Hi guys happy weekend. It\’s time for blogging! anyway I hope this year will be different because today my blog topic is all about hairstyle. WHATTT?? Yes definitely, I love different hairstyle look because this is one you look attractive anyway in this case I would like to share my different outlooks sounds great? Okay keep it scroll.

  During my colleges days my hair is long and curly I do some hair color to look hair beautiful. my hair is not soft and healthy and I have early hair gray color in short granny color hair 😩😩 is part of my heredity side. anyways moving I miss my good old days hair would you like to see it? Here it is.

  My hair got damages because of coloring so I suggest don\’t to much using hair color  to avoid hair damages. so I decide to make my hair short to try look different because all of these years my hair is long but I\’ am not say it\’s healthy and beautiful I must say it looks totally rocks!

    After few months I\’ll go to the salon but not to color my hair just like highlights or what so ever since my hair is already damages and shorter I\’ll decide make over my hair for treatment. I\’ m so frustrated that time so the hairstylish tell me to style my hair for apple cut with bangs while having a treatment and this looks like.

  So since my hair was having a greyish or what we call granny color hair they give me light color to look beautiful and stunning despite of having damages.

After a year my hair would straight and long. I don\’t use any heavy color highlights I have a Brazilian treatment every three months for my good hair and also I don\’t use any hair irons and etc.

Try to look this!

   Are you frustrated to your hair? Oh well here\’s the tips that actually helps for your healthy hair.

   Avoid using ponytail everyday especially when after taking a bath and your hair is soggy it cause to reform your hair and damages. use blow dry and comb after shower before you going ouside.

 It\’s okay to hair color As I\’ve mentioned I love hair color but it not totally helps for healthy beautiful hair. it cause a lot of split ends or worse your hair would totally lost.


Using shampoo everyday would cause to dry hair indeed. If you observe when you put shampoo without conditioner  your hair would dry. I use shampoo 3 times a week or better 2  times a week and more conditioner to look your hair smooth and bouncy.


 This is must! Consult to hair specialist is very important it\’s okay if it\’s kind of expensive but make it sure is trusted and professional. I\’ve been through this before there\’s a lot of cheaper price offer but it last their make over is not equally satisfied. Try to observe first before do some consult.

 I hope these tips would help you to protect your hair for damages. 
Do you have more suggestions?
Please comment down it will highly appreciated.
Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I agree with not washing your hair daily! Also, when you condition, avoid the roots and focus midway down – it'll keep your hair from getting oily and weighed down!

  2. I am so bad about putting a hairtie in most days. But it's hot here and I don't like my hair on my neck or in my face, but I also don't want to cut it very short, either. One thing I have never done, though, is add any bit of color to my hair!

  3. I feel your pain,I found my first grey hair on my 18th birthday. By 30 I was completely grey turning white. My hair is still mostly thick, I have four brothers all thinning, so grey is not so bad.

  4. I have an unhealthy obsession with my hair. Keeping my hair long, thick, and super healthy is the most important part of my beauty routine. I think it’s great that you took the steps to cut off your damage and start over. The worst thing that you can do is lighten your hair more than 3 shades lighter than your natural hair color.

  5. I NEVER wash my hair daily, unless it is summer and I am getting hot and sweaty a lot. If it makes you feel any better, I found my first gray hair when I was 25, but one of my school mates already had a ton of them by then – she got her first around age 16 or 17! All of your hair looks above look great to me! 🙂

  6. Thanks for these tips! My hair is prone to dryness, which makes it even more susceptible to split ends and breakage. While some people can easily shampoo their hair everyday, 1-2x a week works the best for my hair. I also try to to avoid heating hair tools like flat irons and blow dryers much as I can. Another thing that works for me is using a bamboo towel instead of a terry cloth towel to dry my hair. Towels made with terry cloth can cause split ends, breakage, tangles, and hinder shine.

  7. Great tips! Here are a few more which my hair stylist has thought me:1. Sleeping on a silk pillow case (I can't stand it but it's good for the hair)2. Using plastic \”telephone cord\” hair holders if you want to put your hair up, they don't do the same damage as regular hair holders3. Buy good quality schampoo, conditioner and masques4. Olaplex!! Works magic and makes it so you can color it etc. without damaging it too much

  8. My hairfrustration is probably that it looks flat :S. I don't like using hairproducts or heat on my hair. I use Lush shampoo bar (to limit waste) and it works well for my hair!

  9. You make some very good suggestions, and I always try (and fail) to not keep my hair in a ponytail, mostly because it's long and it gets in my face. As for another advice, I would suggest using a special spray when using curling or flat irons, as it really helps keep your hair healthy!You look good both with long and short hair!

  10. I really like your hairstyle from the old days, the wavy ends! hehe it suits you. Nagpacolor din ako before, I had blue hair, I also had purple and then pink. Surely it damaged my hair, but I waited for all my virgin roots to grow back. Now bagsak ulit kasi nagpa rebond hahaha

  11. Do you have a great friend as a hairdresser? Kidding 🙂 Seriously you have so many creative looks and good hair I wish I coud be as experimental as you. But my hair is thin. *sign*

  12. Your hair looks so nice and healthy 😍.I myself have dealt with pretty much the same issue I really love to dye my hair lighter shades and that really damaged my hair,but for this last year I decided to get a hair cut and get rid of all my damaged hair and start all over and now I'm using natural oils and remides to treat my hair 💗

  13. Wow you've had a lot of different hairstyles over the years! And you've pulled them all off really well 🙂 I like the tips at the end. I've stopped coloring and highlighting my hair a long time ago, because I have pretty fine hair and it was damaging it 🙁

  14. I've had some very bad hair experiences in the past. Now I refuse to colour my hair. Not even highlights. I am however bad for wearing my hair up. My hair is down to my butt now and it gets in the way a lot, so I end up putting it up to get it out of my face.

  15. Wow! You've changed many styles! I have basicaly never changed my hairstyle. Never changed colour and always longer than my shoulders. There are days I even forget to comb through my hair!

  16. That's interesting about the hair damage. I didn't realize it did damage to the hair putting it into a pony tail. My daughter loved it because I braided it and it would help with her curls. I will have to refrain from doing this in the future.

  17. Wow your hair looks so different through all of these photographs, and all the styles look so cute! I damage my hair quite a bit with ponytails. I am really good about not over washing and being gentle when I brush, but my hair is all the way to the bottom of my back so it is up in a pony tail a lot.

  18. Its nice to read about other people's textures and how they deal with it. I have super curly/coily hair and everything is different. but the ponytail thing goes across all hair textures!

  19. What beautiful hair! My hair is so stubborn that once I tried to bleach it (to prepare it for a dye), it didn't want to bleach. Oh well, it is a nice color though.

  20. Great tips. If you do want to color your hair, I'd suggest using a color depositing conditioner (like oVertone) as it doesn't actually damage the hair. Your hair look gorgeous as it is though and it's the last thing you probably want to do. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  21. I can totally relate to this. I stopped using hair Dyes because of hair damage and I agree. It is better not to wash your hair everyday and not use heat on your hair that often.

  22. I love your curly hair! I've had massive changes to my hairstyles throughout my entire life. From bobs to medium to straight. Now I have blonde red hair �� I know that dying your hair will ruin your hair but as long as you know how to take care of it, you'll be alright!

  23. I have heard not using shampoo excessively is a good thing. There are some natural oils in the hair you don't want to eliminate entirely. (I do agree you totally rock the short hair look.)

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