have any expectation of getting high money. My expectation is who appreciate my blog post and that\’s it. I would like to express my gratitude to all of the people who keep me supporting for my blogging journey \”You know who you are!\” Thank you for making feel inspire always love lots. medianet_width = \”600\”; medianet_height = \”120\”; medianet_crid = \”132674412\”; medianet_versionId = \”3111299\”;
So guys? What is grateful for this month?

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  1. Congrats on your first payment! This month I am thankful for a lot. We are finally taking a vacation that we have been saving up for a year to take.

  2. I'm glad you got help with the allergies! Sounds like the rest of the month went pretty well. How awesome that your coworker gave you gifts on Valentine's Day. My husband and I don't ever celebrate the day, and it was full of meetings and kids activities anyways.

  3. This really was a good month for you, and congratulations on your first payment, it was a long journey and you are finally seeing something for all your hard work, my friend is still waiting for her first payment, I hope she will be able to get it soon 😀

  4. Wow, congratulations on your first payment. I only blog as a way to release stress but I have never actually thought of monetizing it. Paano bah? Congrats uli. You need not hurry love pala, the right man and the right time will come. Take care always and have a blast!

  5. Wow, congratulations to yoyr first ever Adsense payment. It's really a fulfilling experience to get paid for the first time because of your hardwork and passion.

  6. Hi Aisasami.I have skin allergy because of using allergy for using high chemical soap such as beauty care products, detergent but now I have no more allergy.

  7. Great read! Congrats on the feature article. I thought it was great. Trust in the timing of the universe my friend, everything will come to you when the time is right.

  8. Congratulations on getting your first payment! I can’t wait until I can say the same. Also, I’m not too big on Valentine’s Day either. My birthday is the day before though, so it seems like I still have to get a gift.

  9. Sorry you had issues before valentines. its always nice to feel your best before big days, but nice of your friend to help out. love learning how you made you first 100 on here. Thanks for checking out heartbeatindy.com.

  10. I was very upset from the latest DA update by MOZ. My DA has been dropped. But you made my day. This shows that hard work will definitely pay off. Thanks gal & Congratulations 🙂

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