So Tell me!
      What are these things have you done after keeping you in hanging..?
      Did you wait? or decide to letting go?
      What if they not informed you that he fell in love to someone else and they disappear
      without actions and words. What would you do?

     Would you like to know the story? Okay here it is…


     Long distance relationship it not easy, anyway I love him and he love me, talking happily about the future, exchanging different thoughts, then one day he broke me. He sent a message that demands space and left me cutting all the connection we have. I want to fight for us but what can I do? He didn’t give me a chance to ask him why?
     Did he really love me? Did I do something wrong? Did I say something to get him upset? Am I worth it? Those are some question that repeatedly came into my mind over a year. Holding his promises, sending him messages everyday but no response. I don’t care about others I don’t listen I don’t know how to start, how to accept what happened to us and I\’m going crazy \”kakaisip ng dahilan\”, so I did the most childish, immature and selfish way just to forget him. Rebound that lead me in one more difficult situation so please don’t go into another relationship immediately just because you want to forget that’s a big wrong (X).
      After that reality hit me, yes I loved him and maybe he did love me but his love for me is gone this time I don’t need to rush everything, Acceptance I know it’s not easy but I want to do this. So I embrace the pain, anger everything, leaving the hope that he’ll come back I want to release all the things that keeping me move on, and it’s for me to be able to live truly no pretentious I don’t know when but the time takes them all, I get over him and it’s all worth it.
Just want to share it to you guys, after two years of moving on and two years loving myself, no commitments I met this man who love me sincerely, giving the love that what I deserved and I’m Thanking God that my past relationship did not workout. \”Panapanahon lang yan.\”

Kulaffuuu 💓

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});  Yah! One of my great friend share her story about his past true love. One day I ask myself how can you forget someone that you spend your time and gave anything but in the end they choose to leave you without any words. Woo. It\’s kind of hard situation you cannot decide if still holding on or letting go \”Kung mag -move kana nga ba or maghihintay ka pa! ang hirap no?\” but these are the things that actually helps for you to moving forward after heart breaks.  In my own perspective.

Resulta ng larawan para sa fix yourself gif. 

1. The first thing is Fix yourself! Yah!! for sure when you in heart breaks you look kind of mess! You feel unmotivated so you should need to fix yourself  \”Magpakaganda ka beshyy para next time na magkita kayo who you sya sayo ganern!\” Go to gym for your body goals. go to salon to look your hair beautiful for short ACHIEVE YOUR BODY GOALS AND DO MAKEOVER.

Resulta ng larawan para sa look beautiful gif 
2. The second one is find peace and enjoy yourself! Go for travel to forget and move on. This is really helps actually! When you go in travel you meet a lot of people. Malay mo!  One day you already fall in love to someone else. and  \”Move on kana!\”  Do the things that can help you to forget your heartaches and also you should help yourself. Avoid things that reminds of him instead you need to enjoy yourself.

Resulta ng larawan para sa that\'s it gif
3. Lastly Acceptance, as a part of this confession. You need to accept things. YAH!! We all know it\’s not easy to forgive sometimes it can cause you to holding grudges however you need to accept the fact that we can\’t decide the future and we cannot dictate things. Life teaches a lot of lesson to improve ourselves. so next time we need to figure out things and work on it. so for now you need to learn how to accept things no matter what.

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What if he\’s back what will you do?

   It depends about the case, but you need to ask first if what\’s the reason behind he leaving and keep you in hanging for long time. Then if they explain the reason that\’s the time that you decide if you give a second chance, but \”IT DEPENDS ABOUT THE CASES\”. No matter what it is you need to forgive, because forgiveness is not for someone who hurt you most, it\’s for you and about you too. Holding grudges can help you grow. for short Nobody\’s perfect \”Lahat tayo nagkakamali kaya matutong magpatawad\”

on track: Forgiveness by Paramore.
So Tell me (choose 1 only)
  • How can you forgive someone who hurt you most?
  • Did someone keeping you in hanging..?
  • Are you in a long distance relationship? 
  • How can you move on?
Share your story Guys!💓💓

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  1. This post came at a very appropriate time for me, as I have a very confusing situation I am dealing with at the moment…. and I can relate to a lot in this post. It has given me some clarity to my thoughts – thank you.

  2. I can relate it to so many levels. Thanks to you,now I know what we should do. A Song from Paramore in fact helped me out. It comes and goes, but I am pretty sure this solution will still be here

  3. Moving on just takes time. I've gone through some gnarly break-ups. And I've been a raving lunatic with some wine and phone in my hand to text the other party. If only my phone had had a breathalyzer! (I did mean all the crap I texted but hey…I didn't have to actually send the thoughts) Good friends, some time, and taking care of yourself is what really heals.

  4. Self-acceptance and fix within you is the right answer. Love is all internal and not somthing you can only receive from outside. Forgivenexx is hard but I learned that once you forgive someone the new world is in front of you

  5. Back in college I had a guy who I was never actually dating but we always flirted online. I finally decided to stop letting him string me along and to know my self-worth! It felt amazing.

  6. I've been in a long-distance relationship before that basically fell apart like your friend's did. I found out later that he was cheating on me almost the entire year and a half we were together with multiple other women and that hurt the worst. But, I was able to pick up, move on, and just took care of myself. A couple of years (and other failed relationships) later, I found my husband. I try to remember that, in my opinion, everything happens for a reason!

  7. It is very hard to forgive especially when it is someone so close to you. It took me YEARS to forgive my father when my parents divorced. But I just decided to let it go because it was only bothering me not him.

  8. I had been on a long distance relationship. It was hard , very hard. It was the only relationship I had… After 3 years of fighting for it, hanging in there and lots of love, we got MARRIED. Now we are still happily married and more in love with each other after 11 years of marriage. It can happen if you are committed and truly love each other…

  9. Relationships can definitely be hard. And so can forgiveness. Forgiving doesn't always mean letting them back into your life and that is something I constantly have to remind myself because I love giving people chance after chance but I don't have to even if I forgive them. I look at forgiveness more as letting go of the hurt and pain that was caused to you.

  10. I am so glad I don't have to go through this anymore! I got married young and divorced 23 years later. I did end up with a long distance relationship a few years later and we ended up marrying and are still going strong almost 11 years later! Forgiveness has gotten easier for me, and was key in having a strong marriage. In my second marriage, I was in my 40s and hubby in later 30s when we remarried and we were both set in our ways. It was tough and took a lot of work. There were some tough times and they ended up making our marriage stronger!

  11. I've never been in a long distance relationship so I can't really relate. But I think we have all moved on at one point or another. I think this quote pretty much sums everything up 'There is always sunshine after the storm'. 🙂

  12. Being in a relationship for a long time only to end up parting ways is so devastating to one's confidence. I had that experience before and it took me quite sometime to start dating again. It was the fear of parting that held me back but thankfully, the right person found me and healed my wounds.

  13. I definitely can relate into this situation. I've been broken for so many times before I met my husband. It's really hurt and at first you don't want to forgive that person. But time will come you will soon to choose to forgive the person who hurt you because you are able to fix yourself and ready to move one.

  14. I've never been in this position with someone I am trying to have a relationship with. But I did have to cut my parents out of my life due to toxicity. It's hard but my life is so much fuller without them and while I am struggling to forgive what they have done, I am glad I made the decision to trust my instinct and I think that's the important part, truly listening to what your gut is telling you.

  15. Relationships can be difficult and when a break up happens it can be even worse to recover. Unfortunately, there is no perfect relationship advice available. Some are lucky to marry and stay married to their first love others not so much. In laws can be a big hindrance rather than a help.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing, i love it! Breakups are obviously so difficult but you as said, you gotta move on and try to leverage the learnings for your next relationships. Great post!

  17. I can relate in this post and I can say that it is so hard for me to fall in love again after having a bad break up from my past relationship. But I've learned from here that I forgive and learn to love myself more before entering to a new relationship.

  18. I've been in a long distance relationship before and it is really hard and after a year he decided to cut out our communication without saying anything. I was really broken that time, I am not talking to any boys or even entertaining them but after a 2 years of healing and forgiving I met my husband and I am so thankful that he became my lifetime partner.

  19. Long distance relationship is a kind of risk. and not of all have their happy ending but no matter what it is you should forgive for you to move and happy life

  20. With my past relationships and breakup I always fix myself to be more beautiful and make myself busy to my works and meetings with my friends.

  21. Sorry you have to go through this. I am in a long distance relationship snd it is not easy. But remember sometimes people come into your life for a reason and that can help you grow as well

  22. My (ex-)fiance fell out of love with me (or had a mental breakdown or cheated on me, I still don't really know what happened) when we were apart. In retrospect, that would-be marriage was a train wreck waiting to happen, and I am SO glad it ended *before* we got married! Realizing this helped a lot with getting over him!

  23. It is very difficult to forgive. Most would resort to just forgetting what happened. I am just like that. The pain that I went through is just too much that I believe that person does not even deserve forgiveness.

  24. When you go through a devastating breakup there is a period in time where you need to mourn because it truly is a loss you are experiencing. Trying to find yourself and be happy in yourself is so important.

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