I love doing things for all of people would love and care about me. I\’ll gave my generosity honestly and my loyalty because they give me a lot of appreciation and encouragement.
I love to hear their good feedback and I\’m always do my best shot to meet their expectations until one day I realize that my life has been prison because of their judgement.

How would it be?

      I am the person that easily attach to someone else. I got easily offended when I got disappointment. I\’m always think to others before mine. I do a lot of concern to the all of people who gives appreciation and I got a fear when it comes about their criticisms. I\’ve always say YES and no matter what it is.  I\’ve been struggling to authentic myself in a way of they don\’t like me like that.

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      In a world of reality that is constantly trying to make you something else. The struggle to determine your own identity and be yourself is real. Isn’t true that you have been through moments when you wake up determined to accomplish your dreams, the goals that you have set, the way you want to shape your life, It is very difficult to face your fears and be yourself in world full of judgement. Sometimes before you doing things you need to ask their opinion of others before you doing it. Your life living in a prison to pleasing others to become a better person but it doesn\’t help you anymore.

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  STOP PEOPLE PLEASING!! In a way of we want to be liked. It feels good to be liked  but you don\’t need to pretend to impress others for their good judgement. Don\’t conform for the sake of pleasing others. Mold yourself into  the person that you want to be. Pleasing everybody is never a responsibility. 

   If they like you for who you are, good if not. It\’s their problem not yours. Stop worrying about pleasing others so much, do more of what makes you feel happy. Their expectations can\’t help you to be yourself. When I decide to do these things without their concern here\’s the actually make me feel grow.
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1. SHOW YOUR CONFIDENCE! Without any doubt and fear. When you know to yourself you can do it. Never afraid to express yourself and never apologize for saying what you feel.

2. BE YOURSELF. BE AUTHENTIC! Show the real you without any hesitations. as I\’ll ready mentioned if they don\’t like you it\’s their problem not yours. You cannot please everybody to like you instead keep doing things that makes you feel happy.

3. IF THEY DON\’T LIKE YOU LET GO! Lastly! If someone is leaving and ignore you that means you should let go. Stop begging! giving worth to yourself.YOU ARE WORTH BELIEVE ME! You don\’t wasting your time to the all people who giving you hard time to meet their expectations.

\”Sa buhay kase hindi mo kailangan yung bagay na gustu nila para sumaya ka kase sa mundong to kahit ano man ang gawin mo may sasabihin parin silang mali sayo perfect sila eh!!\”

  I\’ve  Learn all of these! because it feels like I don\’t trust myself. I\’ am living in world full of expectations. They don\’t contented what you have and what you done. They always been judge when I do something they don\’t like so I decide to note myself that I should STOP PLEASING PEOPLE to Focus what\’s my goals in life without their expectations. If I failed is none of their business. Try to look more things just like this. Try to observe sometimes \”Malay mo kung anu pala yung hindi nila gustu sayo yun pa yung magiging way to find your success\”


  • is that okay to Stop Pleasing people?
  • What are thoughts and learning for this?
  • Share your story! 


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    1. Learning to say no is an important boundary in any relationship. It takes courage to stand up for yourself and requires understanding and acceptance from the other person. If not, like you said, it's healthy to part ways.

    2. Oftentimes, I keep on accepting commands from others even if I know that I don't like doing the things. You are right we should show them what we want and what don't. We should learn to say no if needed.

    3. I am such a people pleaser and I never say no– I am afraid people will think I am mean when really I just end up getting mad and hurting relationships. Thanks for this

    4. This is so true and I relate to that! I've always been a pleaser but not anymore! I learnt the importance of saying no. Thanks a lot for sharing, this is great. Chadwww.mosaicslab.com

    5. Half of my life I went through the same \”pleasing others\” syndrome. It just hold you back. The moment you realise that it is a negative thing and you can never please everyone that is the moment of your life.

    6. It took me until about age 45 to figure this out! One of the best lessons ever, because it freed me up to love myself better and that overflowed into being able to love others more, too, without depending on them to love me first.

    7. Most people pleasers are desperate for validation and appreciation. They want to feel needed, so they become over-the-top helpful and say “yes” to everyone. This makes their confidence purely based on on external forces. The approval of others and not internal forces. I want you to rely on internal validation, not external.The best way to fight people pleasing is to build up what makes you feel good. If you feel good, you don’t need others to make you feel good. Do activities that make you feel like a ‘baller’. Hang around people who make you feel awesome without having to do anything for them. Remind yourself that you already have a lot going for you, which leads me to my tweetable for today.

    8. what a great message to send! this is so important especially this days with the influence of social media! people should act for themselves first then for others just like rescuing!

    9. You can still be kind, just don't be a doormat for people to step all over! People nowadays are too concerned with what others think of them or whether people like them or not! Just be yourself and the right people will appreciate you 🙂

    10. This is really good. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Many people got mad at me, many people stopped talking to me, but I learned the only one I wanted to please was God. Everything else stemmed from that. I dont have to say what I think others want to hear or to not speak because others won't like what I say. Thanks for sharing this!

    11. Your post is a great reminder that we need to remove toxic people from our lives, don't try too hard for our acceptance and let it go things that are not in our hands!

    12. I think it's perfectly fine to stop pleasing people. As I was reading through your article I felt as if you were reading my own thoughts. It's important to make a pause at some point of your time… and just reconsider these things.

    13. You were so right! �� Never ever be somebody else for anybody. They don't feed you. Be yourself, nobody but you.

    14. I used to be such a people pleaser too! Let it go girl and don't look back! Life is so much easier when you focus on being the best version of yourself and stop worrying about everyone else.

    15. This was such a polite reminder, telling to us that we should love and ourselves. Life's too short to be someone else's great fan.

    16. I could definitely relate to this. I think it's innate in us to be liked and to belong, so we tend to please people for this reason. But we need to value ourselves as well, and learn when enough is enough.

    17. Love all of your thoughts I know what it feels like! we're in the same situation your suggestion and advice are great! pleasing people doesn't help you to become a better person spread love guys Thank you.~Maysz~

    18. One teacher told me that you can't please everybody. if you are good to somebody you will be a bad person to other. So I don't try to please everybody from that day.

    19. It's not a terrible thing to be a people pleaser. Sometimes it can bring someone energy to please others, but just make sure that if you do, that you don't let others take advantage of you. Know your limits and make them clear to others. You don't have to say yes and you can always say no.

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