HELLO People! How\’s your weekend? Oh Yes! It\’s already December. Month of a lot of food! I\’m so excited to spend holidays with my family. We all know there\’s a lot Yummy food that we can eat this coming holiday season.\”and I\’m so excited!\” This is one part of my journey. to taste a lot of yummy food even tough I don\’t know how to cook. 😂😂😂 Food is life. I don\’t care about diet for now LOL!

Anyway moving forward are you a fan of street food court? THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS! because today my blog is all about food street haul. I\’m so excited for this I can\’t wait to share this for you.

 I love street food. Actually during my school days I love to go in food stalls here in my hometown. there\’s a lot of different kind of food that you can buy with very cheap price and affordable I\’ am not fan of fancy and expensive restaurants. Most of my friends they love eat in food stall, but we have a limit  because we all know street food is not an healthy food so there have a limitations when regards to what we eat. Here in Philippines we have a lot of street food court near in highways. \”Dun tayo sa turu turu ganon!\”

 Last weekend after my shift me and my family went to the CDC Clark parade grounds. Every weekend they have different kind of event. This place looks a lot of fun you can see a beautiful lights of course as \”Lakwatserang gala!\” I spent time going to the Food stalls ganern!. It\’s very entertaining and you can choose a lot of food that you want to eat \”Of course syempre papatalo ba ako? basta pagkaen G yan always! HAHHHAHA\”  Here in Clark parade grounds you have two options that where you can eat. First is they have a chairs and tables but most of the time they are full. \”early bird is a must!\”Second one is the picnic grass! You can eat your food to the picnic ground and of course from the word itself PICNIC it means can bring your own tent or papag blanket ganern!

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   See so ganda! Love the view and of course perfect for family bonding, date and etc. 
So After the view proceed to the food court haul \”My favorite part actually.\” when I walk to food street. I see a lot of my favorite food. Here in Philippines we called it \”Turo-Turo\”  which means choose your own food and buy it. So here I wanna show you the pictures and give you an idea

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I love food adventures, it\’s kind of my explore I\’ am looking forward to visit in other places to taste their culture food. Maybe someday I have a chance to visit your place or hometown just to taste your food. HAHAHA! \”nakaka excite beshhy!\” so that\’s it for now! \”Kakain na ko charot! HAHAHA\”I hope you enjoy guys!


  • What is your favorite street food?
  • What is your food adventure?

Share your story!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I don't do street food very often, but my community does a Food Truck Friday event once a month that always has different food trucks come together.

  2. Events like this can be experienced all year round. But it's a different thing during December because the celebration is all over the country. We also have the same events in our place and I can say, it really give so much fun to those who visit.

  3. I love street food, I think it's the best way to get to know a city. I also like how many different types of foods you can try when you go to a food fair.

  4. I love street food and you are right, it is usually not the healthiest meal. I went to school in Philadelphia and there were always so many vendors selling food. Sadly, it is hard to find around my home now.

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