I would like to say this year is full of improvement and encouragement despite all of pain heartaches that I suffered. Thank you for awesome days that I spent and I\’ am very lucky to having chances to achieve my goals in life. I\’ll already accept the fact that to much expectations makes you feel disappointment so I stop overthinking to much. I realize that I gave too much time to the person who didn\’t give me worth. I suffocate things that makes me feel anger and grudges.

  February 2018 I suffered deeply heartbreaks. \”I felt like did I deserve this kind of hurt?\” I keep asking myself why? Then after healing process I decide to do the things that makes me feel happy.
We all know it\’s not an easy to keep moving forward it takes a lot of process for you to make feel better.

  April 2018 I decide to leave my job as customer service representative to explore myself. \”How is it?\” Okay let me tell you.
  I\’ll go hike for adventure then after I\’ll go some concerts and gigs because I\’m a huge fan of music.

  I\’ll go some adventures and explore myself I release my doubts and I enjoy myself alone.

   May 2018 I got an new job as Admin Staff in Hotel near in my hometown and keep my life busy.

   until one day..

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   I realize my life is kind of mess. I\’ve wasting my time to pleasing people to accept me  I got a fear when it comes about their criticisms. I\’ve always say YES and no matter what it is.  I\’ve been struggling to authentic myself in a way of they don\’t like me like that. My life has been prison because of their judgement.

  June to present I\’ve continued to write my blog for healing in myself. Yah! As I\’ve mentioned my blog is all about my blog journey and thoughts in life. Many people relate about my post because it\’s kind of realistic and I\’m very realistic person. I love writing to keep inspired others. \”I hope there\’s one person who appreciate my post\” Thank you so much. Blogging is great way to boost out my feelings instead to tell it verbally, to those people who have time to read my blog thank you so much you me feel inspired.

  Music is my healer and poetry is my confession. both of these can help me out to tell my feelings.


   I really love to sing but I know in myself I\’ am not the good one. HAHAHHAHA! 😹😹😹 I just enjoy the moment when I sing a song.

   Poetry gives me an idea to express my feelings. My first poetry is all about farewell to the person I love. \”not a good story though\”

  and after all of these.

   My life give thousands of definitions. I just wake up in a mirror of reality and I\’ve starting to paint my own reality with the love joy and acceptance. I\’ am starting to forgive  to the all of person who hurt me most. These things can help me feel grow to become a matured person.

  Goodbye heartaches and say hello to the wonderful awesome in 2019.

 Happy new year guys!

Your girl

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  1. I totally agree I can listen to soothing music and write poetry for hours! I have written poetry since I was a pre teen and have always found solace. Of course from working I dont get to do it as often but I want to get back into it at the beginning of the year.

  2. There is a certain healing quality to writing. I find it very therapeutic to let myself be vulnerable in form of my own blogging and journaling. Setting goals for yourself that are reasonable makes for a very successful start to a new year. May your 2019 be full of happiness & peace!

  3. Heartaches are no fun. Where would we be without heartaches? Heartaches are definitely a challenge but also humbles us in all aspects. Heartaches give us the opportunity to reflect release and move forward. I wish you well in 2019!

  4. I hope that you have a happier and easier 2019. It looks like you already made great choices in 2018 to make your life better. I promote a saying that matches yours: Do more of what makes you happier. 🙂

  5. I use my writing as part of the healing process for my brain injury. Congrats on taking control of your life. Identifying the challenges in your life and tackling them head on will give you the control you need to heal.

  6. Let's be all safe and sound as we enter the new year. Year of 2019. Let declare it's success! God bless everyone!

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